Save Elephant Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of the Moress Save Elephant bead.

I have quite a few Elephant beads that I have collected over the years; however, the Moress and 4unique are my favorites. One thing that makes the Save Elephant bead from Moress so great is not just because it is a beautiful charm, but it has such good karma attached to it.  Moress Charm is paying it forward with every bead sold from their Heritage collection they will donate 10% of the sales to the Thai Elephant Research and Conservation Fund. This charity works hard in conservation of the Thai Elephant, protects these beautiful gentle giants from poachers and spreads awareness.

Elephants symbolize strength, power, wisdom, loyalty, patience, good luck, happiness and protection. They are majestic and gentle.

Moress Save Elephant is a beautiful three-piece charm that are attached together. You will find two beautifully polished Royal Elephants with some oxidation to show off the detailing at the top. The middle charm is a drum-like design with beautiful detailing on one side and on the other you will find “Save Elephant” 0/500. My bead is 41/500 as this bead is limited to only five hundred (500) pieces. Each Elephant measures approximately 18.23 mm long x 12.80 mm high, the drum design measures 10.51 mm wide x 10.73 mm high and all three pieces together sit 40 mm wide and weighs 12.10 grams. Save Elephant retails for $59.40 / €53.50 / ฿1,889.89.

A video look at the Moress Save Elephant.

While in Thailand there were so many ornate Elephant Decoration and before leaving I picked up two beautiful Elephant shawls, which is the inspiration for this bracelet. In this beautiful composition starting at the top is the beautiful 4Unique Indian Elephant Lock, All glass used in this composition are from Elfbeads, starting right side of the lock silvers are PHYA Rice Grain, Niwabeads Sapphire Peonies, Niwabeads Amethyst Azalea, Moress Save Elephant, PHYA Sweet Olive Spacer, 4Unique Sacred Elephant, Niwabeads Amethyst Peonies, and PHYA Rice Grain is the last silver on this 4 Unique Bracelet.

Both Moress and 4 Unique Elephants are a must have for anyone who loves Elephants.

For a simple composition I went with the Moress Save Elephant as the focal with the PHYA Sweet Olive Spacers, Niwabeads Pink Tourmaline and Rodolite Peonies on a PHYA Bangle.

In this composition I went with Trollbeads Round Labradorite, Moress Save Elephant, PHYA Sweet Olive Spacers on a PHYA Bangle.

Wrist Shots

The Moress Save Elephants are beautiful alone on a bangle or in any composition.

Overall, this is a beautiful bead with a wonderful symbolism and karma. If you would like to order this bead you can order it directly from Moress Charms website <click here.

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For PHYA visit <click and for Niwabeads visit <click or message for a seller in your region .

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and would love to hear your thoughts on this bead and if you have any charms from Moress? Leave me a comment below ❤




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