Corner 35 T Rex Dinosaur and Marvin the Skeleton Fish Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of Corner 35 latest release.

Today was the release of Corner 35 T-Rex Dinosaur. This is not a normal T-Rex, this is a decapitated Dinosaur! Of course, you don’t ever see a decapitated Dinosaur and out of curiosity I wanted to know the story that lead to the creation of this bead. The design of this bead came to Artist Wendy Verkooijen owner of Corner 35 in a dream. She painted a unique story of dreaming of a theme park that had a shop with souvenirs and beads. In this shop she found a coaster cart and a Dinosaur mummy bead. It was such a pleasant dream that when she woke she was bummed that she did not have these beads in real life and this is where the idea was born. After the dream she created the Coaster Cart that is now available in her shop, but until recently she had not made the dinosaur. To make this dream come true she started carving out the Mummy T-Rex from her dream, but the tissue design made it hard to see it was a dinosaur, so she decided to create a well detailed snout and head without the Mummy-like design and just like In her dreams this T-Rex was missing the bottom half of his body! You guessed it, he was a decapitated dinosaur, which made this one creepy bead, that is perfect for Halloween.

I have had a few crazy dreams in my life and I think it is so cool that Wendy has taken her dream and made it a reality. It is always intriguing to hear the stories behind each bead design.

Corner 35 T Rex Dinosaur is such a unique bead with his detailed head and decapitated body makes him perfect for Halloween. He has great detailing on his head with recessed eyes and bulging eyeballs, nostrils on his snout and what looks to be a rough wart like complexion. He has two large serrated teeth and several small in between. He has short arms and is decapitated below the arms at the waist, you can see the rough flesh around a bone sticking out the bottom of the body. This bead is made of sterling silver, measures approximately 17 mm high x 9 mm wide, weighs 5.3 grams and has a universal core that will fit all major brands. T Rex Dinosaur retails for €89, price includes vat.

“T-rex dinosaur – This magnificent beast may have lived millions of years ago, it’s just as alive today in this bead that I made of him. The silver bead shows a detailed head and characteristic small arms of the tyrannosaurus rex, together with a part of his curved back, This dinosaur has been decapitated from the arms down, that’s why a bone is sticking out at the bottom. Around the bone you can see some muscle tissue and skin.

The face has got nostrils and deep eyes. Around the beak the t-rex has got some rough skin and bobbles. Of course it would not have been a t-rex dinosaur without the large tusks. If you look closely into his mouth, you can also see a few tiny, pointed teeth between the larger teeth.” ~ Corner 35

Corner 35 Marvin the Skeleton Fish is the coolest little fish bone bead. I have actually coveted this bead since the first time I saw it! With his open mouth that treads on your bracelet, rib-like bones and a curved tail. This bead is made of sterling silver measuring approximately 8 mm high x 15 mm wide, weighs 2.7 grams and has a universal core that fits all major brands, Marvin the Skeleton Fish retails for €79, price includes vat.

“Marvin the skeleton fish – Marvin might be a skeleton fish, this does not keep him from having the biggest smile on his face. Keep on going, even if life does not give you what you want. And remember to smile!

With his mermaid tail he can swim very fast. He’s cute little fins at the bottom also help to stir him in the right direction.” ~ Corner 35

Since this bead is inspired by Halloween and has a spooky vibe about it I thought I would create a witchy Halloween theme. In this composition I used Dream Glass Art glass beads, OHM Magic Frog, Corner 35 Marvin the Skeleton Fish, OHM Dirty Magic, Corner 35 T-Rex Dinosaur, OHM Luna 2.0’ and finished off with the Frog Lock from Redbalifrog.

In this fun bangle composition the cat got the fish! With Dream Glass Art glass beads, Corner 35 Marvin the Skeleton Fish and the OHM Puss on the Phya Bangle.

Here in this spooky composition you will find Corner 35 T-Rex wondering around on his bone in the moonlight with OHM Luna 2.0, surrounded by Dream Glass Art glass beads on a Phya Bangle.

Overall, both beads are adorable and quirky. Corner 35 will mix well with any collection.

If you would like to browse Corner 35 you may do so at the link below.

Corner 35 – ships from the Netherlands

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and would love to know your thoughts on these two designs? Leave me a comment below ❤



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