Swiss Flower & Gift Holiday Open House & Art Event Details and Review.

Today Beadsaholic has details of the Swiss Flower & Gift Event and a review of two new exclusives.

Swiss Flower & Gift kicks off their Holiday Open House and Art Event this Friday, November 1st from 10 am until 6 pm and on Saturday, November 2nd from 10 am until 5 pm, many of the promotions will also be available online starting at midnight, tonight. With the announcement of the event Swiss Flower is also announcing two new exclusives a lock and bead from The Palace of Amber.

The Palace of Amber Alpine Forest is a stunning lock designed in similarity to the Trollbeads Big flower lock in the fact that it is two lobster claw style lock. However, this beautiful lock has a Columbine Flower on one side and pine branch with pine cones on the other side. This lock is approximately 36 mm long x 12.29 mm wide and retails for $78. Alpine Forest is an exclusive at Swiss Flower & Gift and can only be purchased on their website or in store.

The Palace of Amber Treasured Gift is such a fun gift locket that will hold all your special treasures, a photo or keepsake. This gift has a hinged lid that opens to allow for you to insert a couple of photos or any tiny treasure. This bead measure approximately 15.46 mm high x 13.18 mm wide and weighs 9.8 grams. Treasured Gift retails for $75 and is available for pre-order starting November 1st, 2019, estimated release is November 15, 2019. This bead is an exclusive at Swiss Flower & Gift and can only be purchased on their website or in store.

In this first composition I went with a cozy fall theme with Elfbeads Glass beads including the two Swiss Flower exclusives, Redbalifrog exclusive, TPOA exclusives, TPOA Amber Rose, Redbalifrog Pine Cone, and Bella Fascini Moose. I’m including several angles of this bracelet.

Snow topped mountains anyone? Imagine a ski trip? I love this composition with Trollbeads Moonstones, TPOA Moonlight Sonata, TPOA Icy Snowflake (review coming soon), Redbalifrog Pine Cone, Redbalifrog Colorado ^3, TPOA Flower Pearl Dangle, TPOA Swiss Stoppers on a TPOA chain with the TPOA Alpine Forest Lock.

In this composition I wanted to add a bit of color with Trollbeads Pink pearls with TPOA Cube Flower. TPOA Treasured Gift, TPOA Icy Snowflakes, TPOA Moonlight Sonata, TPOA Timeless Treasure, TPOA Swiss Stoppers, TPOA Flower Pearl Dangle, TPOA Huevo Magico, Trollbeads Moonstones, Redbalifrog Pine Cone on a TPOA bracelet with TPOA Alpine Forest Lock. I’m including several angles of this bracelet, so that you can see each of these beads a bit better.

Along with these two fabulous exclusives Swiss Flower & Gift will also be offering the following promotions.

Bead Party Promotions  

New Exclusive Beads: 
  • Introducing “Alpine Forest” Lock by TPOA 
  • Preview of “Treasured Gift” by TPOA and Preorder 
Shop Other Exclusive Beads: 
  • Redbalifrog Colorado^3 
  • TPOA Timeless Treasure
  • TPOA Swiss Stoppe
  • ARGO Flower Branch 
  • Elfbeads Purple Mountain Majesty 
  • Elfbeads Sunrise on the Mountain 

See a review of these beads here on Beadsaholic < click.

  • Buy 3 get 1 FREE 
  • 25% off GOLD beads 
  • Jumbo Uniques Buy 2 get 1 FREE 

Trollbeads Treasures 

Spend $250 in Trollbeads and be entered for a chance to purchase a Trollbeads Treasure. 

 Names will be entered for each 250 purchase and drawn on Sunday. 

Participants will be emailed and given the opportunity to pick the treasure they want to purchase. We will continue till all are selected. 

Treasures include: 
  • Ageless Beauty 
  • Antique Flower 
  • Trollstone 
  • Smiley Face 
  • Naughty Dragon 
  • Antique Flower 
  • and more..

Buy 3 get 1 FREE (In store only) 


10% off full line 

  • Buy 4 get 1 FREE 
  • *BONUS 
  • *ELFBEADS BONUS BEAD FREE Starlight bead with every Elfbeads Order. *Supplies are limited 

Buy 3 get one FREE 

ARGO Studios:

All Argo orders Over $250 will be entered to win a chance to win “The Fairy Boot House”. 

This is sure to be a fabulous event!! I wish I was going to be there. Will you be in Colorado for the event?

Want to shop this event? You may do so at the following link.

Swiss Flower & Gift <click – ships from the USA

I enjoy hearing from you all and would love to know your thoughts on this event? Do you have any of the Swiss Flower Exclusives? Any must haves? Leave me a comment below ❤





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