Aurora Charm Jellyfish Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of the Aurora Jellyfish!

Summer may be over and Autumn has arrived for the northern parts of the world, but no matter the time of the year there is always thoughts of being beachside. For me I can sit on the beach during the dead of winter, just as I can on a hot summer day. Waves still crash, there are still beautiful sunsets, shells on the beach and wildlife swimming about in the ocean happily.

Jellyfish are one of the most unusual creatures of the sea. They are an umbrella-shaped bell marine animal with long trailing tentacles. These long tentacles carry a stinging punch, which they use as a defense mechanism against predators and as a way to capture prey. What makes these creatures unusual and much of the underwater world is their glow, these beautiful dancers of the sea light the deep dark waters with their bioluminescence. It would be amazing to go underwater in a submersible vehicle deep in the sea to see such a wonderful sight.

Did you know that Jellyfish are a symbol of love? They also teach us to go with the flow, to have patience, to find truth, balance, strength, and acceptance in life.

Aurora Jellyfish is such a unique design. This bead has a sterling silver base with long swirling tentacles, sitting on the top of the base is a beautiful blue handmade glass. This bead is part of the Aurora Summer on the Beach Collection and measures approximately 23.07 mm high x 11.95 mm wide. Aurora Charms all have universal cores and fit all major brands. Jellyfish retails for €64.95 / $77.

“Jellyfish is a mysterious creature, that lives in the oceans and seas.
It is beautiful and soft, but if you are not kind with it, it will sting you.
Show to everyone that you are a kind, gentle and soft person, but if they are not treating you the same, you will be like a jellyfish. You will sting them.

Show to everyone that you are a kind, gentle and soft person, but if they are not treating you the same, you will be like a jellyfish.” ~ Aurora

The Aurora Jellyfish not only works well on a bracelet, but also makes a great pendant on a necklace.

I love the Jellyfish as a focal, though it will work anywhere in a design. In this first composition the Jellyfish is front and center between two beautiful Aurora Frangipani, Bora Bora Island Blue, Ocean Wave and enamel stoppers on a Hawaiian Summer Bangle.

Imagine your day alone on a tropical island, ahh to dream. In this composition I went with a tropical vibe with Jellyfish as the focal, tropical colored Aurora Frangipanis, Pink Pandora, and Aurora Enamel stoppers on the Hawaiian Summer Bangle.

Aurora Charms mix well with other brands. In this mix of brands i have the jellyfish as the focal, framed by Trollbeads Pearls, Moress Whale, Whale Shark and the Aurora Frangipanis and Enamel Stoppers on the Aurora Hawaiian Summer Bangle.

A day of fun deep in the sea with this beautiful composition! Aurora Jellyfish, Frangipanis, Bora Bora Island Blue, Tahiti Island, Beach Sign and Tiki Mask with Moress Whale Shark, Teddy Mermaid on the Ocean Bracelet.

Overall, Aurora Jellyfish is the perfect addition to an ocean collection and anyone who loves the deep sea. It is a unique and beautiful design.

If you would like this bead or to browse the Aurora line, you may do so at the links below.

Featured Aurora Authorized Retailers

(Alphabetical order)

Aurora Charm – ships from Ireland
Perlenships from Denmark
Pianeta Beadsships from Italy
Sperky S Pribehem– ships from the Czech Republic
Swiss Flower and Gift– ships from the USA

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and would love to hear your thoughts on the Aurora Jellyfish? Do you have any Aurora Charms? Leave me a comment below ❤



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