OHM Harvest Joy Giveaway – We have a Winner!!!!

Today Beadsaholic brings a Giveaway in collaboration with OHM Beads.

Our Random Winner… Frede! Congratulations, you are our random winner of the OHM Drink Me!

Though here August is still very much summer and hot here in the south. I can’t help but start dreaming of autumn, changing leaves, cozy sweaters, and everything pumpkin! It’s the only time of the year I enjoy hot drinks like pumpkin spice latte, and hot chocolate and we can’t forget all the harvest teas like hot apple cinnamon spice, cinnamon spice, pumpkin spice, mulled plum cider, and some yummy mint tea just to name a few. All screaming “DRINK ME”!

August is the birthday month of OHM we are celebrating with daily giveaways and promotions. Today here on Beadsaholic we are celebrating with this fun giveaway of OHM Drink Me!

To enter giveaway share below in comments your favorite harvest drink you enjoy during the Autumn months. Have a recipe? Feel free to share your favorite drink recipe with us, too.

Share this giveaway with your friends by tagging them on the Beadsaholic post on Instagram and Facebook.

Giveaway will be open for 24 hours and a random winner will be announced on Sunday, August 23, 2020.

This OHM composition was inspired by the many drinks of harvest.

There is always time for TEA.

I am excited to announce today’s #OHMHARVESTJOY Promotion! For today only purchase OHM Beads Sip Happens and receive 50% off the retail price. Use discount code: HARVESTJOY at checkout. This bead would make the perfect companion to Drink Me. Shop now at OHM Beads.

I hope you all have participated in the festivities and that you enjoy reading our favorite drinks and maybe get a few new recipes to try. I look forward to reading all your favorite drinks and just maybe I can try a few of them this Autumn myself. Don’t forget to comment below to enter! Good luck to you all ❤



139 responses to “OHM Harvest Joy Giveaway – We have a Winner!!!!

  1. My absolute favorite drink is tea … I’m taking it right now too (in Italy it’s 7:30 am). I like it in all tastes and I like to vary,But my favorite is vanilla.

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    • What are your Winters like there? I’m in the south part of the states I’m the Gulf of Mexico area and it is still so hot here. But usually I’m August I start longing for Autumn to hurry and come.


  2. Thanks for the giveaway, Paula! My favourite harvest drink is a pumpkin spiced latte. I always anticipate its arrival in coffee shops and I also make my own with pumpkin spice syrup and then I add a bit of caramel sauce! 🙊😬🥰

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  3. Awesome giveaway! Thanks to you and Ohm Beads! My favourite harvest drink is a spiced apple and cinnamon tea. I add cinnamon sticks and slices of apples. 🥰

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    • A fall favourite of mine is apple cider. I love having this especially on our apple picking adventures. Thanks to you and Ohmbeads for the giveaway opportunity! Lovely bead to giveaway! 🥰

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  4. My favourite dring is a good glas of wine-but i love to drink a bootle of beer 🤷🏼‍♀️😁
    Thanks for the great giveaway🍀❤👍

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  5. Thanks for the giveaway!
    My favourite autumn drink are autumn limited edition of Czech lagers, non filtered and unpasteurized. Looking forward to them. 🍺

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  6. My favorite drink in the fall is hot chocolate. I don’t have a specific recipe, however, I remember a hot chocolate made with a bar of chocolate. A true delight

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  7. It is still hot here in Greece and it’s difficult to think about hot autumn drinks, but my favorite one could be made with some cold water and if you add a few ice cubes 🧊 ,could become a summer drink! This is my pumpkin smoothie! As I’m trying to eat and drink healthy stuff. It’s easy recipe: 150gr pumpkin, tea spoon honey,cinnamon, ginger,walnuts and cocoswater! Put it in the blender and it’s ready!!!! Drink it!

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    • Oh this sounds so delicious and I must try it! It is still very hot here, too; however, it doesn’t get cold where I life just cools off in the winter. Thank you for the recipe.


  8. My favourite Autumnal drink is hot chocolate made with real melted dark chocolate with either semi skimmed or if I’m being really indulgent full Jersey cream milk.

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  9. I love mulled cider!!!
    An easy spiced cider recipe that my kids enjoy is apple cider pushed through the coffee pot with cinnamon imperials in the filter- it is so good!
    Yum! Thinking about it is making me crave it!!
    Yum Yum!!!!

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  10. My very favorite fall drink is a hot spiced cider. It warms you to the bone, and it makes the whole house smell marvelous as it simmers on the stove. A real upside is that it goes wonderfully with snickerdoodle cookies.. lol. My favorite time of year, and Alice in Wonderland has always been one of my most cherished books.

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  11. I love lemon liquor -limoncello. in the fall he is good at the fact that no viruses will make you sick.
    take lemons with a thick and wrinkled peel, cut the peel and pour alcohol for several days. then combine this alcohol with sugar syrup and leave for 30 days. after that, the drink is ready 🍷 – drink me for health!!! 😉

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  12. My favorite fall drink mulled apple cider. The smell of the mulling spices warming up fills the house with a lovely scent. So fall. 🙂

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  13. Thanks for the awesome give away Paula! My favorite autumn beverages are apple cider and hot chocolate with marshmallows. They make me think of my late grandfather who loved drinking them.

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    • Oh this sounds intriguing! What all is in it? While I was in Thailand I fell head over heels in love with Lemon Grass Tea and I wish I would have gotten the recipe.


  14. Oooo chilly Fall days are perfect for a hot cup of tea! I love David’s Tea Blueberry Jam and when I’m cold I will make it into a lovely latte with frothed milk. The tea tastes sweet enough for me as is and the bubbly milk makes it feel special. I drink tea all year long, every day, but the lattes are too hot for me before the cooler weather arrives (my hot flashes probably don’t help! 🤣). Thanks, Paula for hosting a GREAT giveaway and ohm for being so generous!

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    • Every time I see Emily with her David’s Tea, I so badly want to try it! The blueberry sounds yummy. I don’t drink tea sweetened, so this is a plus for me to have a fruity tea. It has been so hot here.. all my drinks have ice 🤣


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