Moress Ocean Collection Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of the Moress Ocean Collection.

Here in the South-East of the United States it is still very much summer with temperatures still well into the 90 degrees Fahrenheit, which is about 32 plus celsius. We won’t see Autumn here for a few more weeks. We are still dreaming of being by the sea, the calming effects of the waves crashing along the shore and the thoughts of the beautiful world that lives with in the beautiful blue waters. Moress has captured our Ocean fantasies in their latest additions to their Ocean Collection and I have a few here to share with you today and I think you are going to love them as much as I do!

Moress Whale Bead is such a beautifully made humpback whale with a coral reef design on his back, which includes plant life and what looks to be shells. I love the way this bead sits on a bangle or bracelet the tail of this whale goes nicely over a round gemstone or pearl. This bead measures approximately 10.59 mm high x 25.77 mm wide. Whale Bead retails for ฿1,500.00 / €40.49 / $47.97.

Moress Teddy Mermaid Bead is simply adorable! This bear has the cutest face, with purple and pink flowers with yellow centers between her furry ears, a cute little body with an enameled mermaid tail in teal and blue. This beautiful little mermaid has an articulating body that allows her head to bobble, in her left hand is also a cute dangling star. This bead measures approximately 23.21 mm high x 12.32 mm wide. Teddy Mermaid retails for ฿1,800.12 / €48.59 / $57.57.

Moress Whale Shark Bead depicts the enormous filter-feeding carpet shark of the deep with his wide mouth and head, fantastic detailing along the body and he is ready to swim around your bracelet with his bent tail. This bead measures approximately 20.12 mm high x 12.41 mm wide. Whale Shark retails for ฿1,100.02 / €29.69 / $35.18.

Moress Teddy Scuba Bead is a cute articulating Bear in scuba gear ready to take some under water photographs. His head bobbles like the mermaid which is such a cute addition to the details of this bead and on the back of the head the scuba gear has a red enamel flag. This bead measures approximately 21.51 mm high x 10.16 mm wide. Teddy Scuba retails for ฿1499.94 / €40.49 / $47.97.

Moress Scuba Diver Dangle is perfect for an underwater adventure! This guy is decked out in full scuba gear dangling from a bail which gives the impression that he is swimming alongside your bracelet, taking photos of the beautiful world in the deep. This bead measures from the top of the bail to the bottom of his swimfins approximately 26.19 mm high x 5.70 mm wide. Scuba Diver Dangle retails for ฿1,100.02 / €29.69 / $35.18.

Moress Manta Trio Bead is a button like silver design with a manta swimming in a sea of blue enamel. On the sides is an open-work weave design and on the other side you will find an artistic enamel design of royal blue, light blue, turquoise and yellow. This is the perfect way to add color to a bracelet without having to add colorful glass or stones. This bead is an average size of 12 mm high x 12 mm wide. Manta Trio retails for ฿1,499.94 / €40.49 / $47.97.

Moress Sunfish Trio Bead matches the Manta perfectly painting a beautiful ocean on your wrist. This bead has the same button-like shape with swirls on the sides, on the front is a sunfish swimming In a blue enamel sea and on the back are beautiful ripples in purple, turquoise, light blue, and yellow. This bead is an average size of 12 mm high x 12 mm wide. Sunfish Trio retails for ฿1,499.94 / €40.49 / $47.97.

Moress Whale Shark Trio is the perfect companion to the Manta and Sunfish and is the same button shape. On the top you will find a whale shark making ripples in a light blue enamel, open-work design on the sides and on the bottom is a pretty pale grey and light blue artistic design. This bead is an average size of 12 mm high x 12 mm wide. Whale Shark Trio retails for ฿1,499.94 / €40.49 / $47.97.

Moress Seahorse Silver Stopper is a beautiful sterling silver seahorse with a silicone ring inside the hole to hold it in place on your bracelet or bangle. The seahorse has such beautiful detailing and is perfect as a bead or stopper. This bead measures approximately 21.40 mm high x 4.41 mm wide. Seahorse retails for ฿1,300.01 / €35.10 / $41.58.

Moress Mermaid Pearl Stopper is such a stunning bead! I truly love the details and design of this bead, from her sitting position and the way her tail is bent in the front, her hands resting on her tail, while holding a beautiful pearl as if she could see the world in it. She has beautiful long wavy thick hair that goes down her backside and you will find a silicone ring inside the hole to hold it in place on your bracelet or bangle. This bead measures approximately 18.57 high x 7.20 wide x 11.75 deep. Mermaid Pearl Stopper retails for ฿1,300.14 / €35.10 / $41.58.

Moress Ocean Bracelet is a beautiful new way to wear your beads! Half the bracelet has a beautiful ocean theme of starfish, sea turtle, nautilus shell, seahorse, and a clam shell. On the other side is a snake chain that universal core and screw on core beads will fit on. Please note, that small core beads like Trollbeads will not fit this bracelet; however, your Pandora, Elfbeads and any brand with a larger universal core will fit nicely on this bracelet. This bracelet also looks nice without beads stacked with other brands on your wrist. If you are like me and normally wear bangles because large beads on the bottom of your wrist isn’t comfortable when typing and doing computer work, then this bracelet is perfect as the sea creature designs lay flat and you can wear the beads on top of your wrist, giving you comfort while working. This bracelet is available in sizes 15 cm through 20 cm and retails for ฿2,589.96 / €69.92 / $82.83.

In this composition you can see that you don’t need much to create a cute design. The trio give you just enough color.

I love how the Whale tail sits nicely over these Phya stones.

In this composition you can see how nicely the tail of the Whale Shark curves around the Phya Rose Quartz next to it. Moress mixes so well with other brands and I have mixed them here with Trollbeads Pearls, Phya Stones and Redbalifrog Stoppers on a Phya Bangle.

Deep sea diving with these cute Moress designs and Dream Glass Art glass beads.

This is one of my absolute favorite ways to wear the whale and mermaid with Trollbeads pearls and Redbalifrog frangipani stoppers on the Phya bangle.

Of course, the Whale bead is one of the stars of this collection and looks fantastic in any design. Here he is swimming among some Trollbeads pearls on the Phya bangle.

The tail of the Teddy Mermaid match these Dream Glass Art glass beads perfectly.

Now to create the perfect beach stack!

Wrist shots!

Overall, Moress keeps getting better and better with each new release I see from this brand. The Ocean Collection is beautiful and I must say there are a few must have beads in this release and I think you will see a few you must have, too.

If you would like to browse the full release of the Ocean Collection or shop Moress, you can find them at the links below.

Moress – ships from Thailand

Story in the Bead – ships from Czech Republic

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and would love to hear your thoughts on the Ocean Collection from Moress? Leave me a comment below ❤



2 responses to “Moress Ocean Collection Review

  1. Some really sweet beads there! I especially like the humpback whale and the whale shark, for myself, and I could see a number of these as gifts.

    Summer is winding down here in New York… Often still hot, but we should be getting frost very soon.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh how I would love frost to come my way! We probably won’t get our first frost until late October – November. Temps should start dropping soon, though. Yes, totally agree, that whale and whale shark are such nice beads. I will be using them more this week as I have one more beach themed review coming up.


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