Redbalifrog Once Upon A Kingdom ” The Kings Dynasty” Collection Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of Redbalifrog The Kings Dynasty.

Today sees the debut of Redbalifrog second series in their Once Upon a Kingdom collection “The Kings Dynasty”. In this collection you will find a super cool new lock and five new beads that are sure to excite any medieval kingdom lovers.

Redbalifrog King Aragon has amazing details all the way around including a bird and cross symbols on his crown. This bead measures approximately 16.98 mm high x 9.72 mm wide and weighs 6.6 grams. King Aragon retails for $36.

“King Aragon – Strength, courage and bravery are what he possesses, but it is the love he shares with his queen that truly makes the power and magic in his blood flow. For him, his kingdom is nothing without his Queen.” -Redbalifrog

Redbalifrog Kings Monogram is similar to the Queens Monogram and will match perfectly. You will find a crown symbol and around the edge looks like a stone hedge. This bead measures approximately 11.81 mm high x 11.60 mm wide and weighs 4.7 grams. Kings Monogram retails for $27.

“Kings Monogram – The King’s emblem is known. It is powerful and it is respected. For His Majesty himself, it comes with the duty and the responsibility to be the King his people deserves for him to be. A heavy task but one that he is forever prepared to take.”  -Redbalifrog

Redbalifrog Kings Guard is such a cool detailed design that is a knights helmet with wings on the side. This bead measures approximately 16.95 mm high x 10.22 mm wide and weighs 5.1 grams. Kings Guard retails for $35.

“Kings Guard – Behind the King are his guards – unwavering in loyalty and tireless in their protection of His Majesty. Standing tall and ready to deflect possible threat, the kingdom and its safety are in their hands, always.” -Redbalifrog

Redbalifrog Honour Eagle Shield is the perfect addition to the Kings collection and the detailing is fabulous. This bead is the same on both sides, measures approximately 16.25 mm high x 12.41 mm wide and weighs 5 grams. Honour Eagle Shield retails for $31.

“Honour Eagle Shield – Trained to fight for their kingdom, no soldier goes into battle without their shield. Forever indebted to them and their sacrifices, the King offers each man one, showing his eternal gratitude for yesterday, today and tomorrow.”  -Redbalifrog

Redbalifrog Eagle Messenger is similar in style to the previously released Snowy Owl in design. This bead has the same three loops on the back and is worn in a similar way. This eagle is amazingly detailed in flight holding onto a sword with his talons. This bead measures approximately 13.79 mm high x 31.23 mm wide and weighs 3.1 grams. Eagle Messenger retails for $31.

“Eagle Messenger – More than a just a bird, the eagle is guidance, protection and a messenger for the King. It carries with it a great responsibility, passing on knowledge to ensure the kingdom’s safety.” -Redbalifrog

I really love wearing this bead along on a rubber, leather or bangle, but it works just as well on a necklace or bracelet.

Redbalifrog Eagle Claw Lock is such a cool and fun lock! This lock is the same concept as the previously released Tree Branch Lock; however, I do find that the lock on the end of this lock to be a bit different as it curves down to hold the bracelet better in place. You press the large end of your bracelet against the talon to connect which makes this lock easy to use. This is a rather large lock measureing approximately 16.55 mm high x 29.74 mm wide/long and weigh a hefty 9.3 which will keep your designs on top as it’s always nice to have a bit of weight at the back of the wrist. Eagle Claw Lock retails for $64.

“Eagle Claw Lock – Any wrongdoings toward the King and his Queen will not be tolerated. Guided by the King’s eagle, you will be found. With its strong claws and most loyal spirit, there is no way out.”  -Redbalifrog

Here are a few photos of my Once Upon a Kingdom with some of the first series and the second series together.

Overall, I love this release as it goes perfectly with A Queen’s Wish the first series that came out last year. This is perfect for anyone who love medieval themes. I love creating book and movie/show themes and this is perfect for several of my favorite shows and movies. I find it so much fun to create themed bracelets and though I’m sure this is not for everyone, those who love this theme will love this release. As always, Redbalifrog offers beautifully detailed beads that are a nice size and weight at a seriously fantastic price point.

If you would like to order any of the beads from this release or browse the Redbalifrog line you may do so at the following links.

Redbalifrog Authorized Retailers
(Alphabetical order)

Retailers in the USA

Redbalifrog USA

Swiss Flower and Gift Cottage 

Uptown Shop

Retailers in Europe 

Beads Fanatic 



Pianeta Beads 

Redbalifrog Europe

Star Bijou

Sperky s Pribehem

Story in the Bead 

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and would love to hear your thoughts on this release? Do you love themed designs like this? What is your favorite story or movie? I am a huge GOT, LOTR, Merlin, The Last Kingdom and Outlander lover and will use this collection to recreate my favorite shows! I’d love to hear from you so, leave me a comment below ❤





7 responses to “Redbalifrog Once Upon A Kingdom ” The Kings Dynasty” Collection Review

  1. Do you think they got permission to use the LOTR material? I have heard the Tolkien estate can be very protective, however there is licensed material so maybe this is?


    • Hi Lizzie, Redbalifrog has not stated they used any LOTR material to create the beads. The kings name is Aragon not Aragorn. Aragon was an actual king during the medieval times, but not sure what kingdom they had in mind or what they were inspired by while creating this collection. All quotations used that have -Redbalifrog after the quote are from Redbalifrog. Any reference to LOTR, GOT, Last Kingdom, Merlin, etc were my own thoughts on themes I would create with these beads and what they would symbolize to me. The beads are pretty basic in a medieval kingdom themes, I don’t believe any resemble characters from LOTR? But it’s my personal thought that they could be used to create a theme of one of our favorite movies/books/shows. I think it would need to be a bead created to look like a fictional character like Gollum in appearance to need permission or licensing.


      • I am familiar with Aragon.

        I saw a quote of JRRT exact verses, but maybe it was in a bead review, not RBF official. It was pre coffee and all my logins were giving me grief.

        BTW I got my specialty bead ages ago and it’s beautiful and I see from the size why it was expensive.

        Stay well.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I removed the quote as I didn’t want you or others to confuse it with the quotes I used from Redbalifrog. When I use a quote, I always use quotations and state the author/book/movie/individual and include a link when applicable. Which you may do as long as it’s not on a product itself that you are selling ( I’m not selling, only reviewing), as long as you clearly states the author of the quote. So it was part of me reflecting back to LOTR. I thought maybe it was what was confusing to you, so I pulled it out, so no one else would confuse it as being from Redbalifrog 😉

        Yay! So happy it arrived! Yes! It’s a focal and not light weight at all lol. Hope you love it! Please, stay safe and well during these horrific times. Hugs.


  2. This is a fantastic release. I ordered these this morning and cannot wait for them to arrive! Thanks so much for your informative post it just made my morning❤

    Liked by 1 person

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