Bella Fascini Gold Grab Bag Event

Today Beadsaholic brings a preview of the Grab Bag Event from Bella Fascini!

Today starts the preorders for Bella Fascini Gold Grab Bag Event!

Bella Fascini has introduced their limited-edition Tulip Bouquet Moose today in the Gold Grab Bag Event. With the purchase of this beautiful new design you will have a one in five chance of receiving a sterling silver Tulip Bouquet Moose with one solid gold bud. There are a total of two hundred Gold Grab Bags, forty of which will be the two-tone beads and the rest will be all silver. All beads come in blind packaging. Each Gold Grab Bag will retail for $60 / €52, European price includes vat.

Bella Fascini LE Tulip Bouquet Moose in sterling silver, showing the back and front details.

You have a one in five chance to receive this beautiful two-tone Tulip Bouquet Moose featuring a sold gold bud in the bouquet.

Overall, this is a rather fun event with lots of chances to win a two-tone bead in your blind bag. Bella Fascini always creates the cutest Moose beads which is one of their signature designs.

If you would like to shop this event or browse The Bella Fascini line you may do so at the following links. Both offer world-wide shipping. Pianeta Beads offers free shipping in Europe and Vat free shopping for those who reside outside Europe.

Pianeta Beads – ships from Italy

Bella Fascini – ships from the USA

As Always, I enjoy hearing from you all and would love to hear your thoughts on the Bella Fascini Gold Grab Bag Event! Do you have any Bella in your collection? Leave me comment below ❤



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