Niwabeads and Mama Mala Beach Collection Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of Niwabeads and Mama Mala Beach Collection.

Coming up on May 16, 2020 is the Niwabeads Cookies, Cake and Beads Event, also known as the CCB events. Due to the world-wide Covid Pandemic this event will be an online event on Facebook showcasing not only some of the beach theme beads in this review, but also a few others that I will be reviewing right here on the blog in the next week. But, today we will focus on the Beach theme beads as it is one of my most favorite themes. Besides, who doesn’t love the beach?

Niwabeads Ocean Padlock is a stunning Starfish padlock with a turtle and lobster on one side, on the other side is a fish and crab and hanging from the top is a little starfish skeleton key. You will find in this bead a traditional antique padlock design. This bead measures approximately 18.59 mm high x 15.31 mm wide and weighs 8.1 grams. There are only two-hundred and twenty-two (222) pieces of this design. Ocean Padlock retails for €69 and includes the beautiful Underworld Ball FREE.

The Ocean Padlock will be a part of the May 16, 2020 CCB Event. See the details at the bottom of this article on how to order.

Niwabeads Underworld Ball is a unique caged pearl design that is super cute and will add a bit of texture to any design. I really love the dodecahedron like design of the cage. This bead is free with the purchase of the Ocean Padlock.

Niwabeads Ocean Core are a stunning pair of core cap spacers that come as a set. These beautiful beads frame and fit nicely up against your stone or glass bead. As you see below these Ocean Cores are full of details featuring a starfish, clam with pearl, crab, fish, lobster, shells, stingray, turtle, squid, seahorse, and seaweed. One thing I love about these core beads is that they work perfectly on bracelets, bangles, but they also work fabulously on the Trollbeads elegant Fantasy Ring and Fantasy necklace for a beautiful show stopping design. The cores measure individually 15.25 mm high x 3.77 mm wide and together weigh 4.5 grams. There are only one hundred (100) pairs made. Ocean Core retails for €89 and includes the beautiful Starfish Dangle FREE.

The Ocean Cores are part of the May 16, 2020 CCB Event, see details at the bottom of this article on how to order.

This beautiful Starfish dangle is free with the Ocean Cores above.

Niwabeads Summer is such a cute little girl that reminds me of the popular LOL dolls. This little girl has cute ocean swirl hair with a cute little starfish adorning one side. She is wearing a mermaid dress and is just too adorable! This bead measures approximately 15.63 mm high x 14.39 mm wide and weighs 7.5 grams. Summer is limited to only one hundred and eleven (111) pieces and retails for €69.

Niwabeads Summer will not release until July 2020, but is available for preorders.

Niwabeads Ocean Lock is such a beautifully detailed lock that will fit Trollbeads and similar styled carriers. This beautiful lock features on one side a beautiful starfish adorned with your choice of Blue Topaz, Gold Pearl, White Pearl or Purple Pearl and on the other side you will find a stunning sea turtle. On the two smaller sides of the lock you will find a lobster and crab. This is a nice heavy lock measuring approximately 25.10 mm long x 14.58 mm wide and weighs 7.5 grams.

Ocean Lock retails for:

  • Blue Topaz €89
  • Gold Pearl €85
  • White Pearl €79
  • Purple Pearl €85

The Ocean Locks are part of the May 16, 2020 CCB Event, see details at the bottom of this article on how to order.

White Pearl Ocean Lock is also available at Story in the Bead in Czech Republic.

I have already reviewed Niwabeads Happy Ocean, but I thought I would show another photo of this bead as I think it goes so well with the current release. This bead was part of the Thailand Event last November; however, there are a few of these left on the Niwabeads website. If you are in the USA and would like to order this bead send me an email or direct message on social media to order in the USA.

Mama Mala Turtle is a beautiful barrel shape bead with so much detail. This bead is covered in beautiful lotus and you will find two cute turtles swimming through the lotus flowers. In the front there is a stunning green jade set in gold. This is a perfect addition to the Mama Mala Collection of similar barrel beads like the Phoenix, Dragon and Koi & Lotus. This bead measures approximately 14.85 mm high x 17.20 mm wide and weighs 12.5 grams. Turtle retails for €139 and includes the two beautiful Lotus spacers FREE.

Niwabeads Ocean Breath is stunning and sadly I believe it is sold out, but if you are one of the lucky ones to get this bead, you will find that it matches this release nicely.


Niwabeads Happy Whale was part of the Thailand Event last November and if you previously picked this bead up, I think that you will find that it will complement this release well. It is sadly sold out.

Now to see this release in action. I wanted to show off the Ocean cores on the bangle, so that you can see how beautiful these core caps are. Seen here framing a Trollbeads glass bead on a PHYA Jewelry Bangle with PHYA Stoppers.

If you have the changeable Trollbeads Fantasy Necklace then I think you will find that the Ocean Lock looks beautiful on it. Seen below with the Niwabeads Mermaid and Underworld Ball.

The Niwabeads Mermaid is still available at the following links.

Or if you are in the USA and would like to order this bead, let me know through email or on Social Media.

In this composition you will find all of the Ocean themed beads from Niwabeads and Mama Mala in one beautiful design with Trollbeads Green Bubbles which I think are perfect for an ocean themed bracelet. I am including lots of photos of this bracelet.

Wrist Shots!

Overall, Niwabeads create high quality stunning beads! If you love Ocean themes you will absolutely love every bead in this release.

All unless otherwise stated will be available at the Niwabeads CCB Event coming up on Facebook on May 16, 2020. If you are not on social media and are in the USA and would like to order you can contact me through email.

Niwabeads CCB Event links:

Niwabeads Facebook

Niwabeads Taiwan Facebook Group

Niwabeads Mama Mala Facebook Group

Niwa & Mama Mala Facebook Group

If you have any question or need help in ordering, please comment below, send me an email or direct message on social media on Beadsaholic Facebook or Beadsaholic on Instagram. There are more beautiful designs that will be available at this event so stay tuned for more reviews leading up to the event.

Also, if you shop this event and purchase any of the following beads you will receive a lotto number for each item bought to be entered to win a pair of 14k gold Ocean Cores FREE. One more reason to shop this CCB event!

  • Ocean Cores
  • Ocean Padlock
  • Ocean Lock
  • Mama Mala Turtle
  • Peonies Lock (review coming soon)
  • Peonies Charms (review coming soon)

I would love to hear your thoughts on this release and if there are any beads you must have? Do you currently own any Niwabeads? Which is your favorite? Leave me a comment below ❤




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