The Palace of Amber The Messenger Locks, Moonlight Delight, and Moonlight Delight Dangle Review.

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of The Palace of Amber The Messenger Locks, Moonlight Delight, and Moonlight Delight Dangle.

I’m sure many of you who follow me on social media have seen some of my composition with the TPOA Messenger Locks since I received them in December. With the holiday’s I took off a couple of weeks and it has put me behind in getting this review ready. I’m also a bit meticulous when it comes to photos and wanted to be sure that to the best of my ability that I caught the beauty in these locks. If you have ever tried to take photos of opal or labradorite, then you know this isn’t easy. I finally have composed some photos that I feel you all will like, or at least I hope so. During the time I’ve been working on these photos and retaking photos and so forth, I received a few new items from The Palace of Amber, two of which I thought were perfect with The Messenger Lock! So, I’ve added those to this review; but will be doing a video look at them alongside the other items from The Palace of Amber later this week.

The Messenger Locks, Moonlight Delight and Moonlight Delight Dangle all create a feeling of an early spring. Which is just around the corner for those of us who live in the south with our mild winters, I’m sure within a few weeks we will be seeing the first daffodils and pansies.

TPOA The Messenger Locks are a limited exclusive only available at Swiss Flower and Gifts in Colorado, USA. The shop carries the full line of The Palace of Amber and ships world-wide, excluding the UK due to new shipping rules for goods. But, our UK collectors can always use a mail service here in the US or enlist the help of a friend. The Messenger Lock is available with three different stones: Labradorite, Opal and Rainbow Moonstone (blue flash). In this review I have both the Labradorite and Opal, both of which are absolutely stunning! At some point I may need to order the Moonstone before it’s sold out.

TPOA = The Palace of Amber

TPOA the Messenger Labradorite Lock is such a stunning whimsical lock. It is a two piece lock with a large opening at one end and a lobster clasp on the other end. You will find the detailing amazing with a lotus flower surrounding a Labradorite with amazing flash (mine has blue flash on one side and teal flash on the other), at the top of the flower and stone is a beautiful dragonfly touching the stone as if it is taking a sip of sweet nectar, you will find that the tail of the dragonfly is long and wraps around to create the large end of the clasp. You will find this design on both sides, including a labradorite stone. This lock is easy to use at both ends, making it ideal for those who have issues with clasping their bracelets. I find that both locks are perfect to finish off a bracelet or to use as the focal alone on a bracelet, leather or even one of the bangles made to be used with show stopper locks! This lock is 31.33 mm long x 15.33 mm wide. The Messenger Lock retails for $85.

If you must have this lock you can find it at Swiss Flower & Gift < click to shop.

TPOA The Messenger Opal Lock is absolutely amazing! I love opal, it is one of my favorite stones and reminds me of my mother. I have been collecting all beautiful opals I can find and I must say this lock has high quality natural opals with beautiful flash. You will find that in some lighting opals have such a water color look of pastel colors, then when you look at the beauties in different lighting the colors come alive and look as though they are at a disco in neon colors of green, blues, purples, yellows and so forth. You will see this effect in one of my wrist shots at the end of this article. Also, be sure to check out the video preview, as you can see the fire well. This lock is just like the lock above in the fact it is a lotus with a dragonfly. The only difference is the stone, this lock has a beautiful opal on both sides. Measurements will be the same at 31.33 mm long x 15.33 mm wide. The Messenger Lock retails for $85.

Again this lock is an exclusive and can only be found at Swiss Flower & Gifts < click to shop.

TPOA Moonlight Delight is such a beautiful and elegant charm. It has such a Victorian feel with the beautiful floral open-work design, laying below the flower is mother of pearl (or possibly abalone). Photos really don’t do this bead justice as they don’t show the beautiful sheen colors of the mother of pearl, but I will show you these in the video preview I will be doing with the rest of the TPOA items I received. You will find that this is a thick bead with open-work floral cutouts on the side all the way around. You will find that the other side of the bead is exactly the same including the mother of pearl, in the center of each flower is a high quality rainbow Moonstone. The Moonstones in my bead are clear with beautiful blue flash. This bead sits well on a bracelet or bangle and looks the same no matter which side it’s on. The measurements are approximately 13.75 mm high x 13.75 mm wide x 13.42 mm deep. Moonlight Delight retails for $75 / €68.

Moonlight Delight is available at Swiss Flower & Gift < click to shop, and at The Palace of Amber < click to shop and is available at shops that carry TPOA.

TPOA Moonlight Delight Dangle is a beautiful dangling design that matches the charm above perfectly! Both sides you will find Mother of Pearl with an intricate silver flower design and a beautiful natural moonstone with blue flash. This flower is dangling from a star shape bail. I must say I’m in love with both the charm and dangle, both are unique and beautiful. I think you will find that they will literally go in any composition. From top to bottom the dangle measures approximately 27 mm long x 13.99 mm wide. Moonlight Delight Dangle retails for $65 /€59.

Moonlight Delight Dangle is available at Swiss Flower & Gift < click to shop, and at The Palace of Amber < click to shop and is available at shops that carry TPOA.

Now for some inspiration! The first two bracelets you may have seen on social media, but I wanted to include them here in this review to show how well these locks mix with other brands.

In this composition I went all out spring with OHM Beads finished off with the TPOA Messenger Labradorite Lock.

The Messenger Opal lock finished off this Alice in Wonderland themed bracelet, perfectly! All beads are OHM.

I was inspired by the flash in both the Labradorite and Moonstone in this composition and went with some icy glass beads and stones from Trollbeads. I used silver beads to match: Trollbeads On Top, Niwa Sakura and Hibiscus spacers, Labradorite Peonies, Flora charm, Fly Me to the Moon, Moress Butterfly Spacers and TPOA Moonlight Charm and Dangle.

The flash in The Messenger is stunning!

I so love the Moonlight Delight.

In this composition I was inspired by Opals! Surprisingly, I really love how this turned out! For me this bracelet has such a tropical feel about it, Again, I chose Glass beads and stones from Trollbeads. Starting at the top I have the LM Jewellery Moonstone snake (review coming soon), Niwa Opal Peonies, Wings Reborn, TPOA Freedom (retired, but still available) and at the bottom is the beautiful LM Jewellery Fern Leaf (review coming soon) and the Niwa Ocean Key next to the fabulous Messenger Opal Lock.

I love these colors!

Another look at this beautiful bracelet.

Wrist Shots!

Now for a few wrist shots of how I’ve been wearing the new locks and beads. This first stack was fun and I’m wearing the Messenger Labradorite lock as the focal on a Redbalifrog leather.

Again, in this stack I went with the Messenger Opal Lock on the Redbalifrog leather. I mixed lots of opals here.

In the next two shots I’m wearing the icy spring bracelet I created above. I’ve taken photos at two angles to show off the charm and dangle. this is such a neutral bracelet that can be worn with any outfit. I think that both charms could literally go in any design combined with any color.

Overall, the locks and charms are a must have addition to any collection. They mix well, easy to use and amazingly beautiful. I will personally wear these quite a bit. You can dress them up for an elegant classic look or wear them casually. You just can’t go wrong.

Again, The Messenger Locks are only available at Swiss Flower & Gifts and the Moonlight Delight Charm and Dangle can be found both at Swiss Flower & Gift and on the Official website of The Palace of Amber.

I love these and I think many of you will, too. I would love to hear your thoughts on the new locks and beads, so please leave me a comment below? Do you have any TPOA? What is your favorite design? ❤



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