OHM Beads Geek Collection 2 Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of the Geek Collection 2 from OHM!

Last week we saw the preview of a huge August release from OHM Beads and here on Beadsaholic I have split this massive release into several reviews, today’s being the review of the oh so cool Geek Collection. The second release in this collection that will surely speak to our inner geeks!

Of course, when I saw the new additions to the Geek collection my mind went straight to mad scientist with the addition of Overreacting.

OHM Beads Overreacting is a super cool Erlenmeyer laboratory flask bubbling over as if there is a chemical reaction. Of course, this is my favorite from this release. This bead measures approximately 11.63 mm high x 9.84 mm wide and retails for $40 / €41.

‘Breathe. That’s it. Stay calm. Do you feel the bubbles inside?

This special laboratory flask — with a flat bottom, conical body, and cylindrical neck — is called an Erlenmeyer flask after the German chemist who created it in 1860. The slanted sides and narrow neck allow its contents to be mixed by swirling without the risk of spillage, making this flask perfect for boiling liquids and adding solvents. Some combinations of chemicals, however, can create a combustible chain reaction that explodes or boils over. We know some people who are like that too.

OHM created this bubbling, overflowing Erlenmeyer flask. As we know every day we have to deal with irritating things, exasperating people, annoying traffic or coworkers, toxic mixes of circumstances that make you want to explode or boil over with frustration. Let the bubbles settle inside you. And perhaps let the OVERREACTING on your bracelet do the boiling over for you.’

Now you’ve got good chemistry!” ~ OHM

OHM Beads Eye Love is the cutest microscope. I love that this bead hangs from the neck of the microscope on the bracelet or bangle. Perfect on a necklace. This bead measures approximately 12.78 mm high x 5.73 mm wide and retails for $40 / € 41.

“When you love something, you love it intensely; you love to explore every nuance and to delve deep to the very core, to the microscopic level.

The compound microscope — with a lens near the specimen and an eyepiece to view the image — was invented in 1620. Some folks give Galileo the credit (he called his device the occhiolino or little eye). Biologists began to use the microscope to discover and study cells, and micro-organisms too tiny for the naked eye. Today, we have electron microscopes with even higher resolution and digital microscopes connected to computers; we can explore the microscopic world with our amazing little eyes! And we love that!

Wear our OHM microscope bead, EYE LOVE, because we know you really DO love examining all of your passions in spectacular detail. Especially these tiny works of art called beads. That’s how you love — that’s how you see things. We have an eye for detail too.” ~ OHM

OHM Beads Another Variant is a cool DNA molecule structure spacer that is nicely done. Such a fun design and would be a quirky bead to place on a family bracelet. This bead measures approximately 12.92 mm high x 2.63 mm wide and retails for $30 / €31.

“OHM also salutes the fact that so many creative people help create our beads and each input, each variation, each new idea moves us forward adding each variation in the chain in order to find balance.

DNA is the abbreviation for deoxyribonucleic acid and is the molecule that contains the genetic code of all organisms, including animals, plants, even bacteria. DNA is within each cell of that organism and tells that cell what proteins to make. With a double helix shape — like a ladder twisted into a spiral — DNA was discovered in the 1950’s.

Each rung, or STEP UP on the ladder, is a pair of nucleotides: A (adenine) only pairs with T (thymine), and C (cytosine) only pairs with G (guanine). The pairs are held together by hydrogen bonds. Although the pairs are always fixed, they can come in any order up and down the ladder and this sequence writes the code of life that tell our cells what to do.

Each time DNA replicates, the hydrogen bonds are broken and the ladder separates into two single strands. As a new DNA strand is created for each half of the ladder, matching up A to T and C to G until the molecule is complete again. However, when DNA is copied, variations are created. These mutations can harm or help the organism as it evolves.

OHM’s double helix ANOTHER VARIANT celebrates this evolution forward through changes and improvements of chance. The double helix spirals in a circle which makes a lovely spacer on your bracelet and calls to mind the delicate match-up of codes that make each one of us unique and special. You are part of OHM’s DNA! Thank you for your contribution to our evolution.” ~OHM

OHM Beads Be Counted is an articulating abacus design with moving beads on double rings. This bead measures approximately 12.59 mm high x 2.84 mm wide and retails for $40 / €41. Let me count the ways..

