Redbalifrog Love Potion Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of Redbalifrog Love Potion.

The season of love is upon us and Redbalifrog has created a beautiful charm that symbolizes the magic of love, a Love Potion.

Redbalifrog cast their spell upon us with this cute Love Potion charm. A European exclusive perfect for a bracelet of love, or maybe a magical bracelet. No matter the theme it is the perfect heart charm for this season.

Redbalifrog Love Potion is a beautiful sterling silver heart shape potion bottle with a polished finish top part of the heart and the bottom is beautifully textured, hanging around the neck of the bottle is a tag with “LOVE”, top of bottle is finished off with a cap. The hole is side to side and is balanced perfectly for wear on a bangle, bracelet or necklace. Love Potion retails for €41 / £ 36 / DKK 305 / CZK 1050.

Love Potion

Love has cast a spell on me.

Drowning in a potion so sweet, so divine.

Hypnotized by a love that’s true.

Your love potion is magic, it’s eternal.

Below the white background shows off the details well.

A spellbinding Love Potion is the theme of this bangle. A spell even Cupid would admire. I’ve mixed Ogerbeads glass beads with Redbalifrog Love Potion, Books of Spells, Arrow, Hawaiian Floral Stoppers on a PHYA Bangle.

Love is in the air with this bracelet overflowing with love. Again I’ve mixed Ogerbeads glass beads with Redbalifrog silvers Gingerbread Heart, Book of Love, Forever in My Heart, Hand of Love, Love Potion, Heart of Roses, Beaten Locked Heart, Arrow, on a Redbalifrog chain finished with the Heart Lock.

Love and Roses the perfect combination! Mixed here are Ogerbeads and Trollbeads hot pink glass beads, Redbalifrog Roses and Love Potion on a PHYA Bangle.

My love potion is PINK! A simple bangle with Trollbeads pink prisms, Rose Quartz (stone of love) framing Redbalifrog Love Potion on a PHYA Bangle.

Overall, this is such a beautiful bead that will fit into any collection. Perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Redbalifrog Love Potion is available today at all European Retailers and can be found at the featured links below.

Featured Redbalifrog Authorized European Retailers

(Alphabetical order)

Perlen – ships from Denmark
Pianeta Beads – ships from Italy
Redbalifrog Europe – ships from the Netherlands
Star Bijou – ships from Germany
Sperky s Pribehem – ships from Czech Republic
Story in the Bead – ships from Czech Republic

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and would love to know your thoughts on this exclusive Love Potion Charm from Redbalifrog, leave me a comment below ❤



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