Corner 35 Intro and Christmas Collection Review

Today Beadsaholic brings an introduction to Corner 35 and a review of their Christmas Collection.

Corner 35 is a brand spanking new brand from the Netherlands that is owned and operated by the talented artist Wendy Verkooijen. She is inspired by the world around her, dreams and beautiful memories and captures them in her small works of art. She has been a master Goldsmith since 2010 and is now living out her dreams at Corner 35.

Today Corner 35 is introducing their Christmas collection that consist of two new beads Polar Bear and Christmas Owl.

Corner 35 Christmas Owl is too adorable. This little owl is in the Christmas mood with his Santa hat on while sitting on top of a gift box. I love his big eyes and his little tail that sticks out the back. This bead measures approximately 16.83 mm high x 10.86 mm wide and weighs 5.3 grams. Christmas Owl retails for €69, price include vat.

Corner 35 Polar Bear is a cute shiny polar bear standing on a piece of ice with his head looking to the side. This bead measures approximately 11.60 mm high x 13.70 mm deep and weighs 5 grams. Polar Bear retails for €69, price include vat.

Here is a live view of Corner 35 Christmas Owl and Polar Bear.

Here I wanted a bit of a northern lights feel and went with Trollbeads Northern Lights Magic, Shimmer Royal, Lightening Bud Spacer, Night Sky Spacer, Ohm Beads Quarter Luna, Corner 35 Polar Bear on a Trollbeads bangle.

In this composition I was inspired by all things Christmas. All Glass beads are by Trollbeads, Silvers are Redbalifrog Be the Light, Dream Glass Art Christmas Rubik’s Cube, Christmas Bell, Merry Christmas present dangle, and Santa Claus. I’m including several angles of this bracelet.

I also wanted to do a simple bangle and just love these with the Trollbeads Glass beads and the Dream Glass Art Bell on a Trollbeads Bangle.

Overall, both beads are cute and would be a nice addition to any Christmas themed bracelet.

If you would like to browse this brand you may do so by clicking the link below. Both beads are available today at 9 am Netherlands time which is approximately 2 am central USA time.

Corner 35 – ships from the Netherlands

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and would love to know your thoughts on Corner 35? Have you heard of this brand before or own any of their beads? Would you like to see other new brands in the future? Leave me a comment below ❤







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