Niwabeads CCB Europe Event Details and Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of the sea themed Niwabeads release for their CCB Europe Event, plus a few complementing beads to go with them!

The Niwabeads CCB Europe Event is this weekend and yes, I’m running a bit late getting this review out for you guys. Hopefully you have been following along on social media and have seen some of these beauties. Just note there are a few more items releasing this weekend and hopefully I’ll receive those tomorrow and can get them up on the blog as soon as possible.

Who doesn’t love an Ocean theme? We all know how much I love the beach and beach themes bring about a sense of serenity when we can’t actually be on the beach. This summer Niwabeads have released so many beautiful beach themed beads, many are still In stock; however, some are in low quantities. In addition to their beach collection Niwabeads has released an Ocean Bucket, Seahorse, and Kraken for their CCB (Cake, Cookies and Beads) Event in Europe. Normally these events are to be sold only in those regions, but due to Covid these items will be offered in all regions to allow for better shipping options.

You may preorder these beads with your favorite seller, but please, be sure to join the online Event on the Niwabeads Page this Saturday, August 29, 2020 at 1 pm Berlin time and if you happen to live in Germany there are still event slots open for Sunday, August 30, 2020 CCB Event in Berlin at 1 pm. Please contact Niwabeads directly to reserve a spot. Links directly to Niwabeads is at the bottom of this article.

Niwabeads Ocean Bucket is such an amazing sterling silver wooden barrel design with so many beautiful sea creatures like an octopus, seahorse, starfish, crab, lobster, and sea turtle. This gorgeous bead measures approximately 13.12 mm high x 14.30 mm wide and weighs 10.1 grams. Ocean Bucket retails for €89 / $113 (USD price is calculated from current currency conversion through PayPal. This fluctuates from day to day).

Niwabeads Seahorse Dangle is available free through this event with the purchase of Ocean Bucket. This is a super cute dangle that complements the barrel nicely. The Seahorse dangle from the top of the bail to the bottom of seahorse measures approximately 18.82 mm high x 5.39 mm wide. Only free during the event. Retails for €39 /$49.

Niwabeads Kraken is such an adorable octopus wrapped around a pearl in your choice of white, purple or gold dangling from a tentacle bail. This dangling bead has so much detail and measures approximately 22.49 mm high from the top of the bail to the bottom of the pearl and is 8.59 mm wide. Please note, that the pearls are all natural and colors will vary, especially in the purple as they vary from purple to mauve.

Kraken with White Pearl retails for €79 / $101

Kraken with Purple Pearl retails for €79 / $101

Kraken with Gold Pearl retails for €79 / $101

Please note, that USD prices are current currency conversion through PayPal.

Now I’m going to go over a few Ocean themed beads that released over the summer that complement the CCB designs.

Niwabeads Ocean Key is a beautiful Victorian style skeleton key design with a pearl in the middle, both sides of the design are the same and it dangles from a beautiful handcrafted bail. This dangle measures approximately 22.04 mm high from top of bail to the bottom of the key and is 9.83 mm wide. Ocean Key retails for €69 / $87 (USD price is current currency conversion by PayPal.).

Niwabeads Ocean Breath is a stunning open-work clamshell that dangles from a bail. On the open-work design you will find a fish, starfish, crab, shell on each side and on the edge is a lobster that acts as a closure for the clam, it opens and inside is a beautiful pearl which can also be seen through the open-work design. This bead measures approximately 28.64 mm high from top of bail to the bottom of the shell and is 15.43 mm wide. Ocean Breath retails for €89 / $113 (again, USD is the current currency conversion through PayPal).

Nothing makes an Ocean statement like pearls! So, in this first composition I have used some Trollbeads Pearls as well as Artisan Pearls alongside these beautiful Ocean Theme Niwabeads and finished it off the with the Niwabeads Ocean Lock with white pearl.

I’m including a few up close photos of these beads at play.

Here you can see how beautifully the Kraken hangs.

Niwabeads Ocean Padlock is a must have and released over the summer, this beauty is still available in limited quantities.

As you can see this key is a nice size dangle, not too big and not too small.

This closure is stunning, when released it was available in blue topaz, and several shades of purple. White pearl is currently still available.

The seahorse might be small but he stands out nicely between pearls.

I love that you can see the pearl through the open-work design and the fact you could actually finds other colors in pearl and change them out makes this such a fun design to play with.

Happy Ocean is the perfect bead to add to an ocean theme with it’s seven dangling creatures of the deep. The little clam even has a small pearl.

Of course, the Ocean Bucket is one of the star designs of the CCB Europe Event.

I wanted to show these in some bangle compositions, as I know many of you are like me and wear bangles as they are comfortable typing and working.

In this first bangle composition I wanted to play with the color of the gold pearl on the Kraken, so I went with some beautiful amber tone glass from Trollbeads and two uniques that I had been coveting for a while now. In this design I used Ocean Bucket, Kraken and seahorse as the focal framed with Trollbeads Amber Diamonds, Yellow Twinkle, Niwabeads Happy Ocean and two uniques on a PHYA bangle.

In this design I couldn’t help, but play a little more with my Trollbeads pearls this time with two Ocean Buckets and Two Happy Oceans framing the Kraken with the purple pearl.

I always love seeing Trollbeads Aurora beads in beach themes as they always look so tropical. In this design I have paired them with fun summer beads from Niwabeads. Puppet Summer the latest of the little doll collection is the focal of this bracelet with her mermaid dress and starfish hair bow. She is surrounded by Ocean Buckets, Happy Ocean, Kraken with purple pearl and the seahorse. This bracelet is finished off with the Niwabeads Ocean Lock.

Overall, you cannot go wrong with Niwabeads, each design is well detailed and the gemstones are the highest quality. They are always a nice weight and a lot of work goes into each design which makes them worth the price point. As always, all Niwabeads designs are limited to a set number made and new items come out monthly. So, if you see something you must have grab it.

Niwabeads are available at the featured sellers. Please, note that event items are not currently stocked at Story in the Bead, but you will find a nice selection of Niwabeads on their website.

Niwabeads – emailFacebookInstagram

Story in the Bead website – ships from the Czech Republic

Niwabeads USA – emailFacebookInstagram

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and would love to hear your thoughts on these beads? So, leave me a comment below ❤



5 responses to “Niwabeads CCB Europe Event Details and Review

  1. I love Niwa beads and I actually ordered the ocean key and the anniversary keys back in July. I’m still waiting for them to arrive and looking forward to some creative bead play.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Fantastic! I think you will love them. I actually have some here in the US, hoping to get the Anniversary keys up on the blog soon. I am totally in love with the Ocean Key, though, it’s so beautiful. Hope your keys arrive soon.


  2. Those beads are absolutely stunning!
    I feel really dumb admitting this though, but I’ve never been able to figure out how to order Niwabeads. I’d love to buy the ocean padlock and kraken for example, but they’re not available on the site you linked.
    So are you supposed to email Niwabeads if you want to buy them? Or are they only available through social media or something? I don’t get it.

    Thanks for the pictures though!


    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, not all items become available on the site and some are made in low numbers. Usually the best way to buy is by email or social media. What country are you in and I can help you get to the correct seller for your area? You can also email me or message me on social media.


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