Niwabeads Bangkok Event Beads Details and Review

Today Beadsaholic brings details of the Niwabeads Event!

On November 24, 2019 starting at 10 am Bangkok time is the Niwabeads Event and today I’ll be showing a few items that will be available at the event and one bead that is available now for orders.

I am excited to be a part of this wonderful event and I’m looking forward to meeting so many lovely collectors. I hope to see you all there!

Niwabeads Spirits of Nature is a German exclusive with only one hundred and eleven (111) pieces made. This bead is sterling silver and has three sides each with a different cool tiki face. Spirits of Nature measure approximately 11.20 mm high x 17.66 mm wide and retails for €69, price include vat.

Available at Schmuck Domizil in Germany < Click to shop.

These beautiful end-cap beads will be available as a free gift to those registering for the Niwabeads Event for the 24 of November and is just one of the free gifts being offered to those attending.  You will receive both beads seen as a set. One has beautiful flowers, leaves and a bird, the other has the same flowers and leaves but also has a dragonfly, ladybug, butterfly and bird. These can be worn along together or as caps to a focal.

Niwabeads Happy Whale is such a stunningly detailed bead all the way around! On this beautiful whale you will find that his tail curves over to create the hole which he will hang from on your bracelet, at each turn you will find a clam with pearl, octopus, manta ray/stingray, starfish, shells, lobster, crab, sea turtle, seahorse, and lots of coral. This bead is a hefty bead and measures approximately 15.75 mm high x 14 mm wide x 17.30 mm deep.  Happy Whale is limited to only one hundred (100) pieces available, retails for €85 and they will be available at the Bangkok, Thailand Event. Those not able to attend the event be sure to keep an eye on social media just in case some are available online after the event.

Niwabeads Happy Ocean is adorable and perfect to pair with the Happy Whale. This is a dangle bead with seven dangling charms a starfish, conch shell, seahorse, sea turtle, clam with pearl, fish, and a lobster. Happy Ocean is limited to one hundred and sixty-six pieces and will retails for €69 and will be available at the event. Please note that any left may be offered on social media after the event, so if you can’t attend keep an eye on social media for these.

Close up live view of all beads featured in this article.

Now for some inspiration! Here I’ve composed a Dream Glass Art bangle with Elfbeads glass, Happy Whale and Happy Ocean.

The Happy Whale and Happy Ocean just make me happy! Here composed with Elfbeads glass on a Trollbeads bracelet.

Spirit of Nature is such an awesome bead seen here with Niwabeads silvers and beautiful glass beads by Dream Glass Art.

The Event end-cap beads add so much texture and beauty to a bracelet. Seen here with Dream Glass Art and Elfbeads.

Event details. You can also email Niwabeads at or contact them through social media.

Overall, this is going to be an amazing event and I am over the moon happy to be a part of it. The beads being offered are stunning and what I’ve shared here today is just a few of the beads being offered at the event as there will be lots more available to purchase and as well as gifts. If you can make it, do it! I’d love to meet you.

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and I’d love to know your thoughts on Niwabeads and If you are going to the event? For those who can’t attend are you hoping to score any of the beads after the event? Any Favorites? Leave me a comment below ❤





8 responses to “Niwabeads Bangkok Event Beads Details and Review

    • Hi lsebtrud, the Spirits Nature is available only in Germany and keep an eye on social media some event items may be available after the event. I’m flying from the United States to Thailand myself, 27 hour flight 😉 Would love to meet you, if you decide to fly over, too. Looking forward to meeting collectors from around the world.


  1. How brilliant that you’re going to Bangkok, you’re so lucky! I am sure it will be amazing, what a fabulous opportunity. The beads do look lovely. I hope that there are some of the end caps left. I have been admiring the Spirits of Nature bead for some while but can’t make up my mind.
    Enjoy your trip Paula xx


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