Trollbeads People’s Unique Kit Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of the Trollbeads People’s Unique Kit 2020!

Today is the release of the beautiful People’s Unique Kit 2020! As many of you may know earlier this year Trollbeads asked their collector’s to submit photos of their favorite Unique beads and then had us all vote for our favorite out of all the photos submitted. Below you will find the six beads that were voted best in Trollbeads Uniques. Many of these were extremely hard to find and truly unique. Many thanks to Trollbeads for creating this kit and allowing us all a chance to own these fantastic beads.

The People’s Unique Kit 2020 retails for $300 / €270.

Trollbeads Night Sky Glitter is a beautifully designed bead with what looks to be a look at earth from space or maybe a glittery starry galaxy. I have a pair of uniques similar to this one, but are more navy, I think that the contrast of the two look nice together. This is a standard size glass running an average of around 13-14 mm high x 7 mm wide. Night Sky Glitter retails for $50 / €45.

Trollbeads Everchanging Lotus is my absolute favorite from this Kit and had actually been on my dream list for quite sometime as this bead was extremely hard to find and eluded me. This bead has a beautiful navy base full of sparkly blue glitter encased in clear with stunning irredentist Aurora shades of blues, purples and a hit of glowing amber at the base of the petal. This is one that I will be getting a second to have a pair. Size wise it’s the same as the others in this kit and will run an average of 13-14 mm high x 7 mm wide. Everchanging Lotus retails for $50 / €45.

Trollbeads Traces on Purple is one that I was lucky enough to find as a unique years ago when the design first entered the market. I do know many were not so lucky and will be happy to see this bead in this kit. This bead will go well with some of the previously released Aurora Beads and even the OAF beads many of us have coveted over the years. With it’s Shades of pinks, purples and the warm glow of a tinge of orange to create what looks to be a beautiful sunset, all encased in clear glass with a green and black ornament design on top all the way around. This bead averages around 13-14 mm high x 7 mm wide. Traces on Purple retails for $50 / €45.

Trollbeads Flowers of Purity is a beautiful floral design that was rather popular in the Trollbeads Jumbo uniques release, summer before last and there are a few flower designs like this in different colors in the current collection. This is a beautiful wine color with white flowers all the way around and specks of glitter throughout. This bead is an average size of around 13-14 mm high x 7 mm wide. Flowers of Purity retails for $50 / €45.

Trollbeads Multicolor Spirograph has always been a popular design and several colors in this design are coveted by many collectors. Personally, I was hoping for the Spirograph in the lighter rainbow colors. This bead has dominate colors in yellow, red and blues with a swirl of glitter encased in clear and with white Spirograph design. This bead runs an average size of around 13-14 mm high x 7 mm wide. Multicolor Spirograph retails for $50 / €45.

Trollbeads Waves of Sea was one that I had actually never seen prior to the contest, so this will show how elusive this bead was. As you can see on the right side you see a warm sandy beach color and on the left waves of blue, turquoise and green. This is the perfect bead to wear with the mermaid ring or in a sea themed bracelet, perfect for summer. This bead runs an average of 13-14 mm high x 7-8 mm wide. Waves of Sea retails for $50 / €45.

Now for a bit of inspiration mixing these beautiful new beads with previously released production and uniques from Trollbeads.

If you love a colorful mix then you may like this kit mixed together with your favorite silvers. I went with the Trollbeads Infinite Virtue Collection, which go with everything.

Why not wear these together on a bangle instead of a bracelet. I know many of us don’t like to wear a full bracelet when doing work on the computer, so here is a great alternative to the bracelet.

Wrist shot!

Photo taken with my phone, I have a hard time taking a wrist shot with the Canon. Though I think the Canon takes better photos of the beads.

I wanted to try and bring out the yellows and blue in this bead. I think I need to play a little more. I’m sure I can come up with some bright and bold designs.

Flowers of purity will work with so many uniques and even this beautiful Trollbeads Angel Wing Alunite stone.

Of course, I had to do a celestial theme with the Trollbeads Night Sky Glitter and Everchanging Lotus. You can also see similar unique design with more of a navy base that I have had a few years. Also, goes great the with the Lapis, Wishful Sky and Shimmer Royal.

Another view of these amazing beads.

I went with a sea theme with the Waves of Sea and variants of Azure Bubbles and a couple of my favorite sea themed silvers.

Ahhh the Waves of Sea was truly made for this Mermaid Ring!

I am excited to be able to use my Old Antique Flowers with the new Traces on Purple. At the bottom you will see the older unique. The ornament design is a bit different, but overall the colors are the same. I really love how this composition turned out.

Overall, the People’s Unique Kit is a must have and of course I will need to get one or two extra single beads to match. I really love this kit and if I had to pick one as my least favorite it would probably be the Spirograph, but I think I just need more time to play with it to get the perfect composition.

Trollbeads People’s Unique Kit 2020 is available today in store and online at the following links.

Trollbeads Authorized Retailers

(Alphabetical Order)

Star Bijou – ships from Germany

Swiss Flower and Gift – ships from the USA

Trollbeads Gallery – ships from the USA

Trollbeads USA – ships only in the USA

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and I would love to hear your thoughts on the People’s Unique Kit? So, leave me a comment below ❤



5 responses to “Trollbeads People’s Unique Kit Review

  1. Hello Paula, thanks for the blog, it’s been fun seeing how you and others have been styling these beads. You’ve certainly given me some ideas with your lovely pics.
    I think I am in a minority in that I like a couple – Flowers of Purity and the Everchanging Lotus, but I’m in no rush to go out and buy them. People are saying that some of the beads vary a lot, so whenever I do make a purchase it will be from live images!
    BTW what is an OAF bead? Take care xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Marisa, yes, I do agree buy from live images of possible. Mine were not from live images, but if you are trying to match your collection it is best way to do it. OAF = Old Antique Flower, it’s the green bead with flowers. It’s been retired for many years now and sought after. The green isn’t always easy to mix, as it’s a glass color that’s no longer used.


      • Yes, I agree, I will often wait to purchase until I get the chance to either see the beads for myself or a live image/ video.
        Ah right of course, Old Antique Flower. I actually have one, it’s on the first Trollbeads bracelet that I completed. But because I didn’t buy any more Trollbeads until many years later, I didn’t realise that it had been retired and had become very sought after. Would never sell it now though because I love that bracelet 🥰


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