4 Unique Moon Face and Pumpkinhead Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of 4 unique Moon Face and Pumpkin Head.

The count down to Halloween has begun and the witchy hour is almost among us, so I thought the 4 Unique Moon Face and Pumpkin Head were the perfect charms to celebrate the season.

4 Unique Moon Face is such a unique design with a sterling silver full moon that has a skull face and is open on the bottom to allow you to insert the dangling Moths. This is a two piece bead set that is fun to play with and the possibilities are endless. This bead measures approximately 14.38 mm high the moon itself, 15.57 mm wide and with the Moon and dangles attached it measures 42.40 mm long. Moon Face retails for $109 / €104.

As you can see the dangle has two beautiful deadhead moths hanging from a moon bail. The bail inserts into the bottom of the Moon Face and you thread your bracelet or bangle through both beads. This set is perfect year-round!

4 Unique Pumpkinhead is perfect for Halloween! This sterling silver Jack-a-Lantern is sporting carved faces all the way around with big carved out eyes where your bracelet feeds through on the sides. He has a cute carved indented nose below the eyes, and with his teeth showing at the bottom. The Pumpkinhead is open at the bottom to allow you to add the dangling beads, that comes in this set. This bead measures approximately 16.85 mm high without dangles, 14.50 mm wide and with dangles measures 48.95 mm long. Pumpkinhead retails for $109 / €104.

Of course, this is the dangling bead that comes in the Pumpkinhead set. This bail is a tad thicker than the dangling beads that come with Moon Face, you will find a crackling bridge-like design with raised edging. Hanging from the bail are two chains with a cute skull spider and a bat wrapped in his wings sleeping. I actually love bats, moths and have the upmost respect for spiders.

You can easily wear just the Moon Face or Pumpkinhead without the dangles. Both are nice hefty designs. For me the Pumpkinhead would be more for the Autumn season, but the Moon Face I’d actually wear all year, especially during the winter when I wear more moody colors like grey, black and navy.

With Halloween being the inspiration, I visited one of my favorite graveyards, to take this photo. This grave site being from the 1800’s; I love this old wrought iron gate. The Pumpkinhead reminds me of Sleepy Hollow for some reason. What do you think?

I thought I’d throw the dangles alone with some glass beads to show these are great beads to wear even without their counterparts. I’ve mixed them with beautiful shades of Autumn from Dream Glass Art and Elfbeads. I also love the texture of the 4Unique Scales bracelet.

This is the perfect winter bracelet for me! With greys, black, navy and little hints of brown and gold. Glsss beads are from Elfbeads, Dream Glass Art and Aqua Handmade & Gift. The focal silver is the Argo Tree of Life, 4 unique Three-eyed Raven, Owl, Moon Face, Pumpkinhead, Wolf, No One and the Raven Lock on the Scales Bracelet.

This bracelet has such beautiful witchy vibes and I love it! Because I went with glass and stone from Trollbeads I had to used a Trollbeads bracelet for this design, but it was worth it! I went with Trollbeads Night Sky Glitter and Everchanging Lotus from the People’s Uniques, Wishful Sky, Shimmer Royal and two stunning Lapis. I am totally in love with these silvers together; Redbalifrog Book of Spells, 4 Unique Moon Cats, Moon Face, Owl, Corner 35 Rock Crystals and finished off with the 4 Unique Raven Lock.

The Moon Face and Pumpkinhead of course, go so well together with some beautiful random glass beads. I’ve used Dream Glass Art and Elfbeads.

The Pumpkinhead is perfect for a simple Halloween bracelet. Paired here with True Beadz.

Wrist Shots

I went with a simple design with a few of my favorite silvers, Corner 35 Rock Crystals, 4 Unique Owl, Moon Face, Moon Cats on the stunning Scale Bracelet with the Raven lock.

I love this stack so much, that I’m sure it will be worn a lot over the coming months. 4 Unique Moon Face is paired with Pandora Celestial Mosaic and Phya Moon Stoppers on a Phya bangle stacked with Niwabeads and Pandora.

Overall, I am totally in love with 4 Unique. I love their creativity and attention to details in their jewelry. I think you will find that they have so many uniquely designed pieces that you won’t find anywhere else. Like their scales bracelet that is perfect full or adds texture to your stack with only a few beads. Their locks are the very best on the market and are showstoppers for sure. They have created a line of jewelry that will appeal to all styles and taste.

4 Unique beads fit all major brands; however, only universal core beads fit their Scale Bracelet. So, all your beads will fit, except the Trollbeads small core beads.

You can browse the 4 Unique line at any of the following links.

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4UNIQUE – ships from Russia
Story in the Beads – ships from Czech Republic
Swiss Flower & Gift – ships from the USA

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and would love to know your thoughts on 4 Unique? Do you have any in your collection? Any on your wish list? Leave me a comment below

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