“BE COUNTED as part of OHMily. Each bead on the ring articulates in order for you to find solace is being someone who can be counted on. More than ever it is important to stand up for yourself and your beliefs and be counted. It’s equally important to have something or someone that you can count on — a trusted friend, your family, or your own savvy self-reliance — and, in turn, to be the abacus that others can count on as well.

The abacus, or counting frame, was a calculating tool — or ancient computer — used from about 2700 BC in Egypt, China, Babylon, Persia, India, Russia, and Africa. Beads or pebbles were moved on wires or in grooves on tablets for mathematical calculations too difficult to do in your head.

This OHM counting frame is circle shaped, which works perfectly as a spacer on your bracelet; in fact, it actually LOOKS like a miniature bracelet with its own tiny beads! We call this OHM abacus BE COUNTED because When it comes to all things geeky, we say count us in!” ~OHM

OHM Beads Critical Hit is such a cool and geeky bead and is sure to be a hit with anyone who has played DND/D&D and for those not familiar with the short term this is a role playing game known as Dungeons and Dragons where the D20 dice was first introduced. OHM has taken a sterling silver D20 Dice and placed it in the tentacles of an octopus for a critical hit. May each role of the dice in your journey be a perfect 20! This dangling bead measures approximately 21.21 long/high x 10.47 mm wide and retails for $60 /€62.

In life, as in D&D, there is always another roll to change your luck. A critical hit is coming. The Kraken glanced you with a critical miss. Your quick response and wits will serve you in your response. Cast again and see what you hit.

Dice date back to Ancient Egypt, there various types of dice for telling fortunes, playing games, or gambling. Recorded in ancient Biblical and Buddist texts, among many, there are references to casting lots.

In 1974, the Medieval fantasy tabletop role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons was created and the Icosahedron, 20-sided die, was an essential element of gameplay. As wizards, rogues, paladins, and druids who have battled in D&D already know, the D20 determines who strikes first and how accurate is that strike. You live and die by the whims of chance.

CRITICAL HIT by OHM pays homage to that best of lucky rolls — with sacred geOHMetry comes a sacred blessing — may you find your adversaries most vulnerable points and deal double damage. Wear CRITICAL HIT on your bracelet and look forward every day to every roll of life.

What did you get? “ ~ OHM

Now for some inspiration! In this first composition I was inspired by the mad scientist whether it’s Frankenstein or Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, you have to love a good mad scientist story. I personally love old literature and I love that OHM makes it possible to recreate my favorite stories in my bracelet designs. Overreacting was the perfect addition to my Frankenstein and his bride.

I’m including a couple of angles, so that you can see the beads on this bracelet better.

Of course, I needed a few bangle designs after all I prefer wearing bangles these days. In this composition it’s all about lab work. A drop of blood on a slide is all you need to count each blood cell and look further into our dna.

And here in a continuous of our mad scientist hard at work creating his beast.

Now you can’t play D&D without some magic and dragon! You really don’t have to create a D&D bracelet in order to love this beads. It’s perfect on a bracelet that marks your journey in life, after all luck is just the roll of the dice, is it not?

Overall, this is such a fun release; maybe not for everyone, but I do know it will be a huge hit and make a few of you happy.

If you must have a bead from this release, then you are in luck as they are all part of the regular release and can be preordered at links below or you can order on release day August 6, 2020 on the OHM Beads website.

Featured Ohm Beads Retailers

(Alphabetical order – click on retailers name)

Edone – Ships Globally from Italy
Perlen – Ships Globally from Denmark
Pianeta Beads – Ships Globally from Italy
Sperky S Pribehem -Ships Globally from Czech Republic
Star Bijou – Ships Globally from Germany
Story in the Bead – ships from Czech Republic

As always, I truly enjoy hearing from you all and would love to know your thoughts on this release? Do you love this release and ready to get your geek on? Leave me a comment below ❤



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