Chronicles Amber Halloween Collection Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of Chronicles Amber Halloween Collection.

As many of you know I’m a huge Halloween, witches, bats and of course Jack fan! It is my favorite time of the year when there is magic, mystery and yes a bit of spookiness. I love the fact that Chronicles has created a beautiful and fun Halloween Collection that is perfect for those who still believe in the magic and all that is Hallow Eve. So, let’s get our spook on and take a close look at some of the beads in this collection.

Chronicles Amber Witch is a fun Amber with an inner-carved witch flying on a broom by some tree limbs with bats flying overhead and around the bead. She will truly put a spell on you! This bead is a genuine amber and color and size may vary. The bead I have measures approximately 13.83 mm high x 11.53 mm wide and retails for $58.65 / €52, price includes vat.

Chronicles Amber Spooky Bats is such a cool bead that has bats flying all the way around. This of course, is an inner-carved genuine amber and fits all major brands. As all ambers are natural they can vary in color and size. This bead measures approximately 14.03 mm high x 11.82 mm wide and retails for $55.25 / €52, price include vat.

Chronicles Amber Jack Skellington is the coolest bead inspired by “The Nightmare Before Christmas” this will not only be a Halloween bead for me, but also a Christmas bead. This is a genuine Amber with a Jack skull face inner-carved inside the amber. This bead measures approximately 13.77 mm high x 11.52 mm wide and retails for $58.65 / €52, price include vat.

Chronicles Amber Scary Spiders is an inner-carved amber full of spooky webs all the way around with spiders crawling around waiting for their dinner. Genuine Ambers can vary in color, size and this particular style is available in more than one color. This bead measures approximately 13.89 mm high x 11.28 mm wide and retails for $58.65 / €52, price includes vat.

Here is a close live view of the Halloween Collection. Please excuse the lint, lots of static electricity today.

Now for a couple of compositions. I wanted to create a witch theme, so I went with these beads and Ohm Beads Dirty Magic on a Dream Glass Art Bangle.

I love Chronicles Scary Spiders with Trollbeads Heart Catcher and Spider on a Trollbeads Star Bangle. This is such a fun bangle and I think it could be worn anytime.

I’ve taken a few more photos at different angles of the witch theme to really show off the beads used.

Overall, this is a quick review as I wanted to be sure to get this up for you all before these beads are gone with Halloween fast approaching. You can’t go wrong with Chronicles inner-carved ambers and they have a bead for any theme or season. The detailing of these beads is truly out of this world.

If you would like to shop for this collection or browse the Chronicles line then you may do so at the following links. Please note, that there is currently a promotion of buy 4 beads and get 25% off through October 31, 2019. 

Chronicles Authorized Featured Retailers 

Chronicles Amber – Ships from the Ukraine

Perlen – Ships from Denmark

Pianeta Beads – Ships from Italy

Swiss Flower & Gifts – Ships from the USA

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and would love to know if you have any Chronicles? Your thoughts on this release? Any on your wish list? Leave me a comment below ❤





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