Black Friday 2020 Sales Outline

Today Beadsaholic brings an outline of the 2020 Sales Season.

Please note, that this Black Friday Outline will be updated throughout the week, so please check back and stay tuned..

Thanksgiving is this coming Thursday and the busiest day of the year is this Friday! Black Friday has always been the busiest shopping day of the year, stores are filled to the brim with everyone hunting for a deal. However, 2020 has thrown so many curve balls at us and the biggest obstacle being Covid, so I’m sure that this year will be much different with most of the world back in lockdown, many of us will be shopping online. So, this year I will continue the tradition of my Black Friday outline here on Beadsaholic. All compiled together, so that you can easily plan your shopping needs.

All brands are in alphabetical order and I will list sales at individual shops below brands. Please note, that I will be updating this outline throughout the week, so be sure to check back!


All brands in alphabetical order

4 Unique – November 27 Black Friday on the 4 Unique Etsy they will have select items up to 25% off.

Argo Studios – No sales

Aurora Charm – starting November 26, 2020 through November 30, 2020 receive 25% off your purchase when you spend a minimum of €70. The World of The Little Price is excluded; however, it can count towards your minimum purchase, but you will not receive the discount on this bead.

Aurora Charm Website use coupon code: BLACKFRIDAY2020

Please note, that sale may vary at participating retailers.

Beauty Beads – 20% off on the Perlen Website.

Bella Fascini – starting November 26, 2020 through November 30, 2020 on the Bella Fascini Website and at participating retailers you can save 20% off your entire order! No exclusions.

Chronicles Amber – November 25 through November 29 on Chronicles Amber Website will be the following discounts on select items.

  • Wednesday- 20% off
  • Thursday- 20% off
  • Black Friday- 25% off
  • Saturday – 20% off
  • Sunday- 20% off

Corner 35 – No Sales

Dream Glass Art – starting November 23, 2020 through November 30, 2020 when you shop on the Dream Glass Art Website receive 15% off your order of the Signature Collection Ma Lei Bears, this excludes new designs added to the collection in 2020. Discount code:2020Black5

Elfbeads – Deal of the Year. Available on the Elfbeads Website and at participating retailers. Please, check with your preferred shop on whether they will be carrying this deal.

LM Jewellery – starting November 23 through November 28 on the LM Jewellery Website they will be offering 20% off select items.

Lundd Denmark – November 26 through November 30 on the Lundd Denmark website they will be offering 25% off all products site wide and will include already reduced products, including the Caviar Spoons.

Mama Beads – starting now through November 30, 2020 you can save up to 50% off on select products on the Mama Beads Website and when you spend R$350 (roughly $70 usd) you will receive an additional 5% off your order.

Also, due to Covid, if you live in the USA you can place an order on the Mama Beads Website and to save the high shipping cost, Mama Beads will FedEx USA Orders to me and I will ship domestically here in the US for $9 flat rate priority. This is only for the Sales this coming week. Please note, that you won’t pay shipping during checkout and will need to email me or message me on social media. If you have any questions please let me know or you can contact Mama Beads, as well.

Moress Charm – starting November 27, 2020 through November 30, 2020 on the Moress Website when you purchase a sterling silver charm bead, bangle or bracelet you will receive a second item of lessor value FREE in their Buy One Get One Free Promotion, this promotion will automatically take the least value off at time of checkout.

All Stone beads, Pavé, bracelets and Amber will be 15% off with discount code: 15BFD

Niwabeads – will have a daily special buy. Each seller will have fourteen (14) beads available, which totals each design to eighty-eight pieces (88). More photos coming, so stay tuned,,

Daily Deals

  • November 24: Two Tone Summer Dream Lock (retail €139) sale €99 / $124
  • November 25: Two Tone Lock Your Secret (retail €89) sale €59 /$75
  • November 25 14k Gold Lock Your Secret €99 / $124 (retails for €139)
  • November 26: Two Tone Siam Capital Gate (retail €149) sale €109 / $137
  • November 27: Two Tone Happy Ocean (retail €135) sale €79 / $99 or pair for €129 / $161

Niwabeads Two Tone Summer Dreams – available November 24

Niwabeads Two Tone Lock Your Secret – available November 25

Niwabeads 14k Gold Lock Your Secret is available November 25.

Niwabeads Two Tone Siam Capital Lock available November 26

Purchase €500 in Niwabeads Black Friday specials and receive infinity Gold dangle. Photo is of unfinished product.

On November 28 Niwabeads will offer a Black Friday Spacer Dogwood, Sakura and Hibiscus. There will be a total of eighty-eight (88) pieces of each design and gemstone. The spacers will only be available to order one day only, this Saturday.

Gemstones available:

  • Yellow Sapphire
  • Champagne Citrine
  • Green Tsavorite
  • Purple Rhodolite
  • Amethyst
  • Blue Topaz
  • Garnet Ox Blood

Black Friday Spacer Prices:

  • Single Spacer retails €45 / $57
  • Pair of the same design and stone retails €79 / $99
  • All three Spacers – same stone retails €115 / $144

Black Friday Spacers – Dogwood, Sakura and Hibiscus.

November 28 Niwabeads will also offer Infinity Dolphin. There will only be eighty-eight (88) pieces and each seller will have fourteen (14) available. Retail price is €69 / $87.

Available in the following Gemstones:

  • Garnet
  • Rhodolite
  • Amethyst
  • Blue Topaz

Niwabeads Infinity Dolphin.


Click sellers name to go to their Facebook pages. You can also reach each seller through Instagram. Or if you prefer email, you can reach Niwabeads at or Niwabeads USA at

Niwabeads USA will also be offering a special buy “The Happy Mushroom House and Love Me Rabbit” (all silver) for the special price of €99 / $124 per set. Sale Starts today! Only ten (10) sets are available. Mushroom House is sold out with all other sellers. To order email or send a direct message on Niwabeads Instagram or Facebook.

The Happy Mushroom House and Love Me Rabbit set only available at Niwabeads USA.

Ogerbeads– starting November 27 through November 30 Ogerbeads will be offering Buy Three (3) Get One (1) FREE, excludes Proud Bangle Deal. Shop this deal and more on the Ogerbeads Website.

The 4=3 DEAL includes everything on the site including the small core which are already discounted at 50% off! Which makes this a fabulous deal!

OHM Beads – starting November 25 through November 27 on the OHM Beads Website and at participating retailers select OHM products will be offered for up to 50% off. Stock and sales items may vary from shop to shop.

PHYA Jewelry – No Sales

Redbalifrog– November 27 – 30 Redbalifrog in all three countries and their retailers will be offering 25% off their entire line, excluding their latest release Young at Heart. Please see Retailers list at the bottom of this page, all ship worldwide. This sale will also be available at Redbalifrog Australia, Redbalifrog Europe and Redbalifrog USA.

Spiritbeads – more details to come

The Palace of Amber – currently no sales.

Trollbeads USA– November 27 through November 30 receive 20% off side wide at Trollbeads USA or at participating Retailers Swiss Flower & Gift or Trollbeads Gallery.

Black Friday Only Trollbeads will be offering Select Gold Beads Buy One Get One Free! Please check with your favorite store for availability.

Featured Retailers

Retailers are in alphabetical order

Please note, that the Retailers list is incomplete as I wait on more details to come in, I will update all sales.

Edóne Gioielli– ships from Italy

  • OHM Beads – November 27-30 receive up to 50% off select items.
  • Redbalifrog – November 27-30 25% off when you spend €100, excludes Young at Heart.
  • Waxing Poetic 25% off
  • Edoné Gioielli and Federico do Falco 25% org.

Perlen Odense – ships from Denmark

  • Starting November 26 – 30 Perlen will be offering 20% off all brands site wide, including items that are already discounted. Sale excludes Argo Studios, Redbalifrog and Enamel Copenhagen.
  • Redbalifrog – November 27-30 25% off when you spend €100, excludes Young at Heart.
  • Enamel Copenhagen November 27 will be 20% off.
  • OHM Beads November 25 – 27 are 20% off Select items .

Pianeta Beads – ship from Italy

  • Aurora November 26 – 30 spend €70 and receive 25% off, excludes The Little Prince.
  • Bella Fascini November. 26-30 20% off all products.
  • Chronicles Amber November 25 – 29 20% off all product.
  • Lundd Denmark November 25- 30 receive 30% off entire line.
  • Ogerbeads November 27 – 30 Buy three (3) Get One (1) FREE. Lesser value.
  • OHM Beads November. 25- 27 40% select products.
  • Redbalifrog November 27-30 when you Purchase €100 in Redbalifrog you will Receive 25% off, excludes Young at Heart Collection.
  • Tedora November 25- 30 receive 30% off entire line.

Sperky s Pribehem – ships from Czech Republic

  • OHM Beads November 25-27 40% off, excludes preorders.
  • Aurora November 26-30 25% off, excludes The a little Prince
  • Chronicles Amber November 25-26 up to 20% off, November 27 up to 25 % off, November 28-29 up to 20% off.
  • Redbalifrog November 27-30 25% off when you spend €100, excludes Young at Heart.
  • Elfpetite November 26-30 40% off when buying three or more items.
  • Moress November 27-30 buy two get one free
  • Barbarica November 27-30 40% off

Star Bijou – ships from Germany

Details coming.. check back.

Story in the Bead – Ships from Czech Republic

  • 4 unique November 25-27’select items will be on sale.
  • Elfbeads Deal of the Year
  • Elfpetite – complete line is on sale.
  • Mama Beads November 25-27 select items
  • Niwabeads November 25-29 select items.
  • Ogerbeads November 27-30 Buy Three Get One FREE with code: BFOGERBEADS
  • OHM Beads November 25-27 on select product.
  • Redbalifrog 25% off, excludes Young at Heart
  • True Beadz November 25 – 29 select product
  • Waxing Poetic sale
  • X Jewellery November 25-29 select items have been discounted.

Swiss Flower and Gift Cottage – Ships from the USA

Mix and match your favorite brands. Spend $100 at Swiss Flower & Gift and receive 20% off your total purchase. Promotion will run November 27 through November 30. The following brands are available in this promotion.

  • Argo Studios
  • Aurora
  • Elfbeads
  • Elfpetite
  • Trollbeads
  • 4 Unique
  • Redbalifrog
  • Chronicles Amber
  • The Palace Amber
  • True Beadz

Excludes: Aurora The Little Prince, TPOA Messenger Lock, and Redbalifrog Young at Heart Collection.

Trollbeads Gallery – Ships from the USA

  • Trollbeads November 27-30 20% off
  • Check with store for BOGO Gold Promotion Black Friday Only

Be sure to check back as this Black Friday Outline will be updated throughout the week as sales are added and announced. If you have any questions feel free to comment below, reach out on social media or send me an email.

Have fun shopping!!! I’d love to hear from you all which sales you took advantage of, so leave me a comment below and let’s talk retail therapy! Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Black Friday!



4 responses to “Black Friday 2020 Sales Outline

  1. Hi, I was thinking of getting a Bella Fascini Cuff Bangle and wondered how the sizes compare with the Trollbeads bangle? Do you wear the same size in both? I wear an XXS in Trollbeads. I find it so hard when you can not go to a store to try them on. Can you use Trollbeads stoppers on the Bella Fascini? Thanks for your help!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Tracy, Yes! Bella and Trollbeads sizing is exactly the same in my experience. I have both bangles and they are the same size and fit. Trollbeads, Redbalifrog and other similar stoppers fit perfectly.


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