Niwabeads USA CCB Event Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review and outline of the Niwabeads USA CCB Event.

The Niwabeads CCB US Event is a collab between Niwabeads and Beadsaholic. I am so excited to announce the limited collection and promotions for the US event. The Dogwood Collection and opal Peonies are an exclusive of the US. Also, available through this event is the new Love Me Rabbit and Love Me Teddy at a special event price and a few more goodies you will find in this article.

A few months back Niwabeads approached me about hosting an event here in the US. Originally, this was to be a Cakes, Cookies and Beads Meet and Greet event and we had grand plans of a weekend at the beach with all of you bead friends here in the US. Anny the very beautiful and talented owner of Niwabeads planned to be here to meet you all, as well. However, Covid ruined our grand plans for the event, but we wanted to still host an event here in the US and decided a virtual event is better than no event at all. Together Anny and I decided on October for the US event in honor of my mother who passed away nineteen years ago from cancer. We both have special relationships with our Mother’s and were inspired. I was lucky enough to meet Anny’s Mother while in Thailand and I must say she is one amazing woman. My Mom would have loved them both.

Growing up in the South-East of the USA spring through early winter are in full bloom being a subtropical zone, we have hot humid summers and mild winters, spring and autumn are paradise. During spring you will find beautiful Dogwood trees all over the south with stunning, pink, white and even yellow blooms with green centers. if flowers are pollinated these trees will develop berries durning autumn. Dogwoods were my mothers absolute favorite flower and I grew up hearing all the tales and folklore of these beautiful trees. The Cherokee Native Americans believed that tiny people lived amongst the Dogwoods, they taught the Native Americans to live in harmony with nature. Dogwood people were said to be very kind, they protected babies and took care of the old and frail. Then there were Christain stories, it was said that the Dogwood was once a huge straight tree that was used for crucifixion because the wood of a Dogwood is so hard. It is said that the wood of the dogwood was used to crucify Christ and that God was so angry he cursed the tree, so that it would no longer grow large or straight and it is said that is why the branches are curved. The flowers have four petals the depicts a cross and each petal is indented for each nail used on the cross, the white version of Dogwood even has a tinge of red that implicates the blood of Christ. There are so many interesting tales of dogwoods and for some tribes these trees were used for medicine and the berries used for ceremonies. Dogwoods are a symbol of good luck and protection. This is why I felt that we needed this beautiful flower in a bead and was lucky enough to be able to design this collection alongside Niwabeads.

Mama Mala Elements Set

Niwabeads Dogwood Barrel is available in three styles first is an all silver barrel with Rhodolite, Amethyst and Blue Topaz. Second is sterling silver with solid Rose Gold with different shades of Rhodolite. Last is sterling silver with solid Yellow Gold with Orange Sapphire, Peridot, and Blue Topaz. Each barrel measures approximately 14.61 mm high x 25.16mm wide with a universal core. This bead fits all major brand bracelets and necklaces; however, it’s a bit to wide to fit a bangle. The silver version is limited to ninety-nine (99) pieces and the two-tome are limited to thirty-three (33) pieces each.

Niwabeads Dogwood Barrel Silver retails for $139 / €109

Niwabeads Dogwood Barrel two-tone Rose Gold retails for $151 / €119

Niwabeads Dogwood Barrel two-tone Yellow Gold retails for $151 /€119

I’m including several photos showing each side of these three beads.

Niwabeads Dogwood Lock comes in three styles sterling silver, silver with rose gold, silver with yellow gold and your choice of Amethyst, Orange Sapphire, Rhodolite, Blue Topaz, and Peridot. Each lock measures 12.35 mm wide x 21.82 mm long. This lock fits both Niwabeads, Trollbeads and similar systems. Each lock color is limited to thirty-three (33) pieces each.

Niwabeads Dogwood Sterling Silver Lock retails for $101 / €79

Niwabeads Dogwood Silver Two-tone Rose Gold Lock retails for $113 / €89

Niwabeads Dogwood Silver Two-tone Yellow Gold Lock retails for $113 / €89

Niwabeads Dogwood Dangle is a stunning dangling dogwood flower with your choice of silver, two-tone rose gold or two tone yellow gold in your choice of Amethyst, Orange Sapphire, Rhodolite, Peridot, or Blue Topaz. Each dangle measures approximately from top of bail to bottom of flower 19.17 mm high x 11.33 mm wide. Each dangle is limited to thirty-three (33) pieces each.

Niwabeads Silver retails for $88 /€69

Niwabeads Two-tone Rose Gold retails for &101 / €79

Niwabeads Two-tone Yellow Gold retails for $101 / €79

Niwabeads Dogwood Cores are available in silver, two-tone rose gold or two-tone yellow gold. Each core has dogwoods and leaves. They fit next to a standard size glass or stone, around 14 mm. The cores are available as a promotional item. When you purchase a Dogwood Lock, barrel and Dangle you will receive the cores of your choice FREE. If you would not like these three items, you can still receive the cores free with a purchase of $430 in Niwabeads.

Niwabeads Love Me Rabbit is an adorable Momma Rabbit with her baby rabbit, they are chained and locked together as a mother keeps her children close to her heart always. This bead features a 14k gold key and heart lock that are both articulating. On the top and back you will find patches as life can be hard at times. The detailing on this bead is amazingly beautiful. Each bead measures approximately 15.37 mm high x 13.97 mm wide. Love Me Rabbit is on sale through Sunday October 11, 2020 for $126 / €99 and starting October 12, 2020 the price will return to $171 / €135. This bead is limited to fifty-five (55) pieces.

