TAO Superimpose and Shine Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of TAO Superimpose and Shine!

The last month has been rather difficult for me as I lost my beautiful April, my chihuahua and shadow of the last 13 years. I think for many of us 2020 has been a difficult year, many changes and worries. That’s why for me Beads are comforting. Over the years of collecting I have known quite a few ladies who have used beads as a form of therapy, to bring light and happiness into their world. Some were fighting cancer and many were just going through the ride of life. For many of us we play with our beads on our wrist or neck when we are anxious or worried. In some ways it helps us like a worry stone would or fidgeting device. Some of us like to design bracelets with positive and uplifting meanings and that brings us to the beads from TAO, every bead design has an uplifting meaning behind them and this deep thought is one of the many things I love about this brand and the Artist behind it.

TAO Superimpose is a beautiful cobalt blue base with beautiful turquoise and greenish tone scallop through the middle all the way around. The contrast of this design is truly stunning. This bead has a universal core and is a standard glass size from around 14-15 mm high x 8 mm wide. Superimpose retails for $65.

“If we live in the here and now, each moment is a surprise, every instant a new wonder. But it often fails to work this way. Onto the present we superimpose our expectations and opinions, based on the past or future.
– Piero Ferrucci”

“There is an art in laying an image or an idea over another to create something different and beautiful in its new complexity.

There is a way in which one must understand each individual element on its own to be able to keep what is essential from being lost or misunderstood in its new form.

I offer you SUPERIMPOSE as a talisman, reminder and invitation to stay present, to take all of the time necessary to understand individual elements as they are. Once we have gained this mastery, we can SUPERIMPOSE wisely to create something new that retains the essential elements of what has come before, and transform it into something more.” ~ TAO

TAO Shine is a stunning soft pastel yellow with lots of beautiful reflective flecks throughout. I really love the soft color of this yellow as it’s not as harsh as some yellows can be. Again this is a standard size bead of around 14-15 mm high x 8 -9 mm wide and has a universal core. Shine retails for $65.

“ I keep a lamp over you, glowing in my heart

To keep from tripping over troublesome thoughts in the dark

We ain’t that different, we huddle underneath the same stars

I see who you really are…

Like the sun to the moon, I’ll send my love and light
A love like ours, it’ll fill the whole sky

I will shine on you”

-Jason Mraz inspired by Rumi

“The only way to overcome the challenges of humanity is through.

The only way through is for ALL of us to SHINE our most honest, vulnerable, messy, brilliant, raw and brave selves together – illuminating humanity’s shadows to see what needs collective clearing.

May we SHINE our cooperative light into the nooks and crannies of what we have compartmentalized, ignored and forgotten, so that it may be healed.

At our core we are all vulnerable in the same ways. We all need food, water, air, protection from the elements, companionship, and something to pour our love into. When these needs are met for some but not all, we are divided.

May we learn to see and hear one another from this compassionate place. May we SHINE in our collective vulnerability together, “filling the whole sky” with a brilliant love that outshines our fear. May we create a paradigm where all of our needs are met, where we survive and thrive, where our interconnectedness is held with tender reverence and attention to detail.

I offer you SHINE as a talisman and reminder that in each moment there is a truth being revealed, and in each moment we have a choice how to engage with what is being brought to light.” ~TAO

The TAO beads mix well with OHM and Redbalifrog here on a Trollbeads bracelet. Inspired by the TAO silvers I went for more of a sea theme.

In this composition I wanted to do more of a celestial theme with these beautiful blues from TAO superimpose and Roar and OHM Beads Ohmique with TAO silvers In Search and In Awe on a PHYA Bangle with PHYA Moon Stoppers.

Also, inspired by the soft glow of the moon on nature at night and how the flowers seem to glow in the moonlight. In this design I used my collaboration design with Niwabeads Moonlight Bloom, Aurora Frangipani, two Ogerbeads Dandelion and Star Anise mixed with beautiful yellow beads from OHM Beads and the new Shine from TAO on a Trollbeads Bracelet with the Redbalifrog Lotus Lock. I find these beads to have a calming effect.

Overall, both new glass beads are beautiful. I always enjoy the meaning TAO put behind the designs of their beads as it’s always so uplifting and positive.

If you would like to shop for TAO Beads or their OHM Exclusives then visit their website here.

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and would love to hear your thoughts on these two new beads? So, leave me a comment below ❤



One response to “TAO Superimpose and Shine Review

  1. Hello Paula, I have been following your blog for a good while and been a silent reader in the UK , enjoying hearing from you about new releases in bead world (I am a Trollbeads fan). Just wanted to say I am sorry to hear the sad news about your fur baby April, thinking of you and sending a virtual hug love Janis xo


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