Trollbeads Starlight Collection Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of a few new items from the Trollbeads Starlight Collection.

Friday saw the release of the latest collection Starlight from Trollbeads and I’m sharing a few favorites from this release. I personally always love the winter releases, especially those with a wintery celestial theme.

“Light can always be found in the darkness and the darkest night shows the brightest stars.” ~ Trollbeads

Trollbeads Bubble Joy Kit is a stunning set of six beads, each one a different color of white, grey-blue, blue glitter, gold-coppery glitter, golden yellow and a nice tropical orange. Each bead is a standard size of 14 mm high x 7-8 mm wide. The kit retails for $195.

Trollbeads Frosty Bubble Joy has a white core in clear glass with bubbles and retails for $39.

Trollbeads Misty Bubble Joy is a translucent blueish grey with bubbles throughout. Misty Bubble Joy retails for $39.

Trollbeads Midnight Bubble Joy is a beautiful shimmering waves of blue glitter encased in clear glass with bubbles throughout. Midnight Bubble Joy retails for $39.

Trollbeads Shimmer Bubble Joy is loaded with waves of shimmering golden and copper tone glitter encased in clear glass with bubbles. Shimmer Bubble Joy retails for $39.

Trollbeads Sienna Bubble Joy is perfect for Autumn with its rich golden yellow and bubbles throughout. Sienna Bubble Joy retails for $39.

Trollbeads Scarlet Bubble Joy is a stunning glowing orange perfect for Autumn and those hot summer months, too. This bead is encased in clear glass with bubbles throughout. Scarlet Bubble Joy retails for $39.

Trollbeads Faceted Blue Goldstone is an absolutely stunning shimmering stone with facets that catch the light even more. This is a standard size bead of around 14 mm high x 7 mm wide. Blue Goldstone retails for $61.

Trollbeads Framed by Stars is a sterling silver shooting star that fits around all standard size beads. Perfect on a bangle or bracelet. Framed by Stars retails for $50.

Trollbeads Lucky Star is a sterling silver five point star that is open in the middle. This star is sure to bring good luck your way. Lucky Star retails for $39.

Trollbeads Taurus Star is one of twelve zodiac stars each with a different stone. In the Taurus Star is a genuine natural Chrysoprase. This stone symbolizes happiness, enterprise, prudence, and brings good luck and prosperity. Taurus Star retails for $50.

Trollbeads Lucky Star lock is perfect with two different stars on each side. This is the perfect lock for any celestial themed bracelet. The lock is smooth and wears easily. The Lucky Star lock retails for $72.

Trollbeads Lucky Star Fantasy Ring is a fun double shooting star design that will hold your favorite glass or stone bead. This ring comes in sizes 5 through 9 1/4 and retails for $127.

Now for some fun! I have created a few different designs showing off these new beads!

In this first composition is a celestial inspired design featuring all Trollbeads.

I really love how well the new Misty Bubble Joy bead goes with Silver Mountain. The Sienna Bubble Joy is also, a perfect match for the yellow prism.

All this glittery goodness! Trollbeads creates the best glitter beads.

Fall by the pond. I just love Scarlet Bubble with these Trollbeads Uniques. I think you will find that this bead matches a lot of the Orange designs that Trollbeads creates.

Now for a couple of shots of this bracelet with the Misty Bubble Joy! Love, love, love!! These beads will be perfect for spring and winter

Another stunning celestial theme with some of my favorite Trollbeads.

Overall, this is such a lovely collection that will fit in perfectly in any collection. Of course, like with most Trollbeads the beads in this collection are classic core which fit smaller bracelets.

If you would like to see the entire release you may do so at the following links.

Trollbeads Authorized Retailers

(Alphabetical Order)

Star Bijou – ships from Germany

Swiss Flower and Gift – ships from the USA

Trollbeads Gallery – ships from the USA

Trollbeads USA – ships only in the USA

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and would love to hear your thoughts on the beads I reviewed today and what has caught your eye in the new Starlight Collection? Leave me a comment below ❤



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