OHM Beads Skullkins Review

Today Beadsaholic brings review of the OHM Beads Skullkins.

Happy Halloween! I hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful weekend with the Blue Full Moon and all that is spooky! In celebration of today being Halloween I am reviewing OHM Beads Skullkins! It doesn’t need to be Halloween to enjoy these cute little guys, but they are after all born on Halloween.

Skullkins were designed by the Artist Bennett Klein, also know for his amazing work on the adult coloring book “ Color My Sketchbook” available on Amazon. I am beyond excited for this collaboration between OHM Beads and Bennett Klein! I hope to see more of his Skullkins designs come to life in sterling silver in the future.

“Every year on Halloween night, a new crop of Skullkins see the light. Lured from the darkness by Jack O’Lanterns’ shine, they skulk out of the shadows with tricks and treats in mind. Beware their eyeless stare but fear them not as they’re just mischievous tots.”

OHM Beads Dodokin is an adorable bird Skeleton hanging from a ring bail. He has cute detailing of feathers, large beak, deep sunken eyes, two cute feet. This bead is made of sterling silver and measures approximately 21.44 mm high x 10.64 mm wide. Dodokin is great as a pendant or as a necklace or on a bracelet and retails for $60.

OHM Beads Monkin is such a cute Skeleton Monkey who looks like he is laughing and being a bit mischievous! He is sitting with his feet out and his hands firmly placed down between his legs, he has such a cute skull with deep sunken eyes, mouth gapping open showing off all his teeth as he laughs and two adorable ears. For me this bead will represent my sons as I called them both little monkeys as children and my oldest son even collected stuffed monkeys. This little guy is sterling silver and measures approximately 23.06 mm high x 16.74 mm wide. Monkin retails for $60.

OHM Beads Poochkin is too cute for words!! But, I will press forward and find the words to describe the cuteness. This skeleton dog reminds me of a chihuahua with his over size head, pointy standing ears, and even has his tongue hanging from his gapping mouth and he has the cutest tail which I can imagine is wagging. This little guy is ready to come play on your bracelet! This bead measures approximately 20.07 mm high x 15.72 mm wide. Poochkin retails for $60.

I love wearing these cute little Skullkins as pendants, but they are also perfect on a bracelet. In this full bracelet composition I went Halloween themed beads, since today is Halloween and that’s when Skullkins are born! Seen here with some of the OHM Halloween Collection and OHM’s beautiful black glass beads.

These little guys are having fun this Halloween night playing wih OHM Trick or Treat.

Dodokin is soaking in the Moonlight.

This has been my favorite way to wear the Skullkins. I picked up the Pandora O Pendant just for these guys.

Overall, this was a wonderful collection and I hope to see more beads in the future from this artist.

If you would like browse OHM Beads, you may do so at any of the links below or on the OHM Beads Website.

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As always, I love hearing from you all and would love to hear your thoughts on OHM Skullkins? Leave me a comment below ❤



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