Mama Beads Gypsy Collection

Today Beadsaholic brings the news of a new collection from Mama Beads!

Mama Beads has announced their brand-new collection debuting on March 26, 2020 “Gypsy” and I personally cannot wait! I love boho and gypsy styling and I look forward to seeing what this collection has to offer, but from the teaser and first bead, I do have to say I love it already.

“Deeply intense, intensively awake, incredibly free. This is the spirit of Mama Beads new collection, the Gypsy collection. It was all developed while thinking about pieces that are delicate, and at the same time, mysterious and full of life. The collection mixes symbols and amulets typically gypsy with Mama’s vision and concept, allying the silver, the natural gemstones and the Zircon to create a new gypsy universe in the jewelry world.”

“I lost myself in the gypsy eyes
It cut me like ice
Burned just like fire
Made my body her shelter
Danced out and messed up my place
Punctured my chest, my forehead and intestine
Read my palm, my back and destiny
If they have cried, she smiled
If they have stayed, she’s gone
If they have asked, she did not sag
If they have deserved, she sees them
Anchor that holds, key that untangles
The coin of the justice, the Samsara that guides it all
Her magic made me alert
Her ocean eyes ignite
Free body, awaken soul
I lost myself in the gypsy eyes”

Mama Beads The Oracle is the first to be seen from the Gypsy Collection and I must say I’m intrigued and cannot wait to see what else is to come as I truly love this bead!

Stay tuned as there are more details to come this week and I’ll have a full preview of this release on release day!

Mama Beads are available at the following links if you would like to check the brand out and this new release will be available on March 26, 2020. I hope to have a full review here on Beadsaholic soon.

Mama Beads – ships from Brazil

Story in the Bead – ships from Czech Republic

I would love to know your thoughts on this release and what you hope to see? Do you like the theme? Do you own any Mama Beads? Let’s discuss the brand, leave me a comment below or on social media. Stay safe and take care ❤





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