Aurora Charm The Grey Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of the latest charm from Aurora!

Aurora Charm The Grey obviously is inspired and has the characteristics of Gandalf, the wizard from Lord of the Ring. which makes this the perfect bead for a LOTR or Hobbit themed bracelet! However, I could see this bead in so many themed Wizard bracelets.

Aurora The Grey is ADORABLE! This sterling silver wizard is sitting on a stump with his rob and cloak draping over the sides. He is holding his staff with a blue translucent ball at the tip and in the other hand is a long pipe, around his waists a bag. He is gazing to the side with his piercing eyes, he has a long full mustache and beard. He is wearing a wizard hat and you can see his hair hanging below his hat in the back over his long cloak. This bead measures approximately 20.22 mm high x 10.93 mm wide and is limited to only two hundred (200) beads and is an exclusive at Pianeta Beads. The Grey retails for €57.95, price includes vat.

A video preview of Aurora The Grey.

I am so excited and have created the following two compositions inspired by The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings.

In this first composition I went with Dragons from 4 Unique, Aurora The Hobbit (review here), Hobbit Tavern (review here), The Grey alongside Ogerbeads Glass beads in shades of green on a Trollbeads Twisted Bangle.

Here I went with a full bracelet with Aurora The Grey, Hobbit Tavern, The Hobbit, Dragons and Dragon lock from 4 Unique. I’ve used Ogerbeads glass beads in shades of blue, including three recently released beads from the Winter’s Wish Collection Galactic, Beyond the Stars, and Violet Sparklz.

Overall, Aurora The Grey is the perfect Wizard to add to any magical bracelet. This charm fits all major brands.

Aurora The Grey is available today only at the link below.

Pianeta Beads – ships from Italy

I absolutely love themed bracelets! I would love to know what theme would you add The Grey to? What are your thoughts of this new exclusive? Do you have Aurora’s Hobbit or Hobbit Tavern? Have you read the books or watched the movies? If so, who is your favorite character? I look forward to reading your thoughts, so please leave a comment below ❤



5 responses to “Aurora Charm The Grey Review

  1. What an amazing bead! Can’t wait for mine to arrive. Thinking of blue Doriwallace galaxy beads with RBF Snowy Owl and clear or white glass beads mixed in

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