Mama Beads Noveau Collection Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of Mama Beads Noveau Collection!

Recently Mama Beads introduced their latest collection Noveau inspired by the Art Nouveau era. Art Nouveau was popular in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s and was a style of art that was influenced by the Victorian era, Japanese wooden block art which consisted of floral patterns and whiplash curves. In different cultures there are different influences that play into this art style and in all cultures women were often the subject. In the Noveau Collection from Mama Beads you will find four beautiful women inspired by arts Music, Dancing, Poetry and Painting. Each bead is crafted in Brazil.

The Beautiful Maria’s can be purchased together with a discount on the Mama Beads website or individually at both retailers.

Mama Beads The Painting is a beautiful flowing woman, an artist holding a flower for inspiration. This bead has a universal core and measures approximately 16 mm x 10 mm and weighs 5 grams. The Painting retails for $50 / €47.

“Is it her that admires the flower or the flower who admires her? She was born daughter of the admiration for the world and the nature is what sparkles the Painting’s eyes. The flower in her hands irradiates inspiration and her moment is the day in its fullest: the perfect hour to choose the colors of a news painting.”

Mama Beads The Poetry is my absolute favorite from this release! I love the way she sits with her chin resting in her hands with a dreamy look upon her face as if she is thinking of the perfect words to put to paper. I’m a huge fan of poetry from the 1800’s. I love some of the great female poets from this era like Emily Dickinson and Elizabeth Browning just to name a couple. This beautiful bead has a universal core, measures approximately 16 mm x 10 mm and weighs 6 grams. The Poetry retails for $55 / €51.

“Your existence is divine. With the calm that only those who are artists know, she contemplates life surrounding her. We don’t know if it is the moonlight or the leaves moving, but her eyes already can see: a new verse is born, feel welcome, Poetry.”

Mama Beads The Dance Is another favorite with her flowing style with her hair and dress as she dances her way around your bracelet. This bead has a universal core, measures approximately 16 mm x 10 mm and weighs 6 grams. The Dance retails for $45 / €43.

“Between a twirl or another, she will manage to get your attention in just one blink of her long lashes. Her hair flows in the rhythm of the autumn breeze: sensual, she is Dance.”

Mama Beads The Music is a beautiful lady that hears the music in all things, especially nature as nature is the most natural music of all. This lady has a universal core, measures 16.5 mm high x 8.5 mm wide and weighs 5 grams. The Music retails for $50 / €47.

“Attentive, Music puts her hands to her ears: who knows where is the next nature song coming from? A nightingale that sings from its branch, the water that rises from the source on the ground or the rustle of the leaves in the wind. Because the first one who doesn’t fall in love by her that shoots the first rock.”

Mama Beads Mini Pearl and The Venus Pendant are the perfect additions to add alongside these lovely ladies in this collection. The Mini Pearl is made of Natural Baroque Pearl and retails for $7.50 and the Venus Pendant is perfect to add to any art inspired bracelet and retails for $12.50 / €12.

Mama Beads The Morning Breeze is a beautiful Victorian Pink base with creamy white flecks throughout. This is a chunky bead and can vary in size and color as these are handcrafted and each slightly different. This bead retails for $40.

Mama Beads The Moonrise is a stunning shade of teal with white flecks throughout. Again, this is a chunky bead with some variation in size and color like in all handcrafted glass beads. The Moonrise retails for $40.

Mama Beads The Nature Marble is a beautiful cream marbleized dangle bead with shades of green. This bead is a dangle that will fit all major brands and is handcrafted which means color and size can vary. The Nature Marble retails for $45 / €42.

“Between scents, colors and textures, the nature transforms all the time. Timeless, the Nature Marble is born by the hands of mother earth.”

Mama Beads The Arabesque inspired by Alphonse Mucha who often used arches like this in his art. This pendant comes with either black or pink/green enamel and has three holes to allow it to be worn either on a necklace or bangle. This is a large piece measuring approximately 27.5 mm high x 31.5 mm wide and weighing 13.5 grams. The Arabesque is limited to one hundred (100) pieces and retails for $120 / €110.

The Arabesque is seen here on a Trollbeads Onyx Fantasy Necklace.

Mama Beads Flourish Earrings 2.0 and Bloom Ring match perfectly. Each adorned with orchids. The Earrings have beautiful baroque pearls dangling from the sterling silver medallion and the ring is the matching medallion with a unique twisted band.

Flourish Earrings 2.0 retails for $20.

Bloom Ring retails for $30.

Here is a video review of this collection.

Here I have paired beads from this release with Redbalifrog Pearls to keep in the theme of this release.

Come Slowly, Eden! Lips unused to thee, bashful, sip thy jasmines, as the fainting bee. ~ Emily Dickinson

As you can see here a bead and dangle can sit perfectly within the Arabesque.

This bangle is perfect for the artist in us all.

Dance and Music go hand in hand. Seen here with Redbalifrog Pearls.

Overall, this is a beautiful release and perfect for those who love this era and style in art. There are so many different compositions these beads will work in and the ring and earrings are perfect for everyday wear.

If you would like to browse the entire release you may do so at the following links!

Mama Beads – ships from Brazil

Story in the Bead – ships from Czech Republic

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and would love to hear your thoughts on this release. Are you a fan of the Art Nouveau movement? I’m a huge fan of art and love some of the art created in this era. Leave me a comment below ❤




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