Happy 3rd Day of Beadmas!

Today Beadsaholic brings the details of the 3rd day of Beadmas.

Happy 3rd Day of Beadmas!

Of course, Beadmas is all about having fun and as collector’s anything to do with beads is fun to us! So, I thought as a collector what is one issue we all have in common, when it comes to collecting beads? Other than maybe a 12 step program for our addiction 😁 – STORAGE! As our collections grow this becomes an issue. #Beads101 So, today’s giveaway is on FACEBOOK. I want us to connect and discuss this issue we all have. So, to enter this giveaway please follow these instructions.

  1. Visit Beadsaholic Facebook Page to enter giveaway.
  2. Take a photo of your collection storage system (how do you store your beads) and post it in a comment on the giveaway post on the Beadsaholic Facebook page.
  3. Tell us something about you as a collector, in the comment with your photo. How you started collecting, what was your first bead, etc.
  4. Love the post and like Beadsaholic Facebook page, please.

Not mandatory to enter, but a share would be appreciated.

This giveaway will run for 24 hours and the winner will be chosen randomly. The prize will be $65 in OHM Bucks and Free shipping. You will need an My OHM Account on the OHM Beads Website in order to receive your prize, if you don’t have an account, please visit here and create a My OHM account.

Below are photos of my OHM More Beads Less Play Tray with most of my OHM Glass Collection. I personally love this tray as the rods stay in and don’t fall out, even if you turn it over. I currently have two more of these trays sitting in my cart, waiting to be checked out. 😂 Yes, I’m one of those shoppers! Because I live in the south tarnishing is an issue due to humidity, so I have the anti-tarnish bag that goes over the tray and zips. Over time, I’m thinking of switching all my OHM silver to these trays. I currently store those in the plastic anti-tarnish bins, each silver in a tiny zip bag. My second favorite cases are the Trollbeads Red UK case and collectors case. I also use some Etsy rod cases. I organize my beads by brands and some boxes are labeled.

OHM Beads More Beads Less Play Tray comes in grey, black, orange, pink, red, forest, lime, and yellow. The tray retails for $50. See them all here on the OHM Beads Website.

As a collector, I started many years ago with Pandora. My first bracelet was the silver double wrap leather with some cute hearts that my husband and son picked out for me for our anniversary. Soon after I was introduced to Facebook groups and found a whole new world of beads and brands! But, not only did I find new and exciting beads, I found a community, family and friends I adore and love. Many of these friends have been there for me through so many ups and downs over the years. As an admin in groups, I would get bead questions from time to time and this and the love I had for new and exciting brands, is why in 2016 I decided I wanted to create a blog to cover a wide arrangement of brands, introduce my friends, my fellow collectors to new exciting beads and answer those questions many wanted to know. Over the last few years I have posted quite a few brands to the blog and continue to bring new brand reviews. OHM Being one of my favorite brands, not just for their quirkiness and cool beads, but they are fantastic genuine people, the team here in the US Kit, Mike, Jenny, Ken and Game and their distributors around the world Karla in Australia, Frank in Europe, Lhong in Thailand and Iffy in Taiwan. I feel lucky to be in the OHMily. This time of the year is a busy time for me, but I truly love hosting Beadmas, I love reading your post and sharing with you guys and it makes me happy when a winner is chosen and I can tell how happy it makes them. For me beads are not just beautiful baubles that bring me joy to wear it equals a community that brings us all together around the world with the same interest and love.

Now, I want to hear from you all and I can’t wait to see how you store your beads and hear your collecting story. ♥️ See you over on Facebook!



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