Story in the Bead – Bead Event

Today Beadsaholic brings the details of the Story in the Bead Event.

Saturday, October 19, 2019 at 12 pm CET (in roughly 7 hours from now)  is the Story in the Beads BEAD Event and they have quite a few nice store exclusives available. Today, two new beads are debuting and will be available for sale at the time of the event, this is the beautiful True Macarons and Beze Cake!

True Beadz True Macarons is so beautiful with shades of purple and green swirled together. The colors in this bead are stunningly vibrant. This is an exclusive event bead for Story in the Bead and is limited to two hundred (200) pieces. True Macarons measures approximately 16.02 mm high x 10.89 mm wide and retails for €50, price include vat.

Celtic Creations Beze Cake is an elegant shade of pink with lots of bubbles throughout. This bead is exclusively at Story in the Bead and is limited to only thirty (30) pieces. This bead will release at the Bead Event on October 19, 2019 at 12:00 CET. Beze Cake measures approximately 15.64 mm high x 9.30 mm wide and retails for €27, price include vat.

Celtic Creations Birthday is an exclusive glass bead for Story in the Bead. This bead is a beautiful shade of green with lovely bits of brown and what looks to be tiny bits of translucent purple in the buds. This bead measures approximately 15.65 mm high x 9.17 mm wide and retails for €27, price include vat.

Dahlia Bodlinková is a limited-edition Hedgehog created exclusively for Story in the Bead by Veronika Novotna Art. This bead was made from modeling silver, therefore each piece is unique. He is such a cute little fella with lots of detailing. This bead measures approximately 11.90 mm high x 9.09 mm wide and retails €56, price include vat.

Argo Studios Hedgehog First is a stunning bead with beautiful details at every turn. I love that this cute little guy is wearing a crown! This bead is an exclusive for Story in the Bead, measures approximately 15.15 mm high x 10.56 mm wide and retails for €70, price include vat.

A close up live view of these exclusive beads.

I had a photo Bomber while taking this shot.

Up-close of my little photo bombing friend ❤

Here are all the Story in the Bead exclusives together.

In this composition I mixed the two hedgehogs, two exclusive beads with Ohm Beads Oracle, Trollbeads Diamonds and an OAF.

Outdoor photo.

Same bracelet indoor.

A fun pink mixture of Dream Glass Art glass beads, Celtic Creations Beze Cake, and Ohm Beads Butterflies and Cherry Blossoms.

I adore purple and green together! With this mix of Ohm Beads Love Whirls, Rose, Hedgehog, Irises, Argo Hedgehog First, Dahlia, Niwabeads, Celtic Creation, Elfbeads, Trollbeads OAF and Dream Glass Art glass beads.

Wrist Shot – in the Golden Hour, morning sun, taken with iphone.

Overall, I love each of these beads, especially the Hedgehogs! All can be worn year-round and are perfect addition to any collection.

If you would like to shop these exclusives you may do so at the following link, but please remember that the True Macarons and Beze Cake will not be available until 12 noon Czech Republic time. Please note, that Story in the Bead does not exclude vat for customers outside Europe and will be included in your price.

Story in the Bead – ships from the Czech Republic

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and would love to know your thoughts on these exclusive beads? any favorites? Leave me a comment below ❤





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