Niwabeads Love Me Teddy Two-tone is adorable and designed like the all silver, except this version has a 14k gold lock and key dangling from the chain. The detailing in the Teddy is amazing with the fur and patches. This bead measures approximately 17.38 mm high x 16.23 mm wide. Love Me Teddy is on sale through Sunday October 10, 2020 for $123 and starting October 12, 2020 the price will return to $171. This bead is limited to fifty-five (55) pieces.

Mama Mala Elements consist of four new beads Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Each bead is orb shape, winds depicts that of blown wind swirling around. Fire depicts the flames. Water depicts waves. Earth depicts a leaf-like design. Each bead measures approximately 12.60 mm high x 12.23 mm wide. These are available as a set or individually. Elements set retails for $237 / €189! or individually $88 / €69. Elements are limited to eighty-eight (88) pieces each.

Niwabeads Sunflower is a large three sunflower bead with a gemstone in the center of each flower and two bees resting on the petals. This bead measures approximately 16.95 mm high x 14.62 and fits all major brands.

Sunflower Rhodolite 189€ / $236
Sunflower Iolite 189€ / $236
Sunflower Rainbow moonstone 179€ / $224
Sunflower Blue topaz 169€ / $212
Sunflower Amethyst 159€/ $199
Sunflower Garnet 159€ / $199
Sunflower Yellow citrine 149€ / $187
Sunflower Carnelian 149€ / $187
Sunflower Green Agate 149€ / $187
Sunflower Labradorite 149€ / $187

Niwabeads Infinity Rope is a spacer set in a rope textured design. These are small, but are a nice addition to a bracelet, especially between small stones. Each spacer measures approximately 6.55 mm high x 4.54 mm wide. Infinity Rope set retails for €39 / $49.

With October 27 being my Mother’s Birthday Niwabeads created peonies in Opals, the October Birthstone. Rainbow Opals have sold out, but black Opals are available, along with Labradorite and Rainbow Moonstone. All peonies are limited to thirty-three (33) each.

Here is a live look at the Peonies Black Opals and a few others that are available.

Also, here is a quick video of the Peonies Rainbow Moonstone. These are currently a preorder and will arrive in the US next week.

Now for some inspiration! I’ve created a few different compositions to show how beautiful these beads are. In this first composition I mixed the Niwabeads Sunflower, infinity Rope Spacers with Phya.

The black opal peonies go so well with the blue sapphire.

I really love the new elements. I’ve mixed them here with Trollbeads green bubble uniques, Niwabeads Infinity Rope and the Mama Mala Koi Lock.

I am totally in love with the Love Me Rabbit! Perfect with all these beautiful Rhodolite!

Though the barrels don’t fit on bangles, they do fit nicely on a leather bracelet. Seen here on a Redbalifrog Leather.

Pink!! Rhodolite, Pink Opal, Pink Tourmaline with pink uniques from Trollbeads, what could be better?

Surprisingly, this is my absolute favorite! I’m a pink and purple girl, but I’m loving the Orange Sapphire with these orange and coral tones from Trollbeads. Perfect for Autumn. I’m including a couple of more angles of this bracelet.

Wrist Shot

I am also, including a current stock list from Niwabeads USA, some items are preorders, but majority are in stock. Please, message Niwabeads USA on facebook, Instagram or by email at for more information. If you are looking for an item not on this list, you may request availability status.

Overall, this should be a fantastic event, or at least the beads are fantastic! I think you will find Niwabeads to be of high quality, nice detailing and weights. You are getting your money’s worth for sure.

Saturday, October 10th on Niwabeads USA Facebook page will be a live event. Follow Niwabeads USA on Facebook and Instagram for more details.

The Dogwood Collection and Peonies are a US Exclusive and can only be purchased from the US. The Love Me Rabbit and Teddy are available at all Niwabeads Sellers in the US, Germany and Asia; however, event price is for the event in the US. Mama Mala Elements and Niwabeads Sunflower and Infinity Rope can be purchased through this event, or through any of the sellers Niwabeads USA, Niwabeads, Dien, Maggie Lo, Lindy or a Emma.

Shipping details for the event. Items shipped domestically in the US is $5 for first class mail or $9 for priority mail. International is $15 and $18 for first class and $34 for registered and tracked. If you live in Europe, your items can be shipped tracked to you from Germany for €10 /$12. If you have any questions on shipping please contact Niwabeads USA on Facebook < click or Instagram <click or send an email to

I hope in the future we can do an in person event with hopefully more than one brand, as I think that would be so much fun. Before Covid I had plans for an event not only with Niwabeads, but also, OHM Beads. Fingers crossed we are able to do this in the near future.

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and would love to hear your thoughts on the beads being offered at the US event? What beads would you like to see Niwabeads make in the future? Leave me a comment below ❤



6 responses to “Niwabeads USA CCB Event Review

  1. Beautiful range of beads and stones Paula, quite overwhelmed by the choice you’re offering – thank you so much. Great to see how you’ve used them with other beads. I really love the Dogwood collection and have unexpectedly also fallen for the orange sapphire too, so will be buying that in a lock with two yellow gold along with the silver barrel 🥰️
    I now just need to make up my mind and choose between the Sunflower Iolite or the Mama Mala Koi Lock with sapphire. Decisions, decisions!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ooooo hard decision! I love the koi lock, but the sunflower beads are such showstoppers! You also don’t see iolite that often and it’s a pretty stone. I only have the one sunflower, but want more!!!! Haha. I look forward to chatting with you later today.


  2. I am so in love with all and the story behind them 🥰 this is the most beautiful review i have ever seen 🥰😍 wish you all the best and many sells, i think i will buy something too 😍

    Liked by 1 person

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