A Video Close Look at Trollbeads Spring Collection Love Stories.

Today Beadsaholic brings a close look at Trollbeads Spring 2020 Collection Love Stories.

I thought I’d share a video look at the latest Spring collection Love Stories from Trollbeads. I’ll have a full photo-packed review this coming week as I’m still working on photos as I received them a bit late and have had several new releases I’m working on, but I do hope you enjoy this close look.

All are now available in store and online and can be purchased at the following links.

Trollbeads Featured Retailers 

(Alphabetical order. Click on shops you would like to visit)

Beads Fanatic – Ships globally from Spain

Star Bijou – Ships globally from Germany

Swiss Flowers and Gifts – Ships from the USA

Trollbeads Gallery – Ships globally from USA

Trollbeads USA Affiliate – Ships only in the USA

I personally think this is a great collection and of course, have my favorites from this release. I’d love to know which are your favorites. Any must have’s? Leave me a comment below ❤




9 responses to “A Video Close Look at Trollbeads Spring Collection Love Stories.

  1. I like the glass (except the white roses), the stones and the ladybugs. I will however not buy any of the glass, I am quite upset by the price increase. 45 euro for 1 standard glass bead is not funny 😦 I will buy more artisan glass beads and less trollbeads in the future.

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  2. These are very pretty, although I must say that I don’t own any Trollbeads! I never got into them and I don’t know why. Great video Paula!

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  3. Luckily, this collection doesn’t appeal to me, so the price increase won’t touch me this time, and likely not for a long time. I understand that all production costs rise, and the consumer pays, but jewelry is not a necessity, nor are most bead collectors single-brand, and once we have a few hundred beads, we become very picky. Trollbeads will price themselves out of the market. This is a huge opening for other brands to pull dissatisfied Trollies in. Interesting to see how or if other brands take advantage of Trollbeads mistake.


    • Lili is correct! the price increase is ridiculous as a 10 year plus Trollie I am starting to look a lot more at other brands out there and yes, I am also selective as I have a big collection (Elfbeads is looking good) Troll will need to do more promotions/sales with this new pricing to keep/build customer base. Also, many of us buy online and overseas so you have to factor in exchange rates and shipping costs too.
      – I love the glass in the kits and may end up with some, but I passed on the last few collections

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  4. Thank you for your great blog. I have to say, I am so disappointed with Trollbeads that, after collecting for decades, I think I’m done. I received a large cash gift from my significant other for my birthday back in November, specifically earmarked for a trip to a Trollbeads company store. You see, in the northeastern U.S., Trollbeads have become so unfriendly to retailers that there is only one store remaining within an hour of my home. To see a large number of beads in person, I need to go to a company store. We made hotel reservations for this weekend to go to the company store in Albany, NY. I was willing to pay the high NY sales tax to see them in person, but to pay a 28% increase in the glass prices as well, no. I collect Trollbeads because they bring me joy, but at this point, the company have spoiled it for me. What a shame. Looking at them actually makes me sad now. I guess I’ll be putting my full Trollbeads case away for a while, instead of starting a second one, at least until I’m not so angry.


    • as I said above to Lili I agree with you too Elaine. I am in Australia but my husband is from US. Over the past 5-6 yrs most of the stores I would try to visit have gone! also most have gone in Australia too, or just carry an uninspiring, small collection of old stuff that is often poorly displayed(I think they dump unsold fugly OOAK’s and catalogue beads on us here) Often I have found that I know more about the brand than the store does! The staff in Albany are very nice, I have been there when going to Syracuse to see family and I really miss a store in Orlando that is long gone now too. Trollbeads need to consider that customers think hard when we spend on jewelry for ourselves and the bead budget will not grow to accommodate too many increases

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