Dream Glass Art Winter Collection Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of the latest release from Dream Glass Art.

Dream Glass Art has once again created the cutest release for Christmas and the Fall Maple Leaf bead is stunning! I love the uniqueness of this brand and their signature Ma Lei Bear designs are adorable! Along with this review you will find a preview of some upcoming releases.

Dream Glass Art Snowflake Reindeer Bear is such a fun bead with a bear dressed up in a reindeer suit with 9k gold antlers with a sweet and devilish face on each side, a chain that leads to a second snowflake bead. This bead is limited to only two hundred pieces and comes in the cute little house pictured. Reindeer measures approximately 19 mm high x 12 mm wide and Snowflake measures approximately 10.11 mm high x 12.31 mm wide and chain is 47 mm long. Entire bead weighs 7.3 grams. Snowflake Reindeer retails for NT$3,680 / €108.90 / $120.93.

Dream Glass Art Bear Confidant is such a cute dangling bead with a sitting bear, standing bear in sterling silver and a 9k gold four leaf clover. This bead hangs from top of bail to the bottom of bears 27.56 mm long and weighs 4.6 grams. Bear Confidant retails for NT$3,280 / €97.06 / $107.78.

Here are a few compositions with the Snowflake and Reindeer Bear and Bear Confidant. All beads used are Dream Glass Art including the bangle.

Dream Glass Art Maple Leaf is a stunning ball of maple leaves, wrapped around a stopper type core with a dichroic glass center. This is a fantastic addition to the floral themed stoppers. This bead measures approximately 14.68 mm high x 15.34 mm wide and weighs 4 grams. Maple Leaf retails for NT$2,580 / €76.35 / $84.78.

A close look at these beautiful new beads from Dream Glass Art. Please note, that this video was shot around Halloween hence the nails, haha.

The Maple Leaf is perfect for a fall composition and I had fun creating small compositions inspired by fall. All beads used are Dream Glass Art.

I’m also including a few previews of upcoming releases that will be available January 6th, 2020. I will have a full review soon.

Dream Glass Art Clockwork Cat retails for NT$2,080 / €61.55 / $68.35

Dream Glass Art Daze Cat retails for NT$1,680 / €49.71 / $55.21

Dream Glass Art Mount Fuji retails for NT$1,880 / €55.63 / $61.78

Dream Glass Art Spinning Top retails for NT$2,980 / €88.18 / $97.93

Dream Glass Art Squirrel retails for NT$2,580 / €76.35 / $84.78

Dream Glass Art Ma Lei Bear Star Wish Bear Spacers retail for NT$1,680 / €49.71 / $55.21

Dream Glass Art Monkey Spa Store retails for NT$1,880 / €55.63 / $61.78

Dream Glass Art Cherry Blossoms retails for NT$2,580 / €76.35 / $84.78

Overall, this is a fantastic release and as you can see we have some nice beads to look forward to in January. Review coming soon.

All beads reviewed today are available now. Preview beads will be available January 6, 2020. If you would like to browse Dream Glass Art click the link below.

Dream Glass Art – ships world-wide from Taiwan

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and would love to know your thoughts on this release and Dream Glass Art? So, leave me a comment below ❤





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