Aurora Hobbit Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of the Aurora Hobbit an exclusive at Pianeta Beads!

Today sees the latest release from Aurora an exclusive at Pianeta Beads the Hobbit! Back in January Aurora with Pianeta Beads released the first in this series the Hobbit Tavern (review here) and today I am not only happy to see the Hobbit being added to this collection, but to also add it to my bracelets and I hope to see more Hobbit themed beads in the future. Aurora Hobbit is a limited-edition release with only two hundred and twenty (220) pieces made and each will come with a numbered certificate. If you are like me and love creating themes based on books and movies and you are also a huge fan of the Hobbit as I am, then you are going to absolutely love this bead!

Aurora Hobbit is such a fantastically detailed bead! I love the facial details and expression, his stance, and the overall details of this bead. It is perfect addition to a hobbit bracelet. This bead has a universal core and measures approximately 15.27 mm high x 7.52 mm wide, which makes this the perfect size bead standing between standard size glass. Hobbit retails for €49.95, includes vat.

I am including several photos of this bead at different angles so that you can see the details all the way around.

Of course, I had to create several Hobbit themed compositions and I stuck to neutral colors as I feel these best suites this theme. In this first composition the Hobbit is the focal framed by Dream Glass Art glass beads and 4Unique dragons on a PHYA bangle.

Here I wanted to build the story around the Aurora Hobbit Tavern with Ogerbeads glass, Aurora Hobbit, OHM library, and 4Unique Dragons and Dragon lock.

I really wish I had a cool wand and sword silvers, but there currently is not one, so I thought I would use these two glass beads from OHM to frame the Hobbit on a PHYA Bangle.

Of course, this bracelet tells more of the story with the Trollbeads Seer as our Wizard, The beautiful Aurora Hobbit Tavern and the hobbit, Dream Glass Art Glass beads, 4Unique Dragons, Redbalifrog Honour Eagle Shield, and though Sword in the Stone isn’t in this tale this is the only sword I have and thought it might work.

I really like this simple bangle of the Aurora Hobbit Tavern, Hobbit, OHM Library and Ogerbeads Glass on a PHYA Bangle.

Overall, if you are a Hobbit fan, then this is a must have bead! He is beautifully done and the perfect addition to the Hobbit Tavern.

Create the perfect Hobbit bracelet at Pianeta Beads with the Aurora Hobbit Tavern and the Hobbit! You can even pick up a few Ogerbeads while there. For those in Europe Pianeta Beads offers free shipping and for those of us outside of Europe they offer vat free shopping! To shop visit the link below. Be sure to check out some of their other Aurora Exclusives while there!

Pianeta Beads – ships from Italy

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and would love to hear your thoughts on the latest release? Are you a Hobbit Fan? Have a favorite Character? What would you like to see added to this collection? Leave me a comment below ❤




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