4 Unique Indian Elephant, Indian Elephant with Diamonds and Sacred Elephant Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of 4 Unique Indian Elephant, Indian Elephant with Diamonds and Sacred Elephant.

I have collected Elephant beads for years now and have a few, but the latest additions from 4 Unique are quite special as the designs are truly lovely. Elephants are gentle giants with so much personality. They are the largest mammal that are social, playful, and affectionate. These beautiful creates create lifelong friendships with both their species and in some cases humans. Elephants symbolize wisdom, loyalty, stability, sensitivity, intelligence, peace, power, and determination. In some cultures, the elephant is a scared symbol. In Hindu, the Elephant is a symbol of good luck, protection, good fortune, and remover of obstacles. As the Hindu God Ganesha it is depicted in the form of an elephant.

Both the Indian Elephant Lock and Scared Elephant were inspired by Hindu.

4 Unique Sacred Elephant is a beautiful orb shape elephant dressed in royal elegance, sitting upon a sunflower with the ohm symbol ॐ center of the beautiful flower and each elephant is adorned with black zirconia eyes. This bead comes in both an all sterling silver version which is being reviewed here and a two-tone version that features a gold sunflower. Sacred Elephant measures approximately 14.03 mm high x 13.59 mm wide and weighs 4.9 grams. Retails for $99 and two-tone with gold retails for $329.

I am including photos of this bead at every possible angle.

4 Unique Indian Elephant is a stunning lock! This lock is an elephant head adorned with tribal markings down and across the trunk. The trunk wraps around the bottom connecting to your bracelet and the second attachment is behind the head. The entire lock is sterling silver which includes the tusk and eyes. This lock measures approximately 28.23 mm long x 18.10 mm ear to ear and weighs 7.9 grams. This lock has a two-sided mechanism with carabiner lock that not only will fit similar carrier systems like Trollbeads and Redbalifrog, but it will also work nicely on the Trollbeads Changeable Fantasy Necklace. Indian Elephant retails for $119

4 Unique Indian Elephant with Diamonds is a beautiful lock like the previous lock except this lock not only has diamond eyes, it has a Mammoth tusk! Mammoths are extinct and these tusks are thousands of years old. I really love the added touch of the diamonds and Mammoth tusk. This lock measures approximately 28.23 mm long x 18.10 mm ear to ear and weighs 7.6 grams. Indian Elephant with Diamonds retails for $269.

4 Unique Silver Scales Chain is a rather unique chain system made up of small scales. I really love the look of this chain as it is the only chain like this on the market. Trollbeads Locks will fit this design; however, small core beads will not. Chains are available in sizes 13 cm to 21 cm and retail for $139.

I really love these blue glass beads from 4 Unique Ice Dragon and Ice which is part of their GOT collection.

You will find 4 Unique is compatible with all European brands. I have mixed the Sacred Elephant and Indian Elephant with Redbalifrog Frangipani, Daisy, Elephant, cherry blossoms, Pearls, Niwabeads Peonies, Ogerbeads Gold Coast Fragments and Blue Bayou Fragments, OHM Beads No Evil Elephant, 4 Unique Ice Dragon and Ice.

I am including photos of this bracelet at different angles.

If you follow my blog or social media you may have seen the following two photos before. This is one of my favorite designs and it featured both the Indian Elephant lock and Sacred Elephant bead.

I created this necklace to match the bracelet I have created above with the 4 Unique Indian Elephant with Diamonds, Ice, Ice Dragon, Niwabeads Peonies, and Redbalifrog Frangipani on a Trollbeads Changeable Fantasy Necklace.

First photo was taken indoor.

This photo was taken outdoors in nature and I love how beautiful daylight reflects in these blue gems and glass.

Wrist Shots!

A lock and chain are all you need for a beautiful composition.

Overall, I have fallen in love with 4 Unique. The name says it all, this is such a unique brand. Each design is beautifully created with such precision and attention to detail.

If you would like to shop this brand you may do so at the following retailers.

Authorized Featured Retailers

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4UNIQUE – ships from Russia
Story in the Beads – ships from Czech Republic
Swiss Flower & Gift – ships from the USA

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and would love to know your thoughts on 4 Unique? Do you have any from this brand in your collection? Have a wish list? Leave me a comment below ❤





2 responses to “4 Unique Indian Elephant, Indian Elephant with Diamonds and Sacred Elephant Review

  1. Really pretty, especially that rolypoly elephant and the first lock. I picked up the RBF Baby Elephant bead for a circle of friends/rellies one year for Mother’s Day. The lock with the mammoth ivory is clever. I’d be nervous of damaging it, because I’m so hard on jewelry, and there are issues some years with restrictions on ivory, even fossil ivory (I have some pieces, and it’s mind-boggling to consider the vendors who have to navigate the regs). Nice post.
    There have been so many beads and bead sales and updates thru the pandemic that I know I have missed some sales/releases but honestly does anyone else feel like there’s been heavier promotion than usual? (and it’s not letting me check the boxes for notifications — is that a Twitter login thing?)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much, Lizzie for your comment. I always love to hear everyone’s thoughts. I agree on the lock with the mammoth tusk, if it had been sourced any other way, I would wear it at all, but I love that they are being a responsible company. It is very clever and I too worry about damaging it, but it seems pretty sturdy; however, I have only worn it on the necklace and on the bracelet as a focal where it sits on top of the wrist. The all silver lock is just as beautiful and I wear it on a full bracelet or with just a few beads. Yes, there has been a lot of sales the last couple of months and I think it’s in part to the fact these companies know times are tough and some incomes have been reduced due to Covid, so discounts have been offered. Which is great in my opinion as it gives us an opportunity to still buy beads with a little help with a happy sale. Releases are about the same, though I will say Trollbeads has had more this year than normal for them. Most other brands tend to release often. Twitter login? Is it asking you to log into WordPress? Are you subscribed to my blogs emails? I hope you are doing well and staying safe 💙


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