Elfbeads Mothers’ Month Collection Diversity Preview

Today Beadsaholic brings a preview of Elfbeads Mothers’ Month Collection Diversity.

With the current world situation Elfbeads wanted to create a diversity collection inspired by the diversity of all humans around the world, especially in times like this when everyone in the world is united and fighting the same cause. We are all doing our part whether you are on the front line and essential or you are staying at home to help do your part to save the world. We are all in this together, a diverse world brought together and supporting each other. Elfbeads hope to bring a little bit of light and hope with their new collection that shows just as much diversity as we all do in this huge world.

I don’t have these beads yet, but by the photos they are gorgeous! I cannot wait to see these in person and share them with you all here on Beadsaholic. So, stay tuned..

In this release Elfbeads if offering a special release of Blossom Set Deal that include five beads, each a different color with frosted glass. Elfbeads and shops will be offering this set for a limited time for only €55, this is currently on pre-order.

There are so many fabulous beads in this release which you will see below.

You will find names and retail price below each stock photo below.

Overall, this looks to be a promising release and I cannot wait to see these in person! They are all available to order today and you can find them at the following links below.

Authorized Elfbeads Retailers 

(Alphabetical order)

“Click retailers name to visit their website.”

Beads Fanatic – ships from Spain

Elfbeads Official – ships from the Netherlands

Perlen – ships from Denmark

Sperky s Pribehem – ships from Czech Republic

Story in the Bead – ships from Czech Republic

Swiss Flower & Gifts – ships from the USA

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and would love to know if there are any beads in this release that interest you? Leave me a comment below ❤




3 responses to “Elfbeads Mothers’ Month Collection Diversity Preview

  1. This was my first bead purchase in ages. I bought the Heaven and Art flowerworld focals along with the Mountain Flower silver from this release. I was so glad to finally be able to purchase directly from the Elfbeads website too as everything was in stock! I thought these were such skillful, eye catching designs…I can’t wait to make my first new bracelet in a while. Elf is always so reasonably priced and creative, would love to see more pre release promotion, always so hard to find info here in the states.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I love both those designs and can’t wait to see them in person. I look forward to seeing how you style them. Yes, I agree the pre-release promotion is wonderful and I hope to see more, too and I will do my best to have that information here on Beadsaholic for you 😉


      • Haha, yes, you rock of course Paula! You always have the scoop-lol. Just meant I didn’t know Elf was even accepting orders in the US, let alone an upcoming release. Would love to see them drop hints and interact on social media more like other brands. Thank you for your wonderful blog as always!


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