Chronicles Spring Collection 2020 Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of Chronicles Amber Spring Collection.

If you are not familiar with Chronicles Amber, then you are in for a treat. Each amber is genuine, and these beauties are carved through the side drilled universal hole with a hand-tool, some are left as just the carving, while others are painted with 24kt gold and colorful paints. Each Amber is different, and a work of art. Chronicles offer a wide arrange of Ambers and now they offer beautifully detailed sterling silver beads and I have a few here to share with you today. I am personally impressed with the craftsmanship, design, and precision of every single bead from this brand, they take perfection to a whole new level.

Please note, that some of the silvers I am featuring in this review today are currently sold out, if you love a design, please let Chronicles know and keep your eyes open for restock.

Chronicles Lover Dragon is an adorable dragon in a bed of roses, hanging from his mouth is a single rose, and as you turn this bead you will see the scales of his body and his tail peeking out from the roses. This bead measures approximately 13.27 mm high x 14.04 mm wide and weighs 8.3 grams.

Please note, that this bead is currently sold out individually, however, Chronicles currently has a set two ambers and Lover Dragon on their site. Individual beads may be back in stock soon.

Chronicles Amber Peacock Feather is an absolute beauty and I really hope this restocks soon as I think many of you will love it. This is a nice size double feather that wraps around your bracelet. I say double because it looks like two stacked feathers. This bead measures approximately 11.34 mm high x 12.81 mm wide and weighs 5.5 grams. The eye of this feather is so beautiful.

Chronicles Cutie Owl is such a beautifully detailed owl with nice feathering details all over the back and below the eyes in the front. This bead has nice proportions and sits well on a bracelet or bangle. I am a bit of a night owl, so this bead speaks to me. Cutie Owl measures approximately 13.15 mm high x 10.75 mm wide and weighs 5.5 grams. Cutie Owl is in Stock at Chronicles and retails for $55.

One of my favorite ambers from Chronicles is this beautifully inner-carved Owl. I love that Chronicles is offering these two as a set on their website. So, you can get both these beads together for $120. If you love this set you will need to hurry as they only have one listed, currently.

Chronicles Cats in Love is just too adorable for words! These two cute furry kitties are wrapped together into a heart shape ready for their nap. I love that these kitties are realistic in design and details. The way it lays on the wrist you can see the cute heart shape. This bead measures approximately 11.73 mm high x 12.70 mm deep x 14 mm wide and weighs 6.9 grams.

Cats in Love is currently out of stock but be on the lookout for a possible restock.

With this bead I took photos from several angles because it is the only way to really see the details of this design.

Chronicles Amber Roses Spacer is simply elegant and beautiful. The blooms are perfectly carved on the inside of this amber all the way around and the color of this one is more on the coral red side. This is my first of this shape and style and I must say I am hooked! I would love pairs in all the designs I have seen so far. The size averages around 13.07 mm high x 8 mm wide, so you are looking at about the average size of a Trollbeads. So, these will mix well with other brands as it is the same rondelle shape and size. Roses retails for $45.

Chronicles Pink Tulips are so beautiful. I cannot say enough what a work of art these ambers are. You will see this beautiful bunch of tulips living within side this amber from the details of the carved and painted bloom, stems and leaves all the way around. This bead is handmade so may differ from bead to bead, but the average size is around 13 mm high x 11 mm wide and retails for $70.

Chronicles White Tulips are just as beautiful as the pink and you can see how well these beautiful white blooms standout, these really catch the sunlight when outside. This bead is handmade so may differ from bead to bead, but the average size is around 13 mm high x 11 mm wide and retails for $70.

Chronicles Blooming Magnolia are a must have if you live anywhere in the southern states of the US, it is our state flower here in Mississippi. Magnolias are beautiful and fragrant. Chronicles have captured that beautiful carved and painted inside this amber. This bead is handmade so may differ from bead to bead and comes in two sizes, the one pictured below is an average size of around 13 mm high x 11 mm wide and it also comes in a barrel shape. The size and shape below retails for $70 and if you prefer barrel, it retails for $80.

Chronicles Pink Orchidic has showy beautiful orchid blooms in a stunning pale pink and green foliage. I love the amount of detail that you can see in each of these blooms that gives it that wow factor! This bead is handmade so may differ from bead to bead, but the average size is around 13 mm high x 11 mm wide and retails for $70.

Chronicles Purple Orchidic is a stunning orchid with beautiful shades of purple, hints of blue and white, along with beautiful pale green foliage. This amber is a tad bit bigger measuring around 14 mm high x 14 mm wide. This is a nice size amber and perfect anywhere on your bracelet or as a focal. Purple Orchidic retails for $70.

Now for some fun. I have created a few bangles and a full bracelet showcasing the beads seen here in this article above and as you can see they work well together and with other brands beautifully.

In this bangle I could not help but to mix these new Niwabeads Opal Peonies with these stunning ambers for a beautiful water color finish. All are designed on a PHYA bangle with Phya stoppers.

The owl in my opinion is a must have, especially if you love owls. I hope those few friends I have that collect owls have already ordered! Seen here with Chronicles Ambers, PHYA Olympic Crowns on a PHYA bangle.

The next three photos I created for a PHYA article right after I received these beautiful ambers and I had to work with them right away. So, if you follow me on social media I am sure you have seen the following three photos, but they were too beautiful so, I felt the need to include them in this article as well. In this first composition Is three Chronicles Ambers alongside PHYA Silver and Gold Grain Rice and Queen Bee on a PHYA Bangle.

Here you can see how beautiful Chronicles Amber look with Trollbeads Amethyst, size wise they mix well. Silvers are the Lotus and Grain Rice from PHYA.

How delicious are these pink Chronicles next to the Gold PHYA? I love how the warms tones really make these pink tones stand out.

Another beautiful mixture of Chronicles and Niwabeads on a PHYA bangle.

Of course, with the Dragon I felt the need to go with an Asian theme with these beautiful dark Chronicles Amber Kokeshi, Koi and the beautiful Dragon and Phoenix on the back bangle. Seen here mixed with PHYA beads on their versatile bangles.

Now for my favorite showstopper I have mixed all the beautiful ambers featured in this article with the three silver Cats in Love, Peacock Feather and Cutie Owl along with Redbalifrog Cherry Blossoms and Daisy Chain on a Trollbeads bracelet finished off with the TPOA Swiss Flower and Gift exclusive Alpine Forest Lock.

Wrist Shots!

Overall, you cannot go wrong with Chronicles, this brand pays close attention to every single detail whether it is in their ambers or their silver beads.

Chronicles is available at the following links. Please note, silver designs are not in stock at all retailers, yet, but you should be able to find a wide arrangement of ambers at each shop.

Chronicles Authorized Featured Retailers 

Chronicles Amber – Ships from the Ukraine

Perlen – Ships from Denmark

Pianeta Beads – Ships from Italy

Swiss Flower & Gifts – Ships from the USA

As always, I enjoy hearing from each of you and would love to hear your thoughts on this brand. Do you own any Chronicles? Have any on your wish list? What are your thoughts on the designs featured today? Leave me a comment below ❤ I hope you are all staying safe and are well.




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  1. I do love this brand, have two more beads somewhere in the post! Lovely photos Paula. And those Niwa Opal Peonies are fabulous, where can you get those from?

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