Frank OHM says Goodbye

Today Beadsaholic brings the latest OHM News.

Frank OHM says Goodbye to OHM and is headed forward on a new adventure. Frank has been the distributor for OHM in Europe since 2013 and has now decided to part ways and move into a new direction. But, with this news buzzing around social media many are worried they won’t be able to get their OHM Beads in Europe, don’t worry OHM is not pulling out of Europe. They are diligently looking for a new Distributor to take on the Job, but in the meantime will work directly with stores in Europe. With the news coming after preview day, I am told there might be some slight delays on the new release as they get the product out to Europe from the USA. Be sure to check with your store to see if there will be any delays. As of right now most stores are continuing with OHM Beads with the exception of Edonè in Italy which has begun liquidating their inventory.

As some know Frank is also the distributor for Redbalifrog and Waxing Poetic, Frank has assured me he will continue with both these brands in Europe.

In the meantime liquidation has started on Frank at OHM new website and I am told stock will be added as they clean out the warehouse. Frank sends his well wishes and thanks #omily for the wonderful years.

If you are looking for the new OHM January release in Europe be sure to see the preview article and reviews for links to stores in Europe.



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