Happy 4th day of Beadmas!

Today Beadsaholic brings details of the forth day of Beadmas giveaway!

Happy 4th day of Beadmas!

While thinking of today’s giveaway, my mind kept drifting to my friends in the north, their photos of snowy rooftops and even beads and snow! It has me day dreaming of some fluffy flurries. It’s actually been a few years since I’ve seen the fluffy stuff. Most of my family are from South Carolina and Florida. My memories from my childhood in South Carolina at my grandmother’s house of snow are some of my fondest memories. Not just playing in the snow, sledding, sliding down hills on sheets of plastic, snow angels, snowball fights and skiing in the mountains when I was older. But, one of my favorite is when my grandmother would sit pots outside to catch fresh fallen snow and I would help her make snow ice cream, it was the most delicious ice cream I’ve ever had. She would make it with every fresh snow flurries.

So, let’s be inspired by OHM Beads Ski Bunny and share snow stories, our fondest memories. Do you have any Snow related recipes? Comment here on the blog with your stories for a random chance to win OHM Bucks for a free bead of your choice with a value up to $65. #BeadmasSnowBunny

OHM Beads Ski Bunny is such an adorable bunny to remind us of all our fun times playing in the snow. Ski Bunny is from the November collection. Available on the OHM Beads Website and at featured retailers.

Forth day of Beadmas giveaway is for 24 hours! You must comment below to enter. The winner will be chosen randomly and the winner will receive $65 in OHM Bucks and Free shipping. So, this means you will get to choose your own items from the OHM Beads website.

To receive your prize, if you win you will need a My OHM Account. To set up your account visit here and complete setup. If you win, I will need your My OHM Account email address. So, please set this up now, if you don’t have one.

Now, let’s share our warm stories of the ice cold fluffy snow! Don’t have snow memories? Then share with us what you would like to do in the snow! Comment below ❤

Snow Ice Cream is simple to make. It’s just three added ingredients. In a bowl combine 1 cup of evaporated milk, 1 cup of cane sugar, 1 teaspoon of vanilla and a large bowl of snow! Mix milk, sugar and vanilla together, then fold into the fresh snow. Enjoy! Be sure that the snow you use is freshly caught.

I look forward to reading all your comments.



68 responses to “Happy 4th day of Beadmas!

  1. My fondest memories are of when my kids were youmger and we would play and roll around in the snow. My husband used to wrestle with them in the snow piles. Sooooooo much fun!


  2. I live in the North of France and at home we are used to winter snow and we love it. I love the snowy nature. A Christmas without snow is sad. I hope it will snow soon


  3. I don’t like snow, it’s cold and as soon as you have it in your hands it melts. nevertheless I like to watch it fall, especially when I am in a house, with a log fire in the fireplace and hot chocolate in my hands. I made the effort to go to the mountains in winter for my two big boys. I saw the joy in their eyes to be able to run in the snow, to do battles or snowmen, or even to sledge. I would like to share this joy with my two little ones, when confinement is over. I hope they will also have the pleasure of playing in the snow.


  4. We don’t usually get a lot of snow where I live aside from the mountains, but I do remember a sizable snowfall one year in town when I was young. My little brother and I built snowmen and had lots of snowball fights. There was a construction sight nearby that had some small piles of gravel, that once covered with snow, made great hills for us to ride our giant snow saucers down. Whee! ❄️ ⛄️❄️


  5. I love snow, winter, fresh air on my face, pullovers, hot soup ❄️❄️❄️ mmmm winter time is great!
    I remember when I went to Andorra and play with my sister on the little sled where barely we fit 🤭😜. Snow is super fun ❄️💙


  6. My snow Memories are different.. I grew up in Minnesota , land of snow and wind in the winter months!!.. Snow was not a friend for a kid on a farm.. it usually meant a lot of shoveling to get from one building to another. ONE winter WE had so much snow my gramps and I had to go out a window in our upstairs and slide down a snow bank to get to our garage to get the blower out.. AFTER we shoveled the door area… There were moments of fun in the snow.. esp when my cousins and us all were together and we had tobaggens.. BRRR.. lol


  7. I grew up in Chicago, the “Windy City” and frozen Lake Michigan. We spent the winters sledding down overpass hills, making snowmen, ice skating, snowball fights, and eating icicles. I miss the snow so much. Drove up Pike’s Peak in July and there was snow on the top, the only real snow my kids have seen since we live in Florida. We did visit Stone Mountain, GA where during the winter months they turn the mountain into Snow Mountain with freshly made snow and there’s sledding. They enjoyed it so much. Hoping next year we can travel to Tennessee to see some snow.


  8. My husband worked 15 years in Switzerland. When I came from Brazil and saw the snow was the first time 😳🏔️. It was fantastic, I walk throug a meter of snow, took fotos with giant balls if snow. Me and my husband have pictures with balls of snow in the hand like we were going to bite/eat them 🤣.


  9. I grew up in the warm country without snow, so when I first visit Boston when I was 30,I first met snow. It was such a dream-come-true feeling that touched me. Even now my family went ski more than 10 times, I still remember the first step when I walked through the fantastic snow land.


  10. My fondest memory was growing up in Ohio and having a huge snow storm. They canceled school, which was of course awesome. Lucky for us, snow crews had created very tall snow hills and we just climbed and sledded down them all day with other neighborhood kids. Have you ever improvised and used a trash bag to sled down a hill? It is soooooo much fun. Oh to be young again 😁


  11. Growing up in Colorado, my friends and I would spend hours and hours sledding down hills on either sleds or inner tubes. How I never wound up with any broken bones is beyond me with some of our antics! We had a lot of fun and were always practically frozen by the time we were called inside. Nothing that hot chocolate with marshmallows wouldn’t fix though.


  12. Every time I was in places that could snow, I was not lucky enough to see it, I would love to have that experience. Brazil, feeling a tropical country, does not find favorable places unfortunately.


  13. My fondest memory is my 2 son’s 27, and 25 just last year making snow angels of themselves on their first trip to the snow with their father. Even though I only got to see it on video I remember laughing out loud and saying ‘You two are no angels !!
    eg: When they saw my car coming they’d dive in the bushes, whilst wagging school, forged my signature on absentee letters, goodness knows What else they got up to behind my back!


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