Mama Beads Gypsy Collection Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of the Mama Beads Gypsy Collection.

Mama Beads Gypsy Collection is such a fun theme and one of my favorite collection so far by this brand. Perfect year-round or maybe you have a witchy bracelet you like to wear during  fall for Halloween?

When I think of a Gypsy, I think of a beautiful woman with a head scarf or hair band, lots of jewelry and large hoop earrings, dressed in rich jewel tones sitting at her round table covered in beautiful deep colored velvet and sitting in the middle of the table is her scrying crystal ball, ready to foresee the future.

The art of scrying or also known as fortune telling or divination has been around for centuries, not just by Gypsies as many would think and there are many types of tools used from Crystal balls made of glass or stone, a chalice, basically any reflective objects can be used for this form of divination. Also, fortune telling by taromancy is one of the most popular forms of today which uses Tarot Cards.  One of the things I love most about New Orleans is it’s mystery and the magical feel you get in the city, especially in the French Quarter. It is nothing to see Witch Stores for your own supplies, and even Fortune Telling shops using Crystal balls, Tea Leaves and Tarot Cards to help guide you into your future.

I am personally fascinated with tales of Gypsies, witches, ancient Norse, and Druidism just to name a few.

Please note, that price exchange are ever fluctuating and usd prices in this article represents the price conversion for the day published. Check Mama Beads Website for current pricing.

Mama Beads The Oracle is a beautiful handmade glass scrying ball wrapped in silver hands while sitting upon a pedestal. I love how the hands wrap as she is scrying to see what the future might hold. On one hand you will find two rings and adorning her wrist are stacked bracelets, on the other hand you will only find one thumb ring and of course another stack of bracelets. This is my absolute favorite from this release. I love the size and just how magical this bead is. You will find that these come in many different glass designs and are in blind packaging. This bead measures approximately 18 mm high x 17 mm wide and weighs 6,9 grams. The Oracle sits perfectly on a chained necklace, or bangle or bracelet and retails for $44.

Mama Beads The Gypsy in Me is a large beautiful Gypsy Head with marking on her forehead, beautiful detailed hair with a moon headband. She has beautiful detailed eyes with a look that could burn fire right through you, while chilling you to your bones at the same time. Her words are magical and as beautiful as roses. She represents the Gypsy in us all. This bead measures approximately 20 mm high x 16 mm wide and weighs a heavy 13 grams. It works perfectly on a Fantasy style necklace, a bracelet or bangle. The Gypsy in Me retails for $150.

Mama Beads The Lenormand is a card deck in resemblance to a true unopened deck. On one side you will find a heart and the other side looks to be a club and on the bottom the word “Gypsy”. Lenormand are similar to Tarot cards as their readings can help guide you in life; however, Lenormand decks have a practical approach and are more similar to playing decks of cards with symbols like spades, diamonds, clubs, and hearts. In a real deck of Lenormand cards you would only have thirty-six cards instead of the traditional seventy-eight you find in a standard Tarot Deck. Tarot decks date back to the 15th century and Lenormand date back to the 18th century. Both are still used today. This bead can represent both styles for you on your Gypsy bracelet. This bead measures approximately 14 mm high x 9.5 mm wide and weighs 3 grams. The Lenormand sits perfectly on a chained necklace or on a bangle or bracelet and retails for $32.

I am including a quick video look of the beads above.

Mama Beads Horsehoe Pendant is a dangling horse shoe with seven zircon stones in your choice of green, blue, magenta and crystal. I chose green as it is the color of luck and prosperity. This charm not including the bail measures approximately 11 mm high x 10 mm wide and weight .5 grams. The Horseshoe fits all branded carriers and will even fit across 4 mm stones and retails for $12.

Mama Beads Key Pendant is a small dangling pendant perfect to wear on a dainty chain or on a bracelet. These work well on small beaded bracelets, too. The key is skeleton shaped and each key is adorned with a small zircon stone in the choices of Green, Blue, Magenta and Crystal. As you can see the one I choose was the Magenta. This dangle measures approximately 14 mm high x 7 mm wide and weighs 0.4 gram. The Key retails for $8.

Mama Beads Goblet Pendant is a cute goblet or chalice or could even represent a wine glass.  It is a cup with a stem, stand and is adorned with five zircon stones in your choice of green, blue, magenta or crystal. I went with blue for my goblet. Goblets are known to be used in ceremony and rituals. The bible even mentions a chalice being used to foresee a theft as a fortune telling tool from Egypt. This pendant without the bail measures approximately 10 mm high x 6.3 mm wide and weighs .9 grams. Just as the other pendants in this release it can be worn on a necklace, bracelet, bangle or even on a 4 mm stone bracelet. Goblet Pendant retails for $16.

