Trollbeads Love Royal Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of the Trollbeads Valentine’s Day bead Love Royal!

Today sees the release of Trollbeads Valentine’s Day bead Love Royal! This beautiful bead is a pink faceted bead with blobs of copper throughout. I’m sure you are asking why copper glitter? Well, it’s perfect for Valentine’s day, the day of love because copper symbolizes love, balance, feminine beauty and artistic creativity.  In Mythology it was associated with the Goddess Aphrodite and Venus. Copper originates from the sacred Island of Cyprus which is where it gets its name from. Also, interesting is that the alchemy symbol for copper is also the planetary symbol for Venus. So, this makes copper the metal of love and perfect for Valentine’s day!

Trollbeads Love Royal is a beautiful pink faceted bead with copper glitter blobs throughout. This bead looks fantastic on silver, gold, but especially on a copper or rose gold bracelets and bangles. This is a standard size bead with a small core. It will only fit Trollbeads, Pandora open bangle and slide leathers, PHYA bangles and bracelets, Ogerbeads bracelet, Elfbeads bracelets and bangles. Love Royal retails for $61.

I couldn’t resist doing a Love Bug Bangle with the letter spacers, ladybugs, and Love Royal on a Trollbeads Bangle.

Here is the perfect Valentine’s Day Bangle with LOVE letters, Love Royal, Passion Swirl Bead and Connected Love on a Trollbeads Bangle.

In this white and pink composition, I went with Heart Spacer, White Roses, Love Rings, Love Royal, Joyful Flower, Rose Quartz, Ladybugs, Innocence, and Connected Love on a Trollbeads Bangle.

Chocolate and Beads, the delicious joys of life! In this composition is the Heart Spacer, Hearts of Joy, Love Swirls, Love Royal, Home Bead and Connected Love on a Trollbeads bangle.

I really love Black and Pink together, so I went with Collected Love, Golden Swirl, Rose Spacer, Love Royal, Heart Spacer, Golden Swirl and Foxtail Spacer on a Trollbeads Bangle.

These are some of my favorite beads! Trollbeads Rose Spacer, a pink Dillo Unique, Connected Hearts, Unique Heart, Ladybugs, Love Royal and a Heart Spacer on a Trollbeads bangle.

Here is a simple bracelet composition using new beads from the Love Stories collection. Starting at the top Heart Spacer, Dillo Unique, Opposites Attract, Kindness, Joyful Flower, Joy, Connected Love, Innocence, Ladybugs, Love Royal, and Rose spacer on a Trollbeads bracelet with the Ladybug Lock.

If you are lucky enough to have the Mother’s Roses from a few years ago, you will find that the Love Royal complements them perfectly! Seen here with Connected Love, Ladybugs, Joyful Flower and Heart Spacer on a Trollbeads bangle.

The Love Royal looks nice on the new Elegant Ring.

Wrist Shot!

Overall, I love the new Love Royal color, I do wish that the copper glitter was more throughout instead of blobs, however it doesn’t keep me from wanting a second bead. If you love pink then you will want to add this bead to your collection.

This bead is available today at any of the following links below.

Trollbeads Featured Retailers 

(Alphabetical order. Click on shops you would like to visit)

Beads Fanatic – Ships globally from Spain

Star Bijou – Ships globally from Germany

Swiss Flowers and Gifts – Ships from the USA

Trollbeads Gallery – Ships globally from USA

Trollbeads USA Affiliate – Ships only in the USA

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and would love to hear your thoughts on the new Love Royal, so leave me a comment below ❤





4 responses to “Trollbeads Love Royal Review

  1. Not my cup of tea, I really don’t like the combination of the soft pink and the copper, think they don’t pair very well. I would have loved the bead without the copper of with a more diffused spreading of the glitter.


  2. I think the pink lovers will be happy but I think they have released enough of this style of bead……..would have looked cool with a ribbon of copper waving around the middle rather than random clumps of copper
    Still, always there is the next release to wait for if this doesn’t appeal (and it doesn’t) The bangles and bracelet look great just isn’t my style or colours I do like the one with the heart unique in particular

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