Trollbeads Sunset at the Beach Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of the latest Trollbeads Collection Sunset at the Beach.

Today is release day for Trollbeads Sunset at the Beach. Summer releases are always my favorite as they usually take us on an adventure to the beach. Even if we cannot visit the beach each summer we can get that same serenity on our wrist that we get while sitting by the sea, or close enough. Summer releases are generally small, but that is okay because each of these beads are must haves! In this collection you will find one glass kit of six beads, a Spacer (or as I call them stopper), a beautiful lock and a stunning Mermaid ring!

I absolutely love the Trollbeads Sunset Breeze kit. The colors are vibrant and go perfectly with beads already in the Trollbeads production collection which is a plus. The average size of each bead is 14 mm high x 7 mm wide which is a standard size glass bead, so these will mix nicely among your other glass and stone beads. The kit retails for $300 / €270.

In this kit you will find starting at the top going clockwise Breeze of Green, Breeze of Rose, Breeze of White, Breeze of Sand, Breeze of Blue, and Breeze of Turquoise. I love that each bead has a kind of sea urchin textured design. Individually these beads retail for $50 / €45.

Trollbeads Dolphin Spacer is too cute for words, but I will try my best! This is not just a spacer; it is a stopper with a silicone insert. It has two dolphins swimming around this bead similar to the original dolphin bead, which you can see in some of the compositions below. However, this bead is slightly larger with a measurement of 12.31 mm high x 8.63 mm wide. You will find that the dolphins wrap around beside each other and the tails come up together on one side with one of the dolphins head peeking out over her tail. I really love this bead and the details of the tails. The spacer fits nice and snug on the Trollbeads Bangle and bracelet. Dolphin Spacer retails for $50 / €45.

I am beyond excited for the Trollbeads Conch Lock, this is the most beautiful lock I have seen from Trollbeads in so long. All their locks are beautiful, but this one is exceptionally stunning. The detail all the way around is just amazing on this lock. I love how they have hidden the small end that attaches to the smaller end of the bracelet. It is easy to use and measures approximately 24.10 mm long x 12.55 mm wide. Conch Lock retails for $72 / €65.

Trollbeads Mermaid Fantasy Ring is magical. This beautiful mermaid has her arms folded sleeping on your glass or stone bead while it rests on your finger, her body and tail wraps around your finger beautifully. I love how artful this ring is and the fact it is not overly cutesy. This ring will come in the standard sizes 49 through 60 (60 being a size 9 1/4), the ring I have photographed is size 55 or 7 1/4. This ring will sit about 13 mm off the top of the finger. Mermaid Fantasy Ring retails for $127 / €115.

Now for loads of inspiration that I hope you all will love. All beads are Trollbeads and I have mixed the new beads with some of the older Summer releases. Of course, I am including bracelets, bangles, Leather, necklace, and a ring shot and a few angles to boot.

In this first composition I went with all the glass from the new kit and a few new and old silvers from Trollbeads. That Conch Lock finishes it off nicely.

I love how well the Conch Lock works on the changeable Fantasy Necklace.

If you have this Fantasy Ring, then this should give you an idea of the size of these new glass beads.

In this composition you can see the Dolphins bead (left) and the new Dolphins Spacer (right).

This yummy Breeze of Green goes perfectly with the Lime Prisms.

I love the look of these grey beads and the Peacock Pearls.

Of course, this bangle composition makes me long to be seaside.

The Breeze of Sand matches many of the neutral beads of previous releases so perfectly.

A couple more shots of this bracelet.

I think this composition speaks summer! Colors are bright and beautiful with ocean themed silvers. What could be better?

This may be one of my favorite compositions. I really love how these colors really pop together.

We are one of those families who take beach photos in our white dresses and polo shirts and I think this would be the perfect bracelet of grey and white with beautiful sea themed silvers to complement my white beach dress. I will be wearing this bracelet this summer!

Overall, this is a fantastic release, yes small, but I love all the pieces. They all go so well with previous collections and I think many of you will love this factor when trying to finish a summer beach themed bracelet.

Side Note: I will be showing these live on Facebook sometime on Friday (today) between 2-4 pm central time, but if you are not on Facebook, let me know and I will do a live on Instagram, too. Also, look out for a video coming to YouTube, as well.

The entire collection is available today around the world and you can shop for them at the links below.

Trollbeads Authorized Retailers

(click retailers name to visit their site)


Swiss Flower and Gifts

Trollbeads Gallery

Trollbeads USA


Beads Fanatic

Star Bijou

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and would love to hear your thoughts on this release? Any favorites? Leave me a comment below ❤






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