Mama Beads Dagger Pendant is such a cool dagger design with a zircon stone adorning each side of the blade. This pendant comes in your choice of blue, green, magenta and crystal zircon stones. I chose the magenta for my dagger. This design without bail measures approximately 14.6 mm high x 5 mm wide and weighs .5 grams. Dagger Pendant retails for $12.

Mama Beads Ring Pendant embodies love, new beginning, and the union of two souls. This is a solitaire design featuring your choice of blue, green, magenta or crystal zircon. I chose crystal and as you can see this stone has a slight yellow color. Each ring measures approximately 10 mm high x 8 mm wide and weighs .9 grams. Ring Pendant retails for $8.

Mama Beads Awaken Soul Pendant is a beautiful heart shape pendant with rays and an all seeing eye. On the back are the words “alma desperta” which translates Awaken Soul. This pendant is much larger than the smaller pendants above in that this pendant excluding bail measures approximately 28 mm high x 21 mm wide and weighs 3.5 grams. The Awaken Soul Pendant can be worn on any style necklace, or as a focal on a bangle and it has a large enough bail to wear on a 4 mm stone bracelet or necklace. Awaken Soul Pendant retails for $38.

Mama Beads Awaken Soul Earrings are post earrings that match the pendant perfectly! I love the detailing and design of these earrings. They are on the large size measuring approximately 28 mm high x 21 mm wide and together weigh 6.3 grams. Awaken Soul Earrings retails for $58.

Mama Beads Palmistry Earrings are stunning with two hands, one has a zircon moon and the other has a zircon sun in the palm of the hands. These hang from the wrist down and are stunning! They measure each 18 mm high x 9 mm wide and weigh together 4.5 grams. Palmistry Earrings retail for $48.

What future lies in the lines of your hands?

Mama Beads offers Gemstone necklaces and bracelets in Jade and Tourmaline which are perfect for the pendants they beautifully create.

I love the beaded bracelets with the dangling pendants.


The Oracle is simply amazing! Below is a magical bracelet I created to take on my trip to Rocky Springs for photos.

In this bracelet I chose Green and Purple glass and stones from Trollbeads as Purple is the color of magic, royalty and green the color of luck. In this design I wanted to use magical types of charms so I went with the Trollbeads Teacup and leaves, OHM Feather, Redbalifrog spellbook, Mama Beads Goblet, Trollbeads Moon and stars, Mama Beads the Oracle, The Lenormand, Dagger, OHM Dirty Magic, Trollbeads Star of Wisdom on a Trollbeads Bracelet finished off with the beautiful 4Unique Raven lock.

I am including several photos of the bracelet.

Of course, for a more natural look I went with Trollbeads Gemstones and Mama Beads The Oracle.

I think this bangle is rather magical with The Gypsy in Me and Dream Glass Art glass beads. If I had two of the rose inner carved ambers from Chronicles I would so wear them framing this bead.

In this composition I tried to go with colors from my Crow Tarot deck with Dream Glass Art glass beads, Mama Beads Goblet, Dagger and Lenormand on the Mama Beads Bangle.

As you can see The Oracle hangs well on a chain. So, there are no issues whether you want to wear it on a long chain or short. It does not flip.

I am totally in love with this composition of the Trollbeads Fantasy Amethyst Necklace, Moon and Star pendant, Amethyst stone and the Mama Beads The Gypsy in Me!

Another photo of the beautiful bracelet above, but indoors.

Wrist Shot!

Overall, this is a fun and beautiful collection! Whether you love the theme year-round or maybe you want to add it to your Halloween witch bracelet. I personally love the whole collection and am wearing it now and will continue to wear it throughout the year when ever in the mood.

If you would like to order this collection it is on the websites listed below, just click the names. If you are in the USA you can now place your orders with me or through Mama Beads USA on social media. With covid mail issues and the high prices of shipping from Brazil, I have teamed up with Mama Beads and will be offering domestic shipping here in the USA for this brand.

Mama Beads – ships from Brazil

Story in the Bead – ships from Czech Republic

Mama Beads USA – Ships domestically with in the USA

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and would love to hear your thoughts on this new release? Leave me a comment below ❤





5 responses to “Mama Beads Gypsy Collection Review

  1. I attempted to log into all three companies who sell Mama Mia beads and could not see much of anything, especially for the USA company on facebook which shows no beads at all

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    • The Facebook page is new and has just been set up to take orders during covid. If you are in the US, you can order through me. In any other country you can order through Mama Beads or Story in the Bead. The company is just shy of 3 years old and have been doing around two releases a year, so yes not as much product as some companies. Prior to releasing their own brand they were previously a store that sold OHM and Redbalifrog.


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