OHM Beads Happy Grave Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of OHM Beads Happy Grave.

OHM Beads Happy Grave previewed earlier today, and I must say when I first saw this bead I cringed a little and had an uneasy feeling, but honestly I think that is a natural reaction we all have when we think about death. It has been a lifelong fear not only dying myself, but losing loved ones, as much of my family have already passed on. Dealing with the thought of our own mortality isn’t easy. With that said I am an odd one who loves visiting graveyards. I find I gravitate and find such peace walking through beautiful old graveyards. Reading the tombstones, I wonder what their lives must have been like, especially those who lived during the 18th century. So, for me this bead represents that peace I find visiting and taking photos in old graveyards.

“Carry your undead friend with you now and forever into the afterlife. HAPPY GRAVE is a concept born of Justin Aerni. An American painter, sculptor, author, photographer, and filmmaker, Justin Aerni has garnered global attention for his thought-provoking artwork that combines satire and iconoclasm while examining the great enigmas of our time. Based in the Pacific Northwest, he is as popular as he is prolific selling over 4,000 paintings worldwide within the past decade and has published ten books to date. You can find him at @fun_eral on Instagram.

“I first created the character HAPPY GRAVE originally as a way to cope with my own overwhelming fear of dying and the possibility of not existing anymore.

One rainy day in Detroit, I was walking through a fancy old graveyard taking pictures, and as I happened to glance over at a distinctly smashed up grave where all the old writing had been chipped off. In the decay, I saw what looked like a smiling face! A chill came over me. Needless to say, I was horrified … yet delighted; inspiration instantly clicked in my mind, and HAPPY GRAVE was conceived! There have been many iterations on canvas and now cast into silver in 3 dimensions.

I hope that whoever wears my haunted little HAPPY GRAVE official OHM bead will find humor and peace instead of fear and anxiety about this sensitive subject that we all must inevitability face.” – Justin Aerni

The limited-edition release is part of Project OHMistry and is limited to 111 signed and serialized pieces. A certificate of authenticity is included.”

I’m sure if you follow me on social media you have seen some of my graveyard photos over the years as I’ve visited a few along the way. In honor of this release I visited one of my favorite graveyards that is close by. I love the statues, all the old stone and wrought iron.

OHM Beads Happy Grave is an OHMistry release in cooperation between OHM and Justin Aerni of Fun_eral known as a thought-provoking Artist and this bead is based on Justin’s Artwork. Happy Grave is a gravestone with a cross at the top and a smiling face on the stone, both sides have a stone-like texture with the artist name on the bottom. This bead measures approximately 11.74 mm high x 8.35 mm wide and is limited to one hundred and eleven (111) beads. I will add a price for this bead once it is available.

Now for some compositions. Honestly, there are a lot of compositions this bead would work in throughout the year and of course any during the Halloween season.

In this first composition I went more edgy with OHM black Glass beads including Released Tension, Love Cage, Gargoyle, and Skull Gnome. I think these beads complement each other nicely.

One of my favorite graveyards is in New Orleans, La and this bracelet reminds me of not only the graveyard, but the city. In this composition is the beautiful Thai exclusive Sunset, Happy Grave, Who Dead and Fleur De Lis.

Happy Grave is perfect for a medieval theme. In this composition is Night Sky, Deep Blue, Galaxy, Knight, Strong Hold and Happy Grave.

Of course, I had to do an Angel theme with Happy Grave. In this composition I went with two retired OHMmyGOD, Happy Grave, Archangel Mikael, Rise, Snow, Cast, and Wisp.

Live Peaceful and Write Your Own Story. A simple reminder to chase rainbows and live life in peace. I really wish I had a pair of OHM Rainbowed, but I missed out and am using Trollbeads Celebrate Life in this composition. Left to right: Phya Stopper, OHM Sun, Live, Ape, Happy Grave, Trollbeads Celebrate Life, OHM Woodstock, Peace Guitar, Koi, Library and Lawn on a PHYA Bangle.

And of course, this bead works perfectly in an Easter theme for “He has Risen”. In this composition is Billabong, Bunny Reaper (long gone), Pacific Life, Happy Grave, Sugar Foam, Bunny Angel, and Earth-ation.

Wrist Shot!

Overall, this is a cute cartoon-like little bead that will work in many different compositions. It won’t be for everyone, but I’m sure many of you will like this quirky little bead.

Happy Grave is set to release on OHMbeads Website on March 13, 2020 at 10 am Vancouver time.

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and would love to know if this bead is for you? What type of compositions would you wear it in? Leave me a comment below ❤





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