Happy 1st Day of Beadmas!

Beadsaholic brings the details of the first giveaway of Beadmas!

On the first day of BEADMAS OHM Beads brought to me four holiday drinks and one gingerbread soaking in a cup.

Happy 1st day of Beadmas! I will be hosting 12 days of Beadmas here on Beadsaholic, on Instagram and on Facebook! This will give you twelve opportunities to randomly win $65 in OHM Bucks and free shipping.

To receive your prize if you win, you will need an OHM Account. To set up your account visit here and complete setup. With OHM Bucks you will be able to choose the exact bead you want. I personally prefer this prize rather than I choosing the bead for you.

Now for details on today’s Giveaway!!

How to enter the Beadmas Drinks and Beads.

  • Visit The Giveaway Post on Instagram < click
  • Follow Beadsaholic on Instagram
  • Tag your friends in the giveaway post, so they know to enter, too.
  • Post a photo of your favorite drink and favorite beads together!
  • Use Hashtags #Beadmasdrinksandbeads #beadmas2020
  • Subscribe to Beadsaholic to receive emails

Giveaway will run for 24 hours. The winner will be chosen randomly and will receive $65 OHM Bucks and FREE Shipping. Please, be sure to use the hashtags, so that I can find your post and tag your friends! Feel free to share the link to this article on your social media, not mandatory to enter, but would be appreciated.

Can you believe it’s already Christmas? Time seems to fly by. I hope you all are having a wonderful Holiday season and I hope that 2021 is a fabulous year for us all! Hugs and love to you all.

Have any questions or just want to say hi, then leave me a comment below as I enjoy hearing from you all. ❤



9 responses to “Happy 1st Day of Beadmas!

  1. Happy Beadmas Paula,
    Thank you for your wonderful reviews throughout the year. I love receiving your emails and it’s great getting first hand knowledge of new beads and promos.
    You put a lot of work into your reviews and your photos are always amazing.
    Thanks for being so approachable and helpful when I have contacted you with an enquiry.
    Wishing you all the very best for a happy Christmas xo

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  2. Hi Paula I have a question about your competition, I have seen on mail. There you wrote that we could participate on Facebook and on Instagram you wrote how to participate on instegram but what about participate on Facebook.
    Thanks for making a competition here I December where we can win lots of your beautiful beads.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hi Yrsa, today’s giveaway is on Instagram. I will be doing them daily for 12 days, some will be here on the blog, some on Facebook and some on Instagram. I’m doing them on all three as some have issues posting here on the blog and this will allow for everyone a chance to enter a giveaway.

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  3. Hi Paula
    Thanks for your response but I am so sad, because I can’t do the giveaway on instegram only her on the block and on Facebook
    So I will not be able to try to win in 12 days but only on the few you will post on Facebook and the blog.
    That isn’t okay.

    Liked by 2 people

    • There won’t be too many on IG 😉 create a quick account just for the giveaways. 🥰 We decided to split up this year between the three so that more people would have a chance as some have issues posting on the blog or don’t have Facebook or don’t have Instagram. However, tonight’s giveaway will be here on the blog. It will be posted between midnight and 2 am central time.

      Hugs Yrsa

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  4. Hi Paula.
    Thanks for your answer to my reply but I have got instegram but I can’t leave the things you wrote we should do for participating in the competition that’s why I write that I haven’t got instegram. It’s not easy to confess that I can’t do the things you ask off me, okay.
    Hope to find you all right.
    Hugs Yrsa

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