The Palace of Amber Manekineko and Daruma Review

Today Beadsaholic brings a review of Manekineko and Daruma from the Palace of Amber.

In celebration of the New Lunar Year The Palace of Amber introduced two new beads that will bring you good luck and good fortune for the year to come!

Daruma are traditional Japanese dolls found throughout Japan and is a symbol of perseverance and good luck. There are many different folklore stories that surrounds this popular doll, but basically the Daruma is modeled after Bodhidharma, the founder of Zen Buddhism and a very interesting Monk. The doll is always orb shape with no limbs, typically the Daruma doesn’t tip over, no matter how hard you try. This is a reminder that whatever life throws at you, to always endure and bounce back. The Daruma ideology is the Japanese expression “nanakorobi yaoki” (seven times down, eight times up), so wear this talisman as a reminder to always get back up, be persistent, stay focused and positively move towards your goals.

The Manekineko can be found around the world. Here in the states almost every Asian owned business has a a statue made of ceramic, stone or plastic of this cute lucky cat. I remember when my youngest son was a toddler, Asian food being our favorite, every restaurant we would visit he would always point out the Lucky Kitty and get so, excited. My son like myself has always been fascinated with Asian culture. We both love the food and learning about this fascinating culture and all its different traditions and folklore. It is believed that the Maneki-neko will bring its owner good luck. Maneki-neko meaning beckoning cat as this cat is usually seen with one paw up, sometimes waving as if it is beckoning you to come in, which is why this cat is usually seen near the entrance of a business or home. Often these cats will be holding a coin, gemstone, money bag, or fish in the other paw which is a symbol of good luck, wealth and abundance. Though this cat can be seen in different colors, each color having a different meaning, and it seems theses cute kitties are always wearing a collar with bell.

The Palace of Amber Manekineko (Good Fortune) is such a cute sterling silver Lucky Cat with enameled details such as the cat being white with gold ears, a red collar and pink bib with silver flower details. The eyes, wiskers and mouth are all black enamel. The collar has a dangling bell hanging from it and when you turn this Kitty around you will see her silver tail. One paw is raised and the other is holding a coin. Of course, the colors used, each has a traditional meaning – “white: positivity and purity, pink: love and romance, gold: wealth and prosperity, red: marriage and love, and black: protection against evil. This charm has a universal core and will fit all your carriers, it measures approximately 14.10 mm high x 11.37 mm wide. Manekineko is a limited design of only eighty-eight (88) beads and retails for $50.

The Palace of Amber Daruma (Good Luck) resembles a traditional Daruma doll which is orb shaped sterling silver encased in a luxurious red enameling. On the face the detailing of the eyes, eyebrows and facial hair is in black enameling and lips red. Along the bottom in the front and down the back are two silver words meaning good luck. This bead has a universal core which fits all major brands and you will find this bead measures approximately 12.96 mm high x 12.05 mm wide. Daruma is limited to only eighty-eight (88) beads and retails for $50.

For inspiration I’ve created a few different bangle compositions.

The first is just a mix of some of my favorites, like the TPOA Mandela top center, Sky Ballerina bottom middle, Daruma, Manekimeko, OHM The Red Lanterns, Mystic Knot on a Bella Fascini and Trollbeads bangle, both being held together with KJB (Karat Jewel Bead) Connector Stoppers (review coming soon) for this rather cool unusual look.

In this composition I was inspired by Lunar New Year and went with all red, using OHM Glass, Mystic Knot, The Red Lanterns, TPOA Daruma as the focal and finished off on a PHYA bangle with stoppers.

Of course, this is my favorite. I just adore this kitty bead! I’ve been wearing this bangle most of the week. For CNY we went out for Japanese food and I wore this bangle in my stack. I have the TPOA Manekineko as the focal framed by TPOA Rose Quartz Sweet Valentino, OHM Mystic Knot, finished off with the TPOA Messenger Stopper, on a PHYA Bangle with a PHYA Stopper on the other end.

Wrist Shot!

Overall, both beads are so cute and will be the perfect additions to any collection. A talisman of good luck and fortune.

Both are available at the two featured links below and are sold at all The Palace of Amber Retailers.

The Palace of Amber – ships from Taiwan
Swiss Flower & Gift – ships from the USA

As always, I enjoy hearing from you all and would love to hear your thoughts on these two limited beads? Are you obsessed with TPOA as I am? I have so many favorites, that I can’t pin it down to just one. Do you have one absolute favorite bead from this brand? Leave me a comment below ❤



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