Dream Glass Art Latest Release Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of the latest releases from Dream Glass Art.

I rather enjoy my collection from Dream Glass Art and the latest release is fabulous! I especially love the newest Flower Series release Cherry Blossom as these beads are vastly becoming my favorite spacers! Monkey Spa Store makes me smile every time I look at him and the rest are just too cute for words! You will find that this brand has something for everyone.

Dream Glass Art Flower Series Cherry Blossoms is a stunning stopper with cherry blossoms all the way around and a small dichroic glass on one side. I really love all the beads/stoppers in the flower series as each are stunning and a great addition to my collection. I wear mostly bangles and love this option as it looks more like a bead than most stoppers. Cherry Blossoms measures approximately 18.85 mm high x 11.08 mm wide and retails for NT$2.580 / €76.54 /$84.90.

In this composition I wanted to use some of the Flower Series stoppers together. From left to right are Dream Glass Art Linguee, Hibiscus Spacers, Heart, Cherry Blossom Spacer, Cream, Ginkgo Spacer, and Heart on a Dream Glass Art Bangle.

Dream Glass Art Monkey Spa Store is such an adorable bead with a cute monkey in a barrel hot tub with a towel hanging off the side. He has such a happy grin and serene look upon his face. Monkey Spa Store measures approximately 16.17 mm high x 13.11 mm wide and retails for NT$1,880 / €55.77 / $61.86.

This little monkey has kicked off his shoes and having a nice relaxing spa day! From left to right: Dream Glass Art Jade, Sneakers, Blue Ocean Legend, Monkey Spa Store, and 薄荷萊姆 on a Dream Glass Art Bangle.

Dream Glass Art Squirrel is such a cute little guy with his chubby face and bushy tail! This bead measures approximately 15.35 mm high x 15.06 mm wide and retails for NT$2,580 / €76.54 / $84.90.

In this composition I went with Dream Glass Art Maple Leaf Spacer, Deaaly Gentle, Squirrel, glittery bead and Rose Spacer on a Dream Glass Art Bangle.

Dream Glass Art Mount Fuji is a cute volcano with a Ma Lei Bear erupting out of the top. The bottom is oxidized with melting lava dripping down the sides. This bead measures approximately 12.68 mm high x 13.26 mm wide and retails for NT$1,880 / €55.77 / $61.86.

In this composition I went with Dream Glass Art 神秘午夜, Mount Fuji, and Black Dream on a PHYA Bangle.

Dream Glass Art Spinning Top is such a cute Ma Lei Bear and Cat with wind up tops in a spinning top. Would be great on a bracelet with different toy style beads. This bead measures approximately 19.66 mm high x 13.69 mm wide and is rather heavy. Spinning Top retails for NT$2.980 / €88.41 / $98.06.

Dream Glass Art Clockwork Cat is adorable with his wind up top, and cute fish necklace! This bead measures approximately 22.36 mm high x 9.09 mm wide and retails for NT$2,080 / €61.71 / $68.45.

Dream Glass Art Daze Cat is such a playful cat spacer! He is totally adorable and has a rubber insert that fits perfectly on all standard bangles. This cute spacer measures approximately 15.27 mm high x 7.77 mm wide and retails for NT$2,080 / €61.71 / $68.45.

Dream Glass Art Ma Lei Bear Star Wish Bears is a cute alternating stars and Ma Lei Bear face. This bead is a spacer with a rubber insert. Goes Nicely with the Ma Lei Bear Baby that alternates faces with hearts. This bead measures approximately 13.13 mm high x 8.08 mm wide and retails for NT$1,680 / €49.84 / $55.28.

I think these beads go perfectly together! Below is the Dream Glass Art Dazed Cat, Violet Universe, Clockwork Cat, UFO Neptune, Spinning Top, Illusion Dreamland, and Star Wish Bear on a Dream Glass Art Bangle.

Overall, Dream Glass Art creates the most beautiful glass beads and the cutest silvers! You cannot go wrong with this brand. They are beautifully made and will fit into any collection.

If you would like to browse or shop the Dream Glass Art Brand you can find them at the following link.

Dream Glass Art – Ships from Taiwan

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and I would love to know your thoughts on these beads used in this article and if you have any Dream Glass Art beads? So, leave me a comment below ❤




2 responses to “Dream Glass Art Latest Release Review

  1. Oh my gosh Paula this is such a fun brand, they really are out of the box.
    I love your styling as always, I’m having trouble picking a favourite bead. But maybe those 2 stoppers as they are just so unique.
    Thank you for your beautiful review 🌸

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