Trollbeads Love Story Spring 2020 Inspiration

Today Beadsaholic brings some inspiration with the latest collection Love Story from Trollbeads.

Spring is literally in the air here in the southeast part of the United States, flowers are blooming, and grass is growing. Even allergies are brewing. With Spring in mind Trollbeads has created the perfect spring release with beautiful pastel color and I have created quite a few compositions with this beautiful new collection.

I love how well these beads mix together. Both kits work so well together.

This bracelet has almost both complete kits and the two new stones, as well as the new silver beads. I adore the new Ladybugs Lock.

The greens match really nicely.

Feldspar Quartz Rock with the Feldspar Moonstone in this buzzing bangle.

You can’t get any more romantic in a glass bead other than Innocence, Kindness, and Trust. Reminds me of a Victorian romance.

I’ve been playing around with both new Rings Swirling Fantasy and Elegant Fantasy. I really love Swirling Fantasy with Stones and the Elegant Fantasy with some of the flatter silvers. Both are really unique designs.

Dance among the stars and dream of sweet love under the moon. First Dance Pendant is perfect to create a romantic necklace for Valentine’s day or any day.

Wrist Shot!

Overall, I love the pastel colors in this release and of course the Joyful Flower, Ladybugs bead and lock are fabulous! The rings are fun.

If you would like to see a video review of these beads visit here.

If you would like to browse the complete collection then you may do so at the following links.

Trollbeads Featured Retailers 

(Alphabetical order. Click on shops you would like to visit)

Beads Fanatic – Ships globally from Spain

Star Bijou – Ships globally from Germany

Swiss Flowers and Gifts – Ships from the USA

Trollbeads Gallery – Ships globally from USA

Trollbeads USA Affiliate – Ships only in the USA

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and would love to know if you have any favorites from this release? Leave me a comment below ❤





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