Moress Charms Introduction and Review.

Today Beadsaholic brings an introduction and a review of Moress Charms.

The name Moress means Peacock in Thai and symbolizes beauty, elegance, prosperity and love. In Thai folklore peacocks can transform poison into its lavish and vibrant plumage. Moress chose this name to represent beauty and strength. Moress Charms is a Thai brand from Bangkok, Thailand with a beautiful cultural influence; however, I feel their charms will fit into any collectors style and collection anywhere in the world. I find Thai or any Asian designed jewelry to be beautiful and feminine.

In this review you will find three Moress charms and a silk bracelet. I have had my eye on these for some time now and think they will be perfect for spring in the coming months. Which will be sooner for me than most of you who live in more northern hemispheres.

Moress Charms fit all major brand and mixes well.

Moress Bunny Flora is a cute sitting bunny with its ears up wearing a crown, she has flowers on the front, one side and back, all are raised and adorned with yellow and pink enamel. This bead measures approximately 16.27 mm high x 8.66 mm wide. Bunny Flora retails for ฿1,100 / $36.36 / €32.70 / £27.83.

Moress Bunny Dahlia is such an adorable sitting bunny with her feet out in the front, she is holding a yellow raised enamel flower, her ears down with a cute princess crown adorning her head. This bead measures approximately 13.25 mm high x 5.49 mm wide. Bunny Dahlia retails for ฿1,100 / $36.36 / €32.70 / £27.83.

Moress Lemon Quartz- Happiness is an orb faceted Lemon quartz stone with sterling silver cores. The color is rather subtle which is perfect for spring and summer months.  This bead measures approximately 11.26 mm high x 11.24 mm wide. Lemon Quartz retails for ฿897.14 / $29.65 / €26.67 / £22.70.

Moress Single Italian Silk Bracelet – Pink is a beautiful Italian silk bracelet with shades of cream, pink, lilac, what looks to be rose gold threading and a sterling silver clasp. This bracelet comes in sizes 17 cm – 20 cm, you can get this same design as a double wrap and clasp in silver, rose gold or oxidized. Single Italian Silk Bracelet retails for ฿2,200 / $72.72 / €65.40 / £55.67. I really love wearing this bracelet with a few beads or alone. I would love this bracelet in several different colors.

Close video view of Moress Charms.

Ready for Spring!

If you have the old eggs from OHM Beads they go perfectly with these beads from Moress.

I thought I’d make a full bracelet to show these beads with other spring related charms and went with Trollbeads.

Clock-wise from the lock: Trollbeads Round Moonstone, Lush Meadows, Pink Pearl, Dancing Butterfly, Moress Lemon Quartz, Bunny Dahlia, Trollbeads Pink Pearls, Trollbeads Daisy, Pink Pearl, Moress Bunny Flora, Lemon Quartz, Trollbeads Passion Swirl, Pink Pearl, Van Gogh Sunflowers, Round Moonstone on a Trollbeads Bracelet with a Butterfly Lock.

Overall, I find these beads nicely done and oh so cute! Perfect for spring and Easter.

If you would like to browse Moress Charms you may do so at the following links. Please note that Story in the Bead carries a small selection of Moress Charms and may not have all items featured in this review.

Authorized Moress Retailers

Moress – ships from Thailand

Story in the Bead– ships from Czech Republic

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and would love to hear your thoughts on Moress Charms. Do you have any jewelry from this brand? Leave me a comment below ❤




4 responses to “Moress Charms Introduction and Review.

  1. Thanks for the fabulous review. I own several Moress charms and they are gorgeous. The New Orleans carousel horse is exquisite. I have it on my Pandora Mary Poppins bracelet to symbolize Jolly Holiday, and the Bryde’s Whale on the Pinocchio bracelet. But I had no idea they did such a gorgeous silk bracelet and I think that will be on my acquisition list soon LOL.


  2. I absolutely LOVE Moress charms. I have enough charms to almost complete a bracelets, and those bunnies were among my first haul and the lemon quartz beads are a recent acquisition. I’m loving the closer look on the Italian silk bracelet… it might get into my wishlist!


    • Cynthia, you can change it to USD or AUD on their website. Please, note that Moress is in Thai, so the dollar amount may fluctuate according to the current conversion market.

      I usually try to list more than one currency when possible.


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