Dream Glass Art October Collection Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of the October Collection from Dream Glass Art.

Today I’m featuring a wonderful new collection from Dream Glass Art. This collection contains two new traditional bears, a Halloween bear, a Tiger, Lion, and a new bangle.

Dream Glass Art signature design is their Ma Lei Bear named after the designer. This Bear has been featured in many of Dream Glass Art beads. Bears are always a favorite. They remind us of our childhood and gives us warm and cuddly feelings. Of course, there is a long history behind this cuddly stuffed bear. The first bears were made by Morris Michtom in the US and Richard Steiff in Germany. The Teddy Bear is named after the US president Theodore “Teddy” Rososevelt. Traditionally Teddy Bears were made in a sitting position, though Steiff was known to create his bears with jointed legs and arms. Teddy Bears have been an important part of childhood for so many children over the last 100 years. Plus, are highly collectible for many adults. I personally have a small collection of Cherished Teddy Bears and a few stuffed bears, too that I collected in the 1990’s. Now, I collect them in beads! Do you collect bears?

Dream Glass Art Ma Lei Bear Hairy and Bright are two beautiful traditional sitting Teddy Bears. Perfect to remind us of our childhood bears. The Bright Bear is shinny with stitching and the Hairy Bear has beautiful hair details. Each Bear measures approximately 14.9 mm high x 10.8 mm wide and retails for NT$1,780 / €52.78 / $61.83.

Dream Glass Art Ma Lei Bear Embrace Bracelet is a fun way to wear your favorite beads and looks fabulous without. Stack it with your favorite bracelets! You will find dangling from the middle is a hairy bear head, inscribed on bangle is “Dream Glass Art Ma Lei Bear” and the bangle comes in sizes XS-L. Ma Lei Bear Embrace retails for $NT3,500 / €103.79 / $121.59.

The bangle is a great way to show off your favorite glass beads and I love how these UFO style beads fit up next to the bears head.

Of course, this bangle is perfect paired with Ma Lei Bears and the perfect glass beads.

Dream Glass Art creates the cutest bear beads and have so many cute bears to choose from. Here are just a few of them.

Dream Glass Art has created two new cool beads a Tiger and Lion, both inspired and an extension of the Artist’s amazing artwork.

Lions and Tigers are an important symbol in Asian culture and are often depicted in painting, statues and other works of art. They are good luck and ward off evil.

Dream Glass Art Tiger is a beautiful design and is the same on both sides. I love that the face is carved out with nice oxidation. This bead measures approximately 11.8 mm high x 11.5 mm wide. Tiger retails for NT$1,780 / €52.78 / $61.83.

Below is the stunning work of art that inspired the Tiger bead.

Dream Glass Art Lion has beautiful carved Lions face and mane. This design is the same on both sides and measures approximately 12.3 mm high x 22.4 mm wide. Lion retails for NT$1,780 / €52.79 / $61.84.

Now for the stunning artwork that inspired the Lion! Both works of art are made from Glass. Amazingly beautiful!

Now for a few more angles so that you can see the Lion and Tiger bead a bit better.

I have created a couple of designs featuring these two new beads. Both are all Dream Glass Art. First design features both the Lion and Tiger with beautiful grey glass. The second design is inspired by Asian culture and I love these beads together.

Dream Glass Art Halloween Steampunk Bear is FABULOUS! This bead is totally adorable and perfect for Halloween. This bead features a beautiful fur details on one side and on the other side has a steampunk face design with gears, dials, and the lower half of the Bear has a skeleton bone detailing. Though this bead is perfect for Halloween, it will work in any composition all year. This bead measures approximately 15.5 mm high x 12.3 mm wide. Halloween Steampunk Bear retails for NT$2,680 / €52.79 / $79.47.

Dream Glass Art creates such cute Halloween beads and I’ve used a few in the next two designs. Both designs are all Dream Glass Art, which you can find on their website.

Talk about perfect Halloween Glass Beads! These colors are perfect for The Autumn season. Isn’t Frankenstein handsome?

Overall, this is a fabulous collection with something for everyone. Dream Glass Art mixes well with all brands and fits all major brand carriers.

All are available and ready to ship at the following links.

Dream Glass Art – ships from Taiwan

Sperky s pribehem – ships from Czech Republic

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and would love to hear your thoughts on this release? Leave me a comment below ❤



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