OHM Beads Halloween Collection Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of OHM Beads October Halloween Collection and a few more from this fantastic release.

It’s my favorite time of the year and OHM Beads has created the perfect beads to celebrate the season! In this article we will take a close look at many of the Halloween beads released this month, but stay tuned as there is much more to come this week.

OHM Beads Plague Doctor is the perfect bead to commemorate 2020 with the plague that has disrupted all of our lives. Plague Doctors were used for many centuries, but the mask and costume that we all associate with Plague Doctors were actually designed by Charles de L’Orme in 1630. This cute doctor is dressed and ready to take on Covid with his beak like mask, oversized waxen coat and top hat for head to toe protection. He has a belt that holds his coat closed with a medicine bottle and other items hanging down from the backside on the belt, in his hand he holds a staff and in the other hand a medical bag. The details of this bead is simply amazing. It is perfect for a plague, medical or medieval themed bracelet. This bead is an OHMLab project created with the wonderful lab assistant Elizabeth Palmer! Plague Doctor retails for $55 / €57.

“OHM BEADS PLAGUE DOCTOR (AAX085) – Persisting despite our best efforts we are still fragile beings. What was will be. What is was. Who is behind the mask? OHM’s PLAGUE DOCTOR is a medical physician who treated victims of the bubonic plague from the 14th-19th centuries. When plague struck a town, these physicians were hired by the city to treat everyone — both rich and poor alike — however, there wasn’t much they could do to cure their patients.

A beaked mask filled with aromatic items is worn to protect from the putrid air and further infection. The mask is fitted with glass eye openings and stuffed with rose petals, mint, juniper berries, camphor, cloves, myrrh, and other spices. The doctor’s garments consisted of a light, waxed fabric carefully sealed against the disease, and often carried a cane to examine patients without making direct contact. Plague doctors practiced bloodletting and other remedies such as leeches or frogs on the patient’s body. Possibly a chopped snake and onions as a salve was needed. Most doctors believed that the pandemics were caused by “bad air” or due to the alignment of the planets.

That beak-like mask may be creepy; but we think our OHM Plague Doctor bead is rather adorable in their own eerie way. So we invite you to add the good doctor to your OHM Steampunk collection and feel extra thankful for your own good health and the skin you’re in. Since those terrible and scary days, a long time ago, in a town far far away, they say things are better now.” ~ OHM Beads

OHM Beads Medieval Bunny is an OHMstudio concept inspired by the original popular Bunny Reaper. OHMstudio created several designs and this medieval design won the vote on a social media poll created by Kit at OHM. You will find that this bunny wears the same reapers outfit the original wore, but this cutie isn’t carrying a sickle, his weapon of choice looks to be a Morning Star, a club-like weapon that has a shaft with a spiked mace-like ball on the end. If you were upset to miss out on the Bunny Reaper, then you may want to make sure you grab this cute Bunny. It is also a nice match to the original for those who have it. medieval Bunny retails for $50 / €52.

OHM Beads Karakasa Kozo is a mischievous mythical umbrella ghost and this bead is depicted just as the one mentioned in the famous Japanese folklore tales that is an umbrella with one eye, one leg and is poking his tongue out in fun. I love how unique this bead is and the details are fabulous! Karakasa Kozo retails for $45 / €47.

“OHM BEADS KARAKASA KOZO (AAX087) – The Karakasa-Kozo is a spirit or ghost, in Japanese folklore, which enters an old umbrella and enjoys playing pranks on unsuspecting humans. The story goes that an umbrella that has served faithfully for 100 years will receive a soul and become sentient and animated, with one large staring eye, a long tongue, and hopping about on one leg where the handle used to be.

Karakasa-Kozo are mostly harmless and rather mischievous. They like to sneak up on humans in the rain to deliver a big, wet, oily lick with their enormous tongues and laugh when the humans are startled. It is said that on a windy day, the umbrella spirit will blow people off their feet, even up into the sky. Sometimes a Karakasa-Kozo becomes angry when it is tossed away thoughtlessly; To this day in Japan, ceremonies are performed to console a broken or unusable umbrella or other tool.

Folktales tell of the tsukumogami (which translates as tool spirits) that would enter many household tools such as boroboroton (a possessed futon) or ungaikyo (a possessed mirror).

Karakasa-Kozo are very popular with children who love to doodle and sketch the umbrella ghost. We think our adorable little OHM Karakasa-Kozo will be very popular on your bracelet too. But be warned: it might try to lick you.” ~ OHM Beads

OHM Beads Zohmbie Gnome is ready to eat some brains! This creepy little Gnome has that zombie stance with his head tilted to one side, bulging round eyes, with one eyeball hanging out of the socket, he has hair sticking out from under his hat and a beard. This Zohmbie is a happy fella with his mouth gapping smile and rigid teeth. His Gnome style clothes are worn with stitches and patches. This bead will match perfectly with some of OHM’s quirky zombie themed and Halloween beads. Zohmbie Gnome retails for $45 / €47.

OHM Beads Gnombre is such a cool bead and one of my favorite from the Halloween Collection. This Gnome is wearing a festive gnome outfit complete with a Mexican Sombre and is holding a skull mask in front of his face in celebration of Dia de Muertos. Gnombre retails foe $50 / €52.

OHM Beads Flaked Off is a beautiful barrel glass bead with a green core, gold foil and iridescent purple criss cross all encased in clear glass. Flacked Off retails for $45 / €47.

“OHM BEADS FLAKED OFF (AMG133) – Sometimes you forget to do the thing. You can continue to wait or you can do it now. If not now? When?

This is a reminder for you to be brave and continue to step up. One foot in front of the other. Let the flakes go and keep the morsels for yourself.” ~ OHM Beads

OHM Beads Infected Dream is a fantastic barrel glass bead with a black core, encased in clear with lime green marking and dots all the way around. Infected Dream retails for $45 / €47.

“OHM BEADS INFECTED DREAM (AMG113) – Sometimes you wake with a start. An idea has been seeded into your mind and you aren’t sure what to do with it. Sleep often isn’t the answer when we are feeling conflicted. It’s important to remember to engage with that which is seeping toxicity into our lives. Root it out and move it on.” ~OHM Beads

OHM Beads Tossed Aside is an Orange base glass barrel encased in clear glass. This orange matches nicely with so many of OHM orange glass beads. Tossed Aside retails for $45 / €47.

“OHM BEADS TOSSED ASIDE (AMG106)- Sometimes you don’t need any more. You are taken care of. You are content. You are still. Yet, stillness only lasts . Once gone you will need a new direction.

Pick up that which has been tossed aside and breathe new life into it. Nothing is truly trash. No one is. Trash is a state of mind. Trash is an idea.” ~ OHM Beads

OHM Beads Night Line is a similar design to Flaked Off except this glass barrel has a nice roasted pumpkin colored core with gold foil and iridescent purple criss cross design encased is clear glass. This is a nice fall color. Night Line retails for $45 / €47.

“OHM BEADS NIGHT LINE (AMG135) – Sometimes there is someone you can call at any time. They are ready to talk. They want to talk. They want to listen.

You mustn’t feel a burden when asking for help. People want to help you, this is something that would make them happy, bring them pleasure. They are content enough with their own issues that they are happy to take a break from them for a moment.

Imagine those people that if they called you and needed something you wouldn’t hesitate. Is that circle growing? Would you not be willing to attempt in earnest any honest request for our assistance from nearly any soul in your world?

Holding each other up can be hard, but it something we do that brings us joy. If you want help, just ask.” ~ OHM Beads

OHM Beads Sticky Teeth is a beautiful barrel glass bead that reminds me of caramel, chocolate and cream, yummy! All colors swirled together and encased in clear glass. This glass mixes well with some of the OHM Australian glass beads. Sticky Teeth retails for $45 / €47.

“OHM BEADS STICKY TEETH (AMG12201) – Sometimes you skip out on the things that will improve your life for the things that feel good in the moment.

Remember future you. Remember you. Remember. OHM.” ~ OHM Beads

OHM Beads Into the Night is a unique barrel glass that has a black base with a smoky textured glass finish. Such a cool way to add some texture to your bracelet. Into the Night retails for $45 / €47.

“OHM BEADS INTO THE NIGHT (AMG064) – Sometimes things go bump in the night. What was that sounds? Is everyone safe? Am I ok?

Probably, yeah. There’s no way to know for certain. It appears that’s just how life is. And night is always coming, and, so far, that’s been ok.” ~ OHM Beads

OHM Deep Fade is a beautiful glass barrel that is a beautiful purple that fades into a deep red. I really love the color of this bead and must order a second to match. Deep Fade retails for $45 / €47.

“OHM BEADS DEEP FADE (AMG092) – Sometimes you go too deep. You detach too much. But sometimes the boundaries you set are clear and understood. There may be a fog layer out across the land, there is no way to know if it’s water or it’s smoke.

Understanding the particulates that enter your body are what make up your body it is important to understand what they are. Take care of your body. Take care of your vessel. Take care of your chains.” ~ OHM Beads

Now for some inspiration I’ve created a few bangles and bracelet featuring beads from this release. All beads used in these designs are OHM Beads.

October is my favorite Month of the year, Autumn my favorite season and of course, Halloween is my favorite holiday! In this composition I kept it simple, with Ghost of Marley, Night Line, Trick or Treat, Bar None Ranch, and Camp Firewood on a Chunky Bracelet with Snake-y.

I love this release and find that they all work so well together and wanted to create a full bracelet. All beads are from this release on an OHM Chunky Bracelet. I’m including a few different angles of this bracelet.

As you can see here for those who have Bunny Reaper it goes so well with the new Medieval Bunny and if not it’s too cute to pass up.

With the release of Plague Doctor I felt the need for a lab design where he can hopefully cure Covid! Plague Doctor has his Eye Love and Overreacting to create the perfect concoction. Mixed with beautiful OHM greens Flacked Off, Infected Dream, Inch On, and Mojito.

I’m in love with these browns together! Perfect for Autumn. I’ve mixed Glass barrels Rainbow Eucalyptus, Coober Pedy, Sticky Teeth and Poison Apple which is unusual with more brown tones. Of course, I’ve mixed in some of the cute silvers from this release.

Wrist Shot!

Overall, there is just so much to love in this release and more to come! OHM creates the absolute best Halloween beads and they mix nicely with all brands.

If you would like to browse the release or shop for any of the beads featured in this article you may do so at the links below. All are now available.

Featured Ohm Beads Retailers

(Alphabetical order – click on retailers name)

Edone – Ships Globally from Italy
Perlen – Ships Globally from Denmark
Pianeta Beads – Ships Globally from Italy
Sperky S Pribehem -Ships Globally from Czech Republic
Star Bijou – Ships Globally from Germany
Story in the Bead – ships from Czech Republic

OHM Beads – ships from the USA, Europe, Australia, Thailand and Taiwan.

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and would love to hear your thoughts on these fun Halloween beads? Any must have beads going on your wish list? Leave me a comment below ❤



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