OHM Beads April Collection Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of OHM Beads April Collection.

April has seen a huge release from OHM Beads, and I have broken the release down into a few reviews here on Beadsaholic and today I’m sharing with you the bulk of the release. For the longest time everyone has been asking for more glass beads and OHM has listened and blown us a way with this huge release that the majority is Glass. I think you all will agree that there is literally something in the release for everyone.

If you missed the video preview of this collection or previous reviews you can click below to see each one.

Now let’s get down to business and view some beautiful beads!

OHM Beads Touch of Maple Is a beautiful double leaf design with lots of beautiful details. This design is like the Butterflies and Dead Head Moth in that it is a back and front design attached at the bottom and top. This bead measures approximately 16.30 mm high x 15.31 mm wide and retails for $45.

OHM Beads Big Fat Killer Bee is the OHMLab design idea for April created with Lab assistant Brook IN, This is a sterling silver design with beautiful wings, a helmet, sword, and coming out the bottom you will find a yellow and black glass to make up the rest of the bee, color may vary some. This bead measures approximately 18.19 mm high x 9.17 mm wide and retails for $75.

OHM Beads Mama Aqua is a similar concept to Mama Terra and if you have Mama Terra you will find that these two beads go together perfectly as they both wrap around the world. You will find Mama Aqua has wavy hair with shells and starfish throughout, she has a mermaid tail that wraps around the bottom of the world and her hair and what looks to be two arms wrap around the world from the top and sides. This is a super cute bead measuring approximately 11.93 mm high x 10.16 mm wide retails for $50.

OHM Beads Ride Along is a cutely detailed scooter with textured tires, headlight, OHM symbol on the front. seat and a compartment on the back. I like that you can’t see the hole in this design as your bangle or bracelet slides through where your legs would be on the scooter. Ride Along is available in the regular collection and retails for $50 or you can pick up the limited-edition Ride Along & Stay Safe set which includes a helmet and retails for $85.

OHM Beads Rolled Over Slim is a black barrel shape glass with tire texture all the way around. This is a nice way to add texture to your bracelet and goes perfectly with Ride Along. This bead retails for $40.

OHM Beads Luna 2.0 is stunning! I find the texture and details much more prominent than the original Luna. In the second photo you will find that Luna 2.0 is slightly larger than the original Luna measuring approximately 16.27 mm high x 14.42 mm wide and is a bit more oxidized but isn’t dirty like the Dirty Big Luna. Luna 2.0 retails for $85.

OHM Beads Luna, Luna 2.0 and Dirty Big Luna.

OHM Beads Pinkberry is such a beautiful berry color barrel glass and has the dimple texture that many of us loved in the previously released Strawberry. I find that this bead matches Cosmo, Lake Hillier and Hazy Stripes perfectly. Pinkberry retails for $45.

Below you will find OHM Beads Blueberry, Blue Raspberry, Lime and Dustberry. You will find these lovely colors to have the same dimple texture as Pinkberry above. All retail for $45 each.

OHM Beads Inch On is a sublime lime color barrel glass with black lines around the bead. I really love the color. Inch on retails for $50.

OHM Beads Wimbi, Kungusa, and Mstari the first three beads below are limited-edition and limited to three-hundred and thirty-three (333) beads of each design and the bead on the end is Go Far which is part of the regular collection. I wanted to show these together as I think they mix rather well, and I have used them together in my compositions. As you can see they are all barrel shape and all about the same size. I really love the colors in the Wimbi, Kungusa and Mstari all having the same color combinations and matching absolutely perfectly. I really find these beads attractive and I was surprised that I love them so much as neutral browns are not usually my colors, but I think that this set is among my favorites from this release. Go Far is neutral and will match quite a bit in the OHM Beads line. All four glass beads retail for $45 each.

I really love these three beads Rose Jelly, Pandan Jelly and Coconut Jelly all part of the OHM Desert Collection. I find that these are easy to combine and are beautiful shades of pastel pink, lime and white and each have specks of white throughout. Each retail for $50.

Also, part of the OHM Desert Collection are three new small square beads, the first to be part of the regular collection. The first bead is Sugar Dipped in fun creamy colors. Second bead is Sweet Treat with a deep grape color with white creamy swirls, and the last bead is Candy Crush in a deep red with white creamy swirls. All three beads retail for $50 each,

OHM has added five new Slim glass beads to their Slim Collection Haze, Frost, Key, Hole, and Turn. Haze is my absolute favorite and this photo doesn’t do it justice! All retail for $35 each.

OHM OHMistry release for April the Woot Bear Phinneas was a huge hit and sold out shortly after release, but if you were bummed that you weren’t able to get one, don’t fret OHM will be adding this cute little guy to the regular collection coming this summer! It won’t be limited or a signed copy, so those who were able to get the Woot Bear in the release can rest assured that you have a limited bead. So, if you are wanting this bead stay tuned..

Now, I have loads of photos to show all these beads in action. All beads are OHM Beads.

Woot Bear is such a cute magical bead casting his spells under the full moon. Also, notice how well Plant and Haze match!

Here you can see how well Hazy Stripes, Pinkberry, Cosmo and Lake Hillier match.

Now for a sea theme! I should have gone with a different background, but do love these beautiful beads on the shells. The deep blue’s go so perfectly with these sea themed beads.

I love the wings on the back of the bee! I think I may wear it just like this!

This was such a huge release and with Pandemic I’ve been late getting these photos posted for you all and I hope that my photos give you the insight into these beads to know whether you want to add them to your collection or not. I personally think that it’s a great release and there are beads for every taste.

If you would like to shop this release you can find them at the following links below and at OHM Beads.

Featured Ohm Beads Retailers

(Alphabetical order – click on retailers name)

Edone – Ships Globally from Italy
Perlen – Ships Globally from Denmark
Pianeta Beads – Ships Globally from Italy
Sperky S Pribehem -Ships Globally from Czech Republic
Star Bijou – Ships Globally from Germany
Story in the Bead – ships from Czech Republic

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and would love to hear your thoughts on this release, so leave me a comment below ❤



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