Close Video Look at TPOA The Messenger Lock

Today Beadsaholic takes a close look at The Palace of Amber The Messenger Lock.

Today I thought we would take a close video look at the beautiful Messenger Lock made by The Palace of Amber and is an exclusive at Swiss Flower and Gift. This lock comes in three different stones Opal, Labradorite and Rainbow Moonstone. In the video you will find the Opal and Labradorite. Which is your favorite?

A full review with measurements and inspiration photos will be here on Beadsaholic soon, so check back.

I must say this is my current favorite lock. I have worn it alone on a bracelet and on a full bracelet and LOVE it!

The Messenger Lock retails $85 and is only available at Swiss Flower and Gift in Colorado, USA. This shop ships world-wide.

What are your thoughts of this new lock? I’d love to hear from you all, so leave me a comment below ❤



6 responses to “Close Video Look at TPOA The Messenger Lock

  1. Hi Paula
    Thanks for the lovely close ups on these beautiful locks. I think you’ve sold me on the opal one, I love that colourful flash. Plus it would look lovey with my Freedom charm.

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  2. I love the actual lock with stones and artistic details, however, the small lock adds a skinny look to the end of the bracelet where it is attached and detracts from the overall beauty and presentation..

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    • Yes, this is why I like to wear dangling beads next to the skinny side of the lock. It balances it out some. However, this style is much easier for some who have a hard time opening the one piece style. But, I agree.

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  3. Thank you Paula for this video and review, I love the Opal and have succumbed and just ordered it – my first Palace of Amber order! I also had a search for the Freedom Opal charm but they don’t seem to be available any more.

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