Happy 2nd Day of Beadmas Giveaway!

Today Beadsaholic brings details of the 2nd day of Beadmas Giveaway!

Noice, hang tight and let’s catch some mad waves, bro. #BeadmasParadise

Happy 2nd Day of Beadmas!! Today’s celebration giveaway will be here on the blog!

The weather has finally turned cool here the last few days and I’m sure those who reside in the northern hemisphere are freezing. This time of the year many of us dream of being in a warmer climate, a nice tropical island would suffice!

In today’s giveaway it would be noice (nice) to read in your words not only a description of your ideal tropical paradise, but with a little twist in a surfer Santa style. I want to hear details of your ideal tropical paradise and what you would do while there. Let’s dream a little!

OHM Beads Noice is a radical Santa amped to catch the next nug. Create the perfect tropical Christmas bracelet with this cute Santa! Find him on OHM Beads website or at one of the featured retailers on Beadsaholic.

Now more details on today’s Giveaway!

How to enter the 2nd day of Beadmas giveaway.

  • Comment here on the blog with details of your ideal Tropical Paradise, what you would do there and give it a surfer Santa twist! Get creative!
  • Subscribe to emails here on Beadsaholic.
  • Share with your friends on social media or tag them in the giveaway post on Facebook or Instagram! If you feel like it, share!
  • I would love if you are not already following me on Instagram or Facebook, to give me a like/follow.

Second day of Beadmas giveaway is for 24 hours! You must comment below to enter. The winner will be chosen randomly and the winner will receive $65 in OHM Bucks and Free shipping. So, this means you will get to choose your own items from the OHM Beads website.

To receive your prize, if you win you will need a My OHM Account. To set up your account visit here and complete setup. If you win, I will need your My OHM Account email address. So, please set this up now, if you don’t have one.

So, let’s have some fun and a few laughs! Let’s Dream together. Hang loose and I will catch you all on the flip side!



58 responses to “Happy 2nd Day of Beadmas Giveaway!

  1. Oh definitely a private house on the beach with warm waves and the hot sun! I’m thinking Santa surfs up to me on my lounge chair each day for the 12 days of xmas with a tiny stocking just big enough to hold a new shiny Ohm bead! Oh, and plenty of margaritas to go around!! Aaaah, to dream!

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  2. My dreamed tropical paradise is a island 🏝 … calm ocean…somewhere far far away…. just a few wooden houses for me and my friends… I see myself on a huge swim mattress together with my best friends with a cocktails 🍸 in our hands and playing cards or other games…. Wouldn’t that be niece???!!!???

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  3. My ideal Tropical Paradise is living in the Pearl of Orient or Penang in Malaysia. I have my daily wonder of God’s gift nature at it’s best since I live near the beach. I get to watch the beautiful sunrise and sunset, walk on the beach, swim and enjoy cool breeze. Nothing is so sweet then with paradise at your feet